This is Why Men Don't have Babies

This is an actual conversation I had with K this weekend regarding a friend of ours who we just found out was pregnant.
We will be seeing her in Newport, RI this week for the wedding we are attending.

K: Oh my god you're never going to believe who is pregnant.
Me: Who?
K: Erin!
Me: Erin, of Erin and Brandon?
K: Yeah can you believe that
Me: Oh my gosh that's soooo exciting!!
K: and she's not like just pregnant she's like 4 months pregnant.
Me: Well a lot of people wait until 3 or 4 months to spread the news, I can't wait to see her this weekend! Does she know what she's having yet?
K: It sucks for her though because she can't party, I mean she's got to be so pissed she can't drink
Me: I doubt she's pissed, she's probably excited to be pregnant and doesn't care about drinking
K: I would be pissed I mean it has to suck a lot, what do you do?
Me: I don't think it's fun to be sober with a bunch of crazy drunks but I think she's be fine, and she probably cares more about the baby than a beer
K: Oh my gosh she's going to be like having the baby at our wedding if she comes
Me: Well our wedding is 3.5 months away so she'll be 7.5 months pregnant, so she'll have some time, she won't be giving birth at our reception
K: Oh they definitely won't be coming because you can't do anything once you're that pregnant, I mean you just can't
Me: Yes you can, a lot of woman work up until the the day the baby is born
K: how do they do that, I mean you're so big and you can't drink or stay out late
Me: Alright this is why men don't have babies, really are you really saying this stuff?

Seriously men just don't get it!


  1. That is hysterical!!!!! I think they think that women become invalid's once they conceive! Haha!

  2. it's even funnier because i can ABSOLUTELY picture this conversation!

  3. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog - I just wanted to say hi! And that I am following yours now too!

    I LOVE this post - hilarious, I could totally have this same exact convo with my hubby! And yes, this is exactly why men don't have babies!!

  4. I got your reply back on my post a taste for finer things...
    It always comes back no reply and I don't have an email for you...

    The restaurant is Jalapeno's...have you ever been there? It is fabulous!!!!

  5. all i can do is lol


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