Technical Difficulties

Soooo remember when I posted that my computer died? Well a few days later it miraculously came back to life! So of course I'm thinking THIS IS AMAZING now we don't have to drop $600 on a new computer!!

WRONG! It worked for about two weeks and now I'm sure it is offically dead :(
Luckily I can get to my harddrive but def cannot use the internet b/c it goes out of control making all sorts of noises similar to a plane taking off and at times I am convinced its going to come flying off the desk and then completely freezes. Ugh!
The good news is....


It should be here by May 13th!! So until then I will be blogging from my BB. I decided to no longer blog at work because 1.I shouldn't be anyway, I doubt "blogging" is an appropriate internet activity, 2.Very few if any of my coworkers know about my blog and I would prefer to keep it that way!

So apologies if my posts for the next week are short, pictureless, and filled with grammatical errors!


  1. I have to get a new computer as well soon...I have a feeling that this one will soon be dying!

    How is the Naturally Thin book so far?

    Also if you are in the MD area..I can let you know what Marshalls has the best Lilly to choose from

  2. I'm sorry about the technical difficulties. Looking forward to your BB posts!

  3. I can understand why your posts will be short...typing on a BB can be such a pain in the ass! Even though I would DIE without mine! Can't wait to hear all about the new computer!

  4. I want to buy a new laptop SO BAD! You have to share about your new one and how you like it. I'm such a loser when it comes to buying technology. I have no idea where to start and I'm always weary of the sales people trying to sell me something I don't want or need.

    So you saw that episode too? For about a week or two I thought Suze Orman said it and then I saw a re-run, haha! Good old Real Housewives :) I know what you mean and I can relate, because I live in LA, about what you said, about making a decent living and living where cost of living is above average. I also wonder though, if I would make less money if I lived in a place where the cost of living was less. It's a nice thought though, to think I could be rich somewhere...LOL! I'll keep dreaming :-)

    How's the wedding planning going? I haven't seen you blog much about it lately.


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