Friday Fun Facts: Nat's Commonly Overused Words & Phrases

Yes I'm not ashamed to admit that my vocabulary is probably on par with a 15 year old girls, it's similar to my music taste. I also have some words I have shortened and words I invented or heard that are not dictionary words, but then again bootylicious and bling are in the dictionary now so I don't know how much that says about Merriam-Webster

-Awesome- I use this to describe anything good, "How was the movie?"- "Awesome", "We're engaged!"- "That's awesome!", "We should go get margaritas!"- "That would be awesome!"

-OMG- oh my g-d

-WTF- whiskey tango foxtrot

-Poss- possibly

-Obvi- obvious

-Totes- totally

-Def- definitely

-Hot mess- used to describe myself or any other girl when: 1. disheveled and disorganized at work in the morning, "I'm a hot mess, I need a coffee" 2. just woke up and my hair is standing on end and my eye makeup (that I forgot to wash off) is smeared all over my face, 3. When you go into a bathroom at a bar and you realize you've had one to many cocktails and it's time to go home, because instead of looking hot, you look like a hot mess

-Literally- I like to use this word excessively when I am trying to explain how serious I really am, "Literally she's going to have to sew the dress to my body so it will stay up" "No, literally my client yelled at me!"

-Seriously- this usually comes out when I'm trying to make a point to K about something and he is: 1. making fun of me 2. not paying attention. "Seriously if you don't take the trash out an animal is going to crawl out of it in the morning" , "Seriously I'm getting really mad at you"

-Fantabulous- like fabulous only better

-Like- I am trying really hard to get this out of my vocabulary and I'm doing well. I used to use like as every other word but I learning to use like only when it's needed. There was a time when I sounded like a valley girl

This is my 99th post and I have a little surprise planned for my 100th so be on the lookout!!

Happy Friday! :)


Thank You and I'm knee deep in cupcakes

I am so flattered that you ladies thought of me for these :)
Apparently I show a lot of gratitude on my blog... aww!
First I received this award from my favorite future lawyer and friend IRL JudgeyGirl. If you want to see how a sarcastic single girl navigates DC and law school you must check out this blog!

And my blog is Lovely... isn't that great!
The next tag is from The Luckiest Mrs. I just started following her and she is an adorable newlywed and dental student. I give her major props for that! Oh and she also owns the same adorable Banana Republic dress that I do, so I totally heart her fashion sense too!

I tag anyone for both of these awards, it seems most of my bloggy friends have them... so if you don't then I tag you and you can play :)

I'm making cupcakes for a work baby shower tomorrow and I accidently got too much mix so it looks like K and I are going to have a lot of left of cupcakes for this weekend... opps! :)


Bridal Party Gift Ideas- Help!!

Ok ladies I need your help on this one!! Here is my first problem, a few of my bridesmaids read my blog so I don't want to spoil the surprise for them but I need some gift ideas.

I have 10 bridesmaids total, well one MOH 9 bridesmaids but 10 ladies total, don't judge I know it's a lot, I love all 10 of them. I am also working with many different personalities, styles, ages, etc.

So I wanted to know if you had some good ideas and what were the best/worst gifts you've received for being in a wedding!!
Any ideas/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks girls :)


I'm Back!

Our trip to Newport, RI was awesome!! I am still recovering from all of our activities and could totally use a vacation to recover from my vacation.

We went up for our good friends Craig & Megan's wedding. I don't know if a lot of you have been to week long destination weddings but they are so much fun and so exhausting at the same time. The town of Newport is gorgeous it very similar to Annapolis but a lot bigger. It also has much more of a New England feel to it. We stayed in a house with 16 people total including us- 4 girls, 12 guys. It brought me back to my college days when K lived in his frat house but it was fun! One thing I didn't think about was that it still isn't that warm in New England in May so the temperature was between 65-70 but there was a steady cold strong breeze the whole time. We survived but I spent most of my time in the one and only sweatshirt I brought.

The first day we arrived we just hung out at the house and grilled and drank some beer/wine/champagne. The second day we explored some of the beaches and the Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is literally a walk way on the cliffs overlooking the the water that is lined with gorgeous mansions. We went to Second Beach in Middletown and walked up the rocky cliff to look at a 100 foot drop off and see the view from a top the cliffs. My sis and I walked Easton Beach in Newport and then a group of us later returned to play some beach volleyball. I totally busted out my moves from volleyball class in college and impressed some of the guys. We ate dinner at the Red Parrot which had some delicious seafood, we then went to a little local bar whose name I can't remember that was over a Starbucks where I enjoyed some vodka & club sodas.

