I'm Back!

Our trip to Newport, RI was awesome!! I am still recovering from all of our activities and could totally use a vacation to recover from my vacation.

We went up for our good friends Craig & Megan's wedding. I don't know if a lot of you have been to week long destination weddings but they are so much fun and so exhausting at the same time. The town of Newport is gorgeous it very similar to Annapolis but a lot bigger. It also has much more of a New England feel to it. We stayed in a house with 16 people total including us- 4 girls, 12 guys. It brought me back to my college days when K lived in his frat house but it was fun! One thing I didn't think about was that it still isn't that warm in New England in May so the temperature was between 65-70 but there was a steady cold strong breeze the whole time. We survived but I spent most of my time in the one and only sweatshirt I brought.

The first day we arrived we just hung out at the house and grilled and drank some beer/wine/champagne. The second day we explored some of the beaches and the Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is literally a walk way on the cliffs overlooking the the water that is lined with gorgeous mansions. We went to Second Beach in Middletown and walked up the rocky cliff to look at a 100 foot drop off and see the view from a top the cliffs. My sis and I walked Easton Beach in Newport and then a group of us later returned to play some beach volleyball. I totally busted out my moves from volleyball class in college and impressed some of the guys. We ate dinner at the Red Parrot which had some delicious seafood, we then went to a little local bar whose name I can't remember that was over a Starbucks where I enjoyed some vodka & club sodas.

On Friday the boys golfed so us girls got some shopping in. First we ate breakfast at The Atlantic Grill which had AMAZING breakfast food, seriously if you go to Newport you must check it out! I LOVE the boutiques we found in Newport. I picked up an adorable dress at store called Pink Pineapple. I got it in purple and my sis picked up the same dress in peach. There was also an Eliza B. store, who has the adorable flip flops and of course CK Bradley! CK Bradley is one of my preppy favs so I was so excited to go to the offical store. I picked up an adorable summer clutch for $42! My sis picked up an awesome pashmina for $35 from there. So it was a sucessful day.

K was the best man so we got to be a part of all the wedding festivites. The rehearsal dinner was at this adorable electic restaurant Salvation Cafe and the food was delicious. We then went bar hopping from The Cookehouse, The Wharf pub and ended the night at The Landing.

The wedding was beautiful!! It was held on Gooseberry beach in Newport. The location was AMAZING, the bride was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, I kind you not when I say it was the one warm windless day in Newport we had the whole time, the reception was a blast and I danced my heart out! Afterwards we went to the Newport Blues Cafe for a Journey cover band, let's just say I could barely talk on Sunday because I was singing so loud!

All in all an extremely successful vacation. I leave you below with some pictures to recap.

Part of the group on Second Beach

Out to dinner at Red Parrot

View from the Cliff Walk

Before the rehearsal dinner (any my new dress!)

Gooseberry Beach- wedding location

The Boys before the Wedding

Us before the wedding at the Cliff Walk

Happy Bride and Groom

Also I'm writing all this from my new computer that I am in LOVE with!!


  1. i LOVE that blue dress. so cute!

  2. Love the dress, love that you got a new computer, love all the fun you had! yay!

    I totally relate to needing a vacay from the vacay, though. It's always the downside for me, too.

  3. So jealous of your vaca - I'm in much need of one at this very moment! You and K look darling and I can't wait til it's YOUR wedding that you're writing about! Glad your home AND you have a new computer :)

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a great time! I loved both of your dresses!

  5. Oh wow! I know this sounds silly but I've always wanted to go to New England and your pictures are exactly what I've always imagined New England to be like...even though they weren't really pictures of what the area looks like, it still felt New England-y to me! That probably makes no sense, but I'm glad you had a great time...and I agree, vacations from vacations are always in order!

  6. Looks like you had a great time...great pictures!

  7. The Bar above starbucks is called Star Bar. I'm in lvoe with Pink Pineapple, the wedding week sounds so fun!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I'm jealous of your vacation :)


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