Saturday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

J.Crew is killing it with their new arrivals this spring!! Ahhh I want everything.  I'm just hoping this mild winter continues and we really get an early spring.  Plus to top it off they're having a 30% off sale on most items with the code WEEKEND.  Which means you can buy more, because you're saving money ;)

I'm obsessed with this dress. You all know how much I love stripes. I already love the top version of this but I think a dress would be so much more fun.  

How adorable are these sandals?  They would be such a fun transition piece from winter to spring with the light color but the suede material.  Now if only I lived somewhere with more mild weather... 

I love the color of these jeans. I don't own any colored jeans but think these would be such a fun addition for the spring.  

I've having a moment with statement earrings.  I never used to wear them and now I love them.  I love the color of these and feel like they could so with so many neutral and bright colors.  

This swimsuit! I remember when Julia posted it last summer and then it was sold out.  The minute I saw it was back in stock it went right into my cart.  I know I can't wear it for a few months but I know it will get a ton of wear this summer.  

Can I get married again so these can be my bridesmaids dresses?!?? They also come in light blue.  My bridesmaids wore navy J.Crew dresses but I'm loving this seersucker. This would be so pretty and understated for a wedding this summer.  

This bag may or may not be on it's way to my house right now.   I have a thing for J.Crew bags.  They are made of quality leather for such an affordable price.  This one looks so much more expensive than $69! 

Love the light wash of these jeans.  I love the way they pair them with stripes and leopard print.  

How fun are these light blue sunglasses?!  Such a fun addition to your sunglasses collection. 

I've raved about these shorts for years and when they came out with the 4in version a few years ago they became my go-to.  They're flattering and come in such a variety of colors.  Love this pink and the gray.  

Because one can never ever have too much navy and white stripe in their life.  

Again with the bags, everything I said above but love the white.  I have wanted a white bag for years but avoid it because of the kids.  I don't think I'm ready for one yet but quietly counting down the days until white is safe again in my house ;) 

I'm a sucker for a good pajama set. Plus they're blue and white and gingham. I mean how can I say no to these! 

Have you seen the J.Crew new arrivals?  Are you a fan as much as I am? 

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Thoughts for Thursday: Life, My Birthday, Valentine's Day and House Update

Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by another Thoughts for Thursday. Sorry I was MIA last Thursday this winter has been so rough on us with sicknesses! The kids just cannot catch a break, every time I think we're better they catch something new.

I picked up these the DV slip on sneakers from Target and I swear I've worn them everyday since! They are so comfy and only $25.  I can't believe how comfortable they are for the price but they really are.  I personally think they run about a half size big.

Last Wednesday was my birthday, as I mentioned here.  Kyle was able to get off work early so we decided to take the kids and go out to dinner. All I wanted was a jumbo margarita.

That same night, after my jumbo margarita both kids woke up in the middle of the night with 103.6 degree fevers.  I hate when they're that high. They were both miserable and felt like they were on fire.  We struggled all night to bring the fevers down going back and forth between tylenol and motrin, snuggling them and trying to keep them cool but keep them from shivering. I think Kyle and I slept maybe 2 hours, it was like having a newborn again.  We were zombies.  Then Kyle left at 7am on a flight to Michigan and I got to single parent super sick kids for two days.  Of course a trip to the pediatrician gave me the dreaded virus diagnosis.  They did test them for flu and I was so thankful they tested negative. Even the nurses commented that they knew my boys must have been really sick because they were never that quiet and subdued in the doctors office.  They both still had fevers on and off Thursday.  Miller was feeling better by Friday but Matthew was still miserable and fighting fevers.  It was so sad and I felt so helpless. We spent a lot of time on the couch, I'm pretty sure we watched Cars over 10 times in a two day span.  By Saturday everyone was feeling much better.  

Since the kids were sick I had to miss two girls night outs for my birthday (and a few friends birthdays), which was a little disappointing but thankfully Kyle and I got to go out with my sister and brother in law on Saturday night to make up for it!  We went to Vida Taco in Annapolis for dinner and drinks- it was so so so good!! The drinks were amazing, and so was the food. I cannot wait to get back there again.

 This is called Purple Drank which is sangria and margarita mixed together- Amazing! 

 I got the chicken taco and fried avocado taco- friend avocado is so good! 

We stayed at my parents house on Saturday night so they could watch the kids and then celebrated with a little birthday brunch in the morning. 

 Miller and Matthew helped my mom make my birthday cake :)

 Donuts from my favorite Carlson's donuts in Annapolis with a mimosa 

The house is really coming together! We are still at least a month away from moving in but the painters will be in tomorrow! 

It's not painted yet but they finished installing the shiplap and framed mantle over the fireplace. I'm obsessed!! The gold doors still need to go but besides that I'm so happy with how it turned out.  

The kitchen cabinets are in too :)

Now we're just waiting on our faucet to arrive so that our marble can get cut and installed!! 

I think we've finalized paint colors, but I'm not positive yet so I'll share more once we finally decide. We are leaning toward Sherwin Williams Eider White which is the bottom right hand one for the kitchen, family room, and sunroom.  The SW simple white and incredible white both looked too yellow/beige on our walls.  

Kyle was out of town for Valentine's Day so the boys and I had a donut date at their favorite Wegman's and then we made a heart shaped cake for dessert that night. 

When we were leaving Wegman's Miller said "look mom we best friends holding hands" and my heart about exploded!  I love these two so much and I love watching their brother relationship grow more every day.   

Miller said no frosting this year since the frosting was white and not chocolate! So we just did red sprinkles instead. 

I picked up this road tape from Amazon and it's been a huge hit for the boys. I think when we move back to our house I will run some of this on play tables in the basement but for now it's working great on the floor and sticks really well. We're all walking all over it and it hasn't budged at all.

Sorry it was a long one! Thanks to everyone who made it to the bottom of the post!  Now remember to link up below.

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Crushing on Blush

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!  I am having a love affair with blush lately, which is so not like me. I usually stay away from it since I'm blonde and fair skinned but after falling for those Target DV slip ons and then that Old Navy Saddle bag I'm hooked.  I now what everything in blush!

I've rounded up some of my favorites below.  I think I need that strapless dress for summer time!

Do you love blush?  Is it a color you usually wear?  

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