On Friday the boys golfed so us girls got some shopping in. First we ate breakfast at The Atlantic Grill which had AMAZING breakfast food, seriously if you go to Newport you must check it out! I LOVE the boutiques we found in Newport. I picked up an adorable dress at store called Pink Pineapple. I got it in purple and my sis picked up the same dress in peach. There was also an Eliza B. store, who has the adorable flip flops and of course CK Bradley! CK Bradley is one of my preppy favs so I was so excited to go to the offical store. I picked up an adorable summer clutch for $42! My sis picked up an awesome pashmina for $35 from there. So it was a sucessful day.

K was the best man so we got to be a part of all the wedding festivites. The rehearsal dinner was at this adorable electic restaurant Salvation Cafe and the food was delicious. We then went bar hopping from The Cookehouse, The Wharf pub and ended the night at The Landing.

The wedding was beautiful!! It was held on Gooseberry beach in Newport. The location was AMAZING, the bride was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, I kind you not when I say it was the one warm windless day in Newport we had the whole time, the reception was a blast and I danced my heart out! Afterwards we went to the Newport Blues Cafe for a Journey cover band, let's just say I could barely talk on Sunday because I was singing so loud!

All in all an extremely successful vacation. I leave you below with some pictures to recap.

Part of the group on Second Beach

Out to dinner at Red Parrot

View from the Cliff Walk

Before the rehearsal dinner (any my new dress!)

Gooseberry Beach- wedding location

The Boys before the Wedding

Us before the wedding at the Cliff Walk

Happy Bride and Groom

Also I'm writing all this from my new computer that I am in LOVE with!!



Hello BFFs! I am writing from Newport, RI. I am so happy to say I'm on vacay for the next 6 days!!! I promise I will post updates and lots of pics when I return but until then I will be free from all electronic devices so I can enjoy good friends and good times!
Have a safe and fun memorial day weekend!!


This is Why Men Don't have Babies

This is an actual conversation I had with K this weekend regarding a friend of ours who we just found out was pregnant.
We will be seeing her in Newport, RI this week for the wedding we are attending.

K: Oh my god you're never going to believe who is pregnant.
Me: Who?
K: Erin!
Me: Erin, of Erin and Brandon?
K: Yeah can you believe that
Me: Oh my gosh that's soooo exciting!!
K: and she's not like just pregnant she's like 4 months pregnant.
Me: Well a lot of people wait until 3 or 4 months to spread the news, I can't wait to see her this weekend! Does she know what she's having yet?
K: It sucks for her though because she can't party, I mean she's got to be so pissed she can't drink
Me: I doubt she's pissed, she's probably excited to be pregnant and doesn't care about drinking
K: I would be pissed I mean it has to suck a lot, what do you do?
Me: I don't think it's fun to be sober with a bunch of crazy drunks but I think she's be fine, and she probably cares more about the baby than a beer
K: Oh my gosh she's going to be like having the baby at our wedding if she comes
Me: Well our wedding is 3.5 months away so she'll be 7.5 months pregnant, so she'll have some time, she won't be giving birth at our reception
K: Oh they definitely won't be coming because you can't do anything once you're that pregnant, I mean you just can't
Me: Yes you can, a lot of woman work up until the the day the baby is born
K: how do they do that, I mean you're so big and you can't drink or stay out late
Me: Alright this is why men don't have babies, really are you really saying this stuff?

Seriously men just don't get it!


Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget why I stay in on Friday & Saturday nights. Sometimes I forget why I go to bed at 10:30pm when most people are out partying. Sometimes I say to K, we're acting like old people we need to go out more often!!

Then I wake up in my friend's apartment after sleeping on a too small couch with a raging headache that makes me feel like 1000 tiny elves are banging hammers against my skull. Apparently I think I am ROCKSTAR who can polish off a whole bottle of pinot grigio herself.... hahahaha. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Let's just say I am paying for my actions, it is 4:00pm and the elves have not stopped banging on my skull despite all my efforts to cure my hangover including 4 mcdonalds hashbrowns (don't judge I'm pretty sure I was still drunk), an amount of advil so great I'm probably close to overdosing, 2 naps, working out, and now I'm off to try showering.

One day I will learn my lessson.


Friday Fun Facts: Blonde Moments

I have my fair share of blonde moments and I think actually being blonde makes them worse. I have a few in particular that stick out in my head....

-I just realized about 2 weeks ago what the big fuss was over the Britney song If you seek Amy.... ohhh... this is after discussing at lengths for many weeks with my sister what I thought the meaning was, even though she tried to tell me many times I just never picked up on it. I finally saw it spelled out for me on a blog

- If you're from Maryland you know that many people add a "r" to wash. Well in second grade I raised my hand and asked my teacher why there was no "r" in warsh she kindly informed me that it was pronounce waa-sh. I have NEVER said it wrong since despite my whole family still saying warsh

-That same second grade year, thankfully my teacher was one of my mom's friends, I raised my hand again to ask why Los Angeles wasn't on the state map, to which I was told it was just a big city in California. I have never forgotten that one either.

