Preppy Boys on a Budget

This has been a requested post forever and I'm finally getting around to it. Dressing boys as they get older can be challenging. While I tend to be flexible on what they wear I do still try to minimize the amount of graphic tees that live in our house (i.e. Pokemon t-shirts) since I'm the one doing the shopping.

I also don't want to break the bank because boys can be rough on their clothes and I know I'll be replacing it in a few months anyway as they grow out of it. I do still splurge on some nicer holiday/seasonal items since I can pass from Miller to Matthew but in general I try to keep it affordable and reasonable.

Below I rounded up my favorites for this spring and summer.

J.Crew Factory has long been my go-to for my boys. I have found that their styles fit my long and lean boys very well.  Their shorts and pants are my absolute favorites  and when they're on sale the prices can't be beat. I've already done some shopping for this spring since the t-shirts are down to $6.50 and polos are down to $8.50! My boys won't match anymore :( I now buy them coordinating colors for outfits that I can convince them to wear when I can.  

If you have little boys where do you shop for them?  Do you tend to dress them preppy too?  

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  1. So many cute finds! I love Factory prices and that everything is basically what is sold at J.Crew! The graphic tees and elastic waist bands are such a battle in our house! I need to make G pick from this list!

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