Bridal Party Gift Ideas- Help!!

Ok ladies I need your help on this one!! Here is my first problem, a few of my bridesmaids read my blog so I don't want to spoil the surprise for them but I need some gift ideas.

I have 10 bridesmaids total, well one MOH 9 bridesmaids but 10 ladies total, don't judge I know it's a lot, I love all 10 of them. I am also working with many different personalities, styles, ages, etc.

So I wanted to know if you had some good ideas and what were the best/worst gifts you've received for being in a wedding!!
Any ideas/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks girls :)


  1. I am loving the idea of monogrammed towel wraps for the girls. It makes for a super-cute photo as they are all getting ready and I know I would use one! Best gift I've received as a bridesmaid? Coach sunglasses. :)

  2. I made ribbon flip-flops for my girls that matched our dresses, so they could change out of heels to be comfortable dancing. I also made a slideshow of photos of my with them set to music and burned them DVDS, plus a few odds and ends (monogrammed portable coffee mugs - we are all big coffee drinkers) and their jewelry, which my MOH and I made. It was surprisingly cheap, even though it sounds ridiculous.

  3. monogrammed towel wraps are cute...probably anything monogrammed for that matter. I kept it simple and had their monograms on silver boxes.
    What about cute stationery?

    I've only been in my sisters' weddings and they usually gave us jewelry...

  4. I got my girls different things based on their personalities. The gifts include: Lauren Merkin clutches, hooded bathrobe, and a Stila gift set.

    I'm also making them feather and flower fascinators. But that's kinda more for me right since it's going with their dresses.

    I like the idea of coffee mugs, maybe a coffee subscription if they drink coffee or something like that. I'm all about being practical so if you have time/resource, I'm sure they would love it if the gift was very particular to them or if you made it.

    Best gift I got as a bm: mortar and pestle! I love grinding stuff in that thing!

  5. Bracelets or necklaces to wear during the wedding!

  6. I've never been in a bridal party, but for my girls, I am trying to incorporate things tehy will actually use.

    We are havign a wedding on the beach, so each girl will get a beach bag filled with things like flip flops, the earrings to wear the day of the wedding, robes for the day of the wedding and I'm not sure what else, maybe a gift certificate to use to get their nails done for the wedding?

  7. Our wedding is on the beach too - so I am going to do a bag filled with flip flops, a bridesmaid/flower girl/maid of honor tank or t-shirt, a "survival kit" for the weekend (see my blog for details), and some sort of jewelry.

    Instead of monogramming the bags I buy - I am going to make tags for the girls. I recently saw a wedding party at the salon and they all had matching totes with these plastic tags - which turned out to be keychains the bride had made - one side said their name, the other side was a photo of the bride and the girl.

  8. That is a lot of ladies, so I think that you could set a limit and maybe do something different for each one to suit their personalities.

    If you were to do universal gift, you could do something like a monogrammed cosmetic bag and maybe 1 or 2 of your favorite beauty products.

    Good luck :)

  9. I just stumbled on your blog and I really like it. The best gift I got as a bridesmaid was a monogrammed tote bag which I still use 4 years after the wedding. I've also gotten a monogrammed keychain which I stll have on my key ring. Good luck!


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