- When K and I first started dating I would stop at green lights, all of them. I was so nervous that I got so overwhelmed that I would come to a complete stop almost causing accidents and pissing off a lot of drivers around me. The first 2 times he was sweet about after that I got made fun for about a year.

-Recently on a client proposal I saw BAR-$150.00, and I'm sitting there thinking what is B-A-R, I don't remember my clients ordering that. Thankfully before I opened my big mouth I realized what it was, I had a nice little chuckle at my desk.

Sooo fellow bloggers, what are some of your best blonde moments?


I got nothing but rambling

This is one of those long boring random posts because my mind it just full of nothing, and I'm sneaking this one in at work. Shhhhh

So I'll start off with this one. I am actually some what of a closet blogger. I have a few friends who know but most people don't it's not that I'm keeping it a secret, but I used to have another blog and it didn't work out so well so I had to get rid of it and get a new one. When I got my new one I didn't really tell anyone and just let it be. Sooo if you know me in real life this is just an FYI that I like flying under the radar with this blog. I mostly don't want any co-workers to find out b/c the work and internet never mesh well.

I never talk about my job on here because frankly I don't really like and when you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all, right? No the real reason I don't is because 1. if I did you would probably think I was the most angry or depressed person in the world, 2. I don't want to get fired in this economy. I have a plan but it means waiting until closer to or after my wedding. Let's just say my job title sounds glamorous but I did not go to college for 4 years to spend an hour yesterday wiping down chairs with clorox because apparently they were "dirty"

I graduated from college with a Kinesiology degree. Kinesiology is the study of the movement of the human body. Also called exercise science. I actually know a lot about exercise and nutrition. I had never planned to get into fitness despite doing my senior thesis on obesity and children. I had planned to become a nurse but after a stint working in the ER I changed my mind and got into business. I have decided to start using my lovely degree that my parent's so kindly paid for, I have a few ideas in mind but don't want to talk about it until I'm sure. If anyone has any advice on getting into the fitness field though I could use it!!

I went to dinner last night with my best friend from college Kate. We went to a tapas restaurant and killed a bottle of pinot grigio just talking for 3 hours. Even though we don't see each other as much as we used to whenever ever we get together it's like nothing has changed. I'm so lucky to have that relationship with so many of my other girlfriends too and I just can't imagine what I would do without all the wonderful women in my life. I always think of that leann rimes song "Good friend and a glass of wine"

I leave in 6 days for a mini vacation and wedding in Newport, RI. I haven't had one day off since last Aug and I am looking so forward to it! I'm hoping a vacay will give me some much needed rejuvenation. I've never been to RI so I'm excited, anyone have any must sees for me while I'm there?

Alright I'm off to get a 20 oz diet coke even though I know it's bad for me but the pinot grigio has left my head a little foggy today!


Still computerless

My computer it "taking longer than expected to build" and will not arrive until 5/20 when I am conveniently in Rhode Island.
I hope to sneak in a post tomorrow at work but it might be one of those long unorganized ones.

Happy hump day!



Ants have taken over my kitchen!!!!!!! Ahhh I totally miss having a landlord to call to take care of it. Conveniently K is also away on business this week. Nice move buddy. It's like he knew the ants were moving from the floor to the counters and cabinets and left for CA.

I will be spending the next however many hours of my Monday night cleaning and scrubbing my kitchen.

Did I also mention that I got 3 cavities filled this evening? Be jealous.

The only redeeming quality to my day, a McDonalds chocolate milkshake for dinner since my mouth is still numb of course.


Happy Mother's Day!!

Me & Mom- Mexico 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful woman of the world who are Moms! It is an incredible job and I hope you all have an AMAZING day!



Friday Fun Facts: What Makes you Cry?

My sister IRL (in real life) just posted about crying while watching Grey's Anatomy and I've been thinking a lot about crying lately because I DO NOT want to cry at my wedding. It's not that I'm not sentimental or anything it's that I don't cry very often BUT when I do, it is uncontrollable water works. I am not one of those people who sheds a tear here and there, ohhh no I will break down in a movie theater in sobs, I mean whole body shaking sobs. My sister almost left the theater during The Notebook because I was crying so hard through out the whole movie.

So today's Friday Fun Facts is movies or tv shows that make you cry.
(Warning: if you haven't seen some of these movies I may give away the plot/ending- Sorry!)

