Thank You and I'm knee deep in cupcakes

I am so flattered that you ladies thought of me for these :)
Apparently I show a lot of gratitude on my blog... aww!
First I received this award from my favorite future lawyer and friend IRL JudgeyGirl. If you want to see how a sarcastic single girl navigates DC and law school you must check out this blog!

And my blog is Lovely... isn't that great!
The next tag is from The Luckiest Mrs. I just started following her and she is an adorable newlywed and dental student. I give her major props for that! Oh and she also owns the same adorable Banana Republic dress that I do, so I totally heart her fashion sense too!

I tag anyone for both of these awards, it seems most of my bloggy friends have them... so if you don't then I tag you and you can play :)

I'm making cupcakes for a work baby shower tomorrow and I accidently got too much mix so it looks like K and I are going to have a lot of left of cupcakes for this weekend... opps! :)


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comments make my day. If you have a question feel free to email me at eastcoastnat@gmail.com

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