Tell me about YOU!

I haven't done one of these in so long but I've always had a good response (and love reading your answers, since I get so many good ideas and find new blogs) so I thought it would be fun to do again. 

 I would love to find out more about you, my lovely readers! If you've played before feel free to play again.  Just answer the 8 questions in the comments section below.   
1.Where were you born?
2. What's your favorite reality TV show?
3. Where is your next vacation?
4. What is the last book you read?
5. What is your standard coffee order?
6. Red wine or white wine? 
7. Socks or no socks while sleeping?
8. Do you have a blog, tweet or instagram?  If so, share so I can follow along!

Here are my answers:  

1. Annapolis, Maryland
2. Summer House is my current favorite, so bad but so good
3. Rosemary Beach, FL and I cannot wait!
4. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll
5. Medium iced coffee with cream
6. White
7. Socks! My feet are always freezing! 

Now it's your turn!! Just number your answers in the comment below.  


Thoughts for Thursday: Naptime Confessions

Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday! Remember you can write about anything you want and link up with us below.

- I'm so over my kitchen renovation.  I know this is a first world problem and not something I should whine about but I've reached the point where I'm so ready to move back into our house that I just want it done!

- As of last Friday our contractor said at least 4 more weeks. Insert crying face emoji here. 4 more weeks is exciting but I'm also thinking that might really mean 6 more weeks.  Everything just seems to be taking so much longer than I thought it would.  In order give a buffer for any problems we're hoping to move back into our house the second week of April.

- I just really want to be back in for Easter so we can host our annual Easter brunch.

- I'm so ready for spring and summer! We've had a mild winter here which has been amazing but my kids have been sick pretty much every week since the week before Christmas.  It just seems that we cannot catch a break.  Right now they both have a runny nose and cough and Miller has an ear infection

- I do not get the obsessions with these Marc Fisher sandals. I know I'm probably losing my blogger card as I say this. Maybe it's because I'm tall so I usually avoid 4in heels/wedges at all costs but they just don't look comfortable.

- I really need some ideas or suggestions for hiding fruits and vegetables in food.  Matthew is a super super picky eater.  I thought Miller was bad but he's nothing like Matthew.  Matthew is very stubborn and strong willed and will not try new foods.  He has a few staple meals he will eat and that's it.  I'm trying to come up with ways to incorporate new foods so he'll eat them or hide veggies/fruits but I can't seem to do anything to trick him.  I'm about to talk to our pediatrician because he seriously lives on Chobani raspberry greek yogurt and a waffle with butter.

- Since the kids have been sick I haven't been able to get to the gym and I'm back on my eating poorly, being lazy train. It's so bad and I need a diet overhaul.  I cannot do at home workouts, I know some of you swear by them but I just can't do them so I need to change my eating habits.

- I'm thinking I need to try an isagenix or advocare to really jump start my diet. Anyone tried these?  I have some friends who swear by them.

-I really want to wear a bikini this summer, and not just at the beach where no one knows me.  Hence why I need to get my butt in gear.

- But let's be honest is my love of pizza, wine, and cookies greater than my desire to wear a bikini... maybe lolol

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Thoughts for Thursday


Current Obsessions

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I've rounded up all the things I'm obsessing over this week. I'm having a moment with dresses and spring clothes today.  I have to thank this glorious mild February we've been having.  It's got me convinced that spring is here despite what the groundhog said ;)

First things first I have to tell you about these jeans.  I posted about them back in January  saying I hoped they were as good as the reviews and I'm here to tell you they are!! Ever since I ripped my beloved Seven jeans I've been searching for a pair just as good and couldn't find anything.  Enter these jeans.  They are flattering and comfortable.  They say high waisted but I would call them more of a mid-rise, as other reviewers stated too. I now want them in every wash they have!  They're a bit of a splurge but designer jeans is one place I splurge because I find they are worth it. 

How cute and comfy is this wrap cardigan?  The perfect go to over workout clothes or athleisure wear

J.Crew Factory Mixed Stripe Shirt
You all know how I feel about stripes.  Loving this mixed stripe from J.Crew Factory. 

BB Dakota Jazlyn Shift Dress
I'm always looking for cute basic shift dresses that you can dress up or down.  BB Dakota always does such a good job with the shift dress and I'm loving this navy one.

Chelsea 28 Lily Scallop Tote 

I've been looking at this bag on the internet for awhile now and I've never quite understood why people liked it.  Then I saw it in person at my Nordstrom and now I kind of love it.  It's a great size and looks perfect for summer.  Since it's a faux leather I wouldn't even have to stress about it getting wet or dirty.  

My favorite J.Crew factory shorts in an adorable print.  I can already envision these with a cute long sleeve white or navy tee. 

This shirt is now on my wishlist.  I love the subtle off the shoulder look and the longer back. Perfect for pairing with skinny jeans.  

I feel like I always post about dresses here but really don't have that many fall/winter/spring ones in my closet.  I usually find dresses easier to wear in the summer but I this one looks like a great transition piece from winter to spring.  

Loving these open toed booties! I really think I need to add a pair to my closet, especially now that our weather is so mild I might be able to wear them soon than I thought 

Off the shoulder lace perfect!  

Navy Camelita Pom Pom Clutch
This clutch was my favorite last summer in the natural color and I'm loving the navy blue.  The best part is the clutch is only $40!! 

Since Easter is late this year I think this will be my Easter dress.  We usually do church and then brunch at my house (fingers crossed we'll have moved back in by then) and I'm thinking I'll put the boys in seersucker so this would be a good match.  

 Rose Quartz & Moonshine Earrings 
These earrings get all the heart eyes.  They're way out of my price range right now but would look so gorgeous with a black or navy blue dress. 

Gibson Cozy Fleece Peplum Top

Even though it's been mild lately I've still been eyeing this cozy fleece peplum top.

Dolce Vita Wales Slide Sandal
I don't know if I can wear mules.  I imagine my heels slipping out the back the whole time I have them on but I do love this trend and thing it's fun for spring.  Have any of you tried them?  Love or hate them? 

I have my gala event next weekend and I still don't have a dress.  I've had my eye on this one along with a few others that I've just ordered to try out.  

What are you obsessing over this week? 

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