-Land Before Time was the first movie I ever cried during. When that little dinosaur mom died I lost it I mean, I mean lost it. My Mom came storming up stairs because she thought I was hurt, oh no it was just a movie.

-Beaches- One of the greatest stories of frienship- I pretty much start crying right after the boardwalk scence because I know what's going to happen

-Steel Magnolias- What fun amazing group of women, Julia Roberts character just kills me through out the movie and Sally Fields moment in the graveyard- ugh makes me ball like a baby

-Love Story- "Love means never having to say you're sorry"

-Titanic- Do I even need to explain? This was also at the height of my Leo crush so that could have added to my tears.

-The Notebook- Could there be a better love story?? Plus the chemistry between the characters is AMAZING! I like to watch this every few months to get a good cry in. I literally start crying in the first scene and continue to cry until it ends- sometimes I have to turn it off before the end because I cry so hard.

-An Affair to Remember- I find myself screaming at the tv trying to tell him where she is and not to be mad

-Romeo & Juliet- especially the Leo version, as stated above at the height of my Leo crush, but the play in general just makes me cry

-Armageddon- that scene where Bruce Wills pushes Ben Affleck back up and tells him to take care of his little girl makes me burst into tears

-When Harry Met Sally- when they're at the NYE party and he gives the famous speech- it gets me every time

I also cry or have cried at the following TV shows: Intervention, Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Oprah, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Friends, 90210, Party of 5, Full House

Alright I could go on forever.....

So did I forget any good tearjerkers?? What movies/tv shows make you cry?


What is the BEST pick me up when you're feeling blue?

A little Elle Woods!

I have probably watched this movie over 100 times. I could probably say it is my all time favorite movie. My sophmore year of college I watched this movie on repeat, oh and can I add that it was a VHS, remember those?? If you don't like people who repeat movie lines then don't sit down next to me during this movie.

The point of my story is that this movie became more to me. Yes I know, I know it is not some awe inspiring film like Titanic or Millon Dollar Baby but Elle Woods made me feel like I could do anything and be anything I wanted. Everytime I am feeling down about work or not feeling good enough or smart enough I pull out Legally Blonde and I feel so much better. I think the idea of saying, "Hey, look at me I'm not some dumb blonde (or whatever your haircolor) " is very empowering. I walk away thinking I am so smart I am going to succeed no matter what I do! I also love Reece Witherspoon and think she is an amazing woman and mother which could be another reason why I find it so "inspiring"

Sooo that is my random thought of the night! Do you have any movies that inspire you?



Technical Difficulties

Soooo remember when I posted that my computer died? Well a few days later it miraculously came back to life! So of course I'm thinking THIS IS AMAZING now we don't have to drop $600 on a new computer!!

WRONG! It worked for about two weeks and now I'm sure it is offically dead :(
Luckily I can get to my harddrive but def cannot use the internet b/c it goes out of control making all sorts of noises similar to a plane taking off and at times I am convinced its going to come flying off the desk and then completely freezes. Ugh!
The good news is....


It should be here by May 13th!! So until then I will be blogging from my BB. I decided to no longer blog at work because 1.I shouldn't be anyway, I doubt "blogging" is an appropriate internet activity, 2.Very few if any of my coworkers know about my blog and I would prefer to keep it that way!

So apologies if my posts for the next week are short, pictureless, and filled with grammatical errors!


Friday Fun Facts

- Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy is one of the best songs ever. My country music hating friends would disagree

-McDonald's Sweet & Sour sauce and Chick-fil-A's Polynesian sauce are tied for 1st as far as fast food dipping sauces go

-Listening to Dave Matthews Band makes me feel like I'm 16 again

-Cinnamon is my most favorite spice. If you ever want to make my day bring me a Cinnabon cinnamon bun

-I am actually looking forward to the rain this weekend. You have no idea how badly my house needs to be cleaned

-I make a to do list for EVERYTHING, I make lists to make lists. I will make a list and write on it make a list for groceries, or make a list for cleaning, etc. I'm pretty sure I write certain stuff on my to do list just so I can put a check next to it, like wake-up or shower. Explaining my full system needs it's own post.

-I have a really bad problem with road rage, I kind of believe I am a superior driver to most on the roads. I have started listening to classical music and christian rock to curb it, and they are actually helping

-My parents (my mom mainly) were very strict when I was growing up, I used to get so mad at my mom and say that I would let me kids do anything they wanted. HAHAHA. Now that I'm an adult I can totally see why. I plan to be strict on my kids

-I have single-handedly eaten a 1lb bag of Skittles this week and I feel no shame

-I really do love blogging and I especially love all the wonderful BFFs I have made in the past months. It's nice to have an unbiased support system, even if it is "virtual"
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