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Hey Everyone! My computer died so as I wait for it to get fixed and/or get a new one the blog posts might be sparse. Sorry about that!

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Thoughts for Thursday: Naptime Confessions

Happy Thursday Friends!! Well I started this post last night and then completely forgot it was Thursday today.  Daylight savings time and our random Tuesday snow day has thrown this whole week off for me, so I apologize!!

- I did a little blog layout update, which you've probably noticed by now!  I'm still on blogger but have been contemplating the switch to Wordpress, it makes me nervous though, any advice?  So in the mean time I just decided to spruce it up a little and used a template from Get Polished.  They were so easy to work with and I was able to install everything myself.  If you're looking for an inexpensive update, I highly suggest them.

-  I am so bitter that we have freezing cold temps again.  I knew that our warm spring like weather wouldn't last forever but usually we get some reprieve in March with temps in the 40s/50s but not this March.   This week has been so cold and we're going stir crazy inside our townhouse.

- Speaking of going crazy I'm sort of being a little germ crazy right now and not taking my kids to any indoor jump places or open gyms.  I know I probably should be but we had so many sicknesses these past few months I just cannot take it anymore.

- We are taking the kids to Philadelphia this weekend to the Franklin Institute for the Jurassic World exhibition then heading to my in-laws afterwards.   Miller is dinosaur obsessed and is so excited he gets to go to Jurassic World to see the dinosaurs.  I hope it lives up to the hype!

- Our official countdown for our first vacation of 2017 is 7 weeks away!! We are headed back to 30A and staying in Seacrest beach about 5 minutes from Rosemary Beach this year.   We had planned to stay in Rosemary again but couldn't find anything that fit our exact needs for 6 adults and 3 toddlers.  We ended up finding a place in Seacrest that is a 5 minute walk away from downtown Rosemary.  If you've been to that area you know how small it is so it's not that big a deal.  We are going for a week this year instead of just 4 days so we're all so excited to explore more of 30A and get to know the area better.

- Matthew is starting to show signs that he wants to potty train.  I think it's because he's always watching Miller.  My goal was train him before memorial day/summer time so he could be in the big pool this summer but now that it's only 10 weeks away I'm not sure I'm ready.  Miller was difficult to train and I'm not really looking forward to doing it again so soon.

- We are having a hard time keeping Miller in bed at night.  He's nighttime potty trained and no longer wears a pull up so he wakes up once or twice a night to use the bathroom. That part I'm fine with but once he's up he has a hard time not accepting that it isn't morning time and does not want to go back to bed.  We usually end up laying with him or letting him come in our room.  Any advice on how to change this?  I'm thinking cutting out liquids a half hour before bed time and maybe that will help ?!

Well friends that's all I've got for you today!! Hope you all had a great Thursday and as always thanks for stopping by!

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Current Obsessions

Happy Hump Day Friends!  How did those of you in the northeast fair with the snow storm?  We only got a few inches but it was that heavy icy snow so they ended up closing everything down yesterday.  Miller doesn't have school on Tuesday anyway but we decided to just stay inside and take advantage of the snow day.  

Despite the snow and freezing temperatures here I have spring on my mind and I can't shake it! I've rounded up my current favorites this week below:

I picked up this top at Loft last week and I'm obsessed.  I swear I go through phases of hating and loving their stuff and right now it's all so good! It's such a good transition to spring/summer piece that I can layer under sweaters and jackets.  

How adorable are these scallop hem shorts!  You all know I love J.Crew shorts and I love that these are offered in the 4in inseam which is my speed these days.  They come in a few fun colors too.  

Gingham, navy blue, and a one piece.  Check, Check, Check! 

I'm still loving the off the shoulder trend, are you all?  I love this dress from BB Dakota. It's the perfect fun light summer dress.  

Did you all know that Ellen DeGeneres made shoes?? Have I been living under a rock?  Well I was searching Nordstrom for a good basic flat (all I have right now are TB Revas and I need something new) when I came across these and thought they were so cute. They're basic and not too exciting but exactly what I was looking for, oh and under $100.  They have good reviews and I love the cap toe look.  I just ordered a pair so I'll let you all know what I think.  

Loving this tank top as another good winter to spring transition top.  It looks like the perfect piece to layer under a sweater or wear with skinny jeans on a warmer day.  I love this gray but the black and striped ones too.  

More gingham, yes please!! I love this dress and think it would be easy to dress up or down all spring and summer long.  Those earrings, well see next item, because I just bought a pair on sale from Baublebar this week which means I probably need to buy this dress to style them together.  Right? That's how I plan to explain it to Kyle anyway ;) 

I don't know if you all love the statement earring trend as much as I do but I just can't get enough.  In case you missed it Baublebar is still having their 25% off sale today. I picked up these earrings and a pair of blue tassel ones on Monday.   

Love this clutch. Clare V always has a clutch I'm loving. I love the fun colors for spring and the fact that white is the main color. I fall in love with white handbags this time of year, every year.  

I love the feminine style and floral details of this dress.  I think it would be perfect for Easter. I rarely find dresses this length that I like on myself so I'm hoping my local Loft has this one to try on.  

Is it sandal weather yet?? I'm hoping yesterdays snowstorm was our last and final bout of winter because I'm ready for spring.  These sandals would be perfect for ankle jeans or shorts in the summer.  

The reviews don't look promising for this one fitting my long torso but I ordered it anyway because I'm of course obsessed.  It's blue and white striped and off the shoulder, it's basically begging me to buy it.  I will keep you all posted one it arrives.  

Every year, no fail, I fall in love with a white handbag.  Then I remind myself that I have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old  boy so I would be an idiot to buy one but then I think YOLO, then I come back down to earth and don't buy it.   This one looks perfect though, in all it's white perfection, the only thing missing is the crossbody option which is making me loves and consider this J.Crew one.

This is one of my favorite tanks from J.Crew Factory!! I own this red and white from the past few years and love them. Seriously you will not regret owning this one. They're lightweight and easy to throw on, very flattering, and they cut out pattern on the front just adds something extra.  I will picking up a few new ones this season.

Loving these sandals.  I don't actually think I own any black sandals, I can't remember though since I don't have my full closet here at the townhouse.  I think these would be fun to dress up jeans or a dress this summer. I love the wood block heel and tassel on the back.  

What are you loving these days? Are you ready for spring and summer to arrive?

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