Friday Fun Facts

- Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy is one of the best songs ever. My country music hating friends would disagree

-McDonald's Sweet & Sour sauce and Chick-fil-A's Polynesian sauce are tied for 1st as far as fast food dipping sauces go

-Listening to Dave Matthews Band makes me feel like I'm 16 again

-Cinnamon is my most favorite spice. If you ever want to make my day bring me a Cinnabon cinnamon bun

-I am actually looking forward to the rain this weekend. You have no idea how badly my house needs to be cleaned

-I make a to do list for EVERYTHING, I make lists to make lists. I will make a list and write on it make a list for groceries, or make a list for cleaning, etc. I'm pretty sure I write certain stuff on my to do list just so I can put a check next to it, like wake-up or shower. Explaining my full system needs it's own post.

-I have a really bad problem with road rage, I kind of believe I am a superior driver to most on the roads. I have started listening to classical music and christian rock to curb it, and they are actually helping

-My parents (my mom mainly) were very strict when I was growing up, I used to get so mad at my mom and say that I would let me kids do anything they wanted. HAHAHA. Now that I'm an adult I can totally see why. I plan to be strict on my kids

-I have single-handedly eaten a 1lb bag of Skittles this week and I feel no shame

-I really do love blogging and I especially love all the wonderful BFFs I have made in the past months. It's nice to have an unbiased support system, even if it is "virtual"


  1. Ha! I do the exact same thing with lists!! And oh gosh, now I am dying for cinnamon rolls...

  2. As I'm sure you could guess, I fully support a post explaining your list-making system!:)

  3. I love your fun facts! It's nice getting to know more about my blog friends.

    I'm a huge fan of making lists too and I have road rage issues sometimes, especially when I am pms'ing!

  4. I love save a horse ride a cowboy (though I hated it when I first heard it). And I, also, am a superior driver. do NOT pull out in front of me and then slow down.

  5. My parents were super strict w/ my sisters and I too!
    Now that I am a parent..I know why! I'll probably be just like them!

    If I had a bag of skittles...I probably would have killed a bag too :-)

    Have a great weekend

  6. Okay so a couple of things...

    1) I am now going to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow.

    2) I too suffer from road rage...but it's okay Nat, it's all of the other people out there that are stupid drivers!

    3) My husband dips his fries in McDonald's Sweet and Sour sauce, he's trying to get me on board but I'm not a fan!

    Thanks for sharing some things about you!

  7. i make lists too! you should see the finals color coded one i made. it's scary. yet oh so helpful.

    also, i have a tshirt that says save a horse ride a cowboy. thanks you sorority days!

  8. I never look forward to rain.. it messes with my hair too much.. frizz and curls.. Yuck!


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