Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

source: fox news

This is 7 babies in tummy tubs after getting baby massages in the Netherlands. Apparently these tubs are the closest thing to the womb and helps to ease the transition from womb to real world, it also makes bath time more enjoyable (big plus). They are using this method all over Europe. Babies can be submerged up to their shoulders safely in warm water and it's recommended up to 6 months of age.

I had to post about this... I'm a sucker for cute babies!



Random Saturday Thoughts

I just finished eating a delicious breakfast of eggs, bagel, pancakes and coffee. Yum. K is watching Locked up Abroad, on NatGeo but I couldn't watch because it's basically about stupid people smuggling drugs across the world. This guy just swallowed 67 ballons of cocaine... genius. I don't want to see how it turns out.

K has a bachelor party tonight in Baltimore so I am having a girls night with a few of my girlfriends. We're going out to dinner and then coming back to my place for a sleepover! It will be nice and relaxing. I will also be bringing my camera out because I realized last night that I never take it anywhere with me anymore and I need more pics!

Well I have a dirty house and piles of laundry waiting for me! The only thing helping that is the fact that it's raining today so I don't really have anything else to do! Oh yeah and I'm going to dye my own hair today, I know I shouldn't but I don't feel up to pay $180 to get have it highlighted professionally so Malibu Barbie Blonde.... here I come!



I am sooo happy it's Friday!! This week has been dragging by so I am relieved that the weekend is here.
Guess where I am going tonight???? I have been thinking about what I'm going to drink/eat all week!

Lauriol Plaza

Anyone living in the DC area knows exactly what I'm talking about! It is one of the most AMAZING Mexican restaurants in DC. I actually think my favorite part is actually the two hour wait where you carry about your pitcher of margaritas and chips while you wait.
I have already decided I'm having a swirl margarita, sangria, endless amounts of chips and one of their single chicken tacos. (not like I've been obsessing since I found out on Monday or anything)
We're meeting up with K's old roommate and his girlfriend so it will be fun to see them and catch up too!

This is what is going to get me through my Friday....

*****Also make sure to head over to visit Jane at In the Waiting Line and enter her FABULOUS giveaway!!

This is perfect for all wine lovers like me!! ( I am hoping I win because I would totally tote my down to the beach with me in OBX this summer!) *****


Wedding Wednesday

The topic: My Hairstyle

So I'm running into a dilemma and I need some ideas/help/suggestions! I'm getting married August 29 which means in Maryland it's going to be HOT and HUMID. Well I have very fine thin straight blond hair. I want to wear it down b/c I do not look that good with my hair up (my neck is too long) but I don't want to have a sweaty mess of flat hair...

So here are two ideas I have:

1. Wear it half up- pinned back behind my ears so it's off my face but still down on my back

2. Get extensions so that my hair will stay full through out the day and add some curl that won't fall out

I have found two styles that I like on the Knot (see below) but I don't know where else to look!! So if you have found any cute half up hairstyles or know of any magazines/websites, etc for me to check out that would be awesome!!

Thanks girls!


Let's talk about how Tuesday got worse....

I should have known when K didn't get out of the shower until 7:20am that it was going to be a bad day. I am usually almost ready to leave by 7:20am so to just get in the shower then totally threw me off. I managed to get myself together grabbed my makeup to go and get out the door by 7:50am. So far not to bad. So I am on my way to work down my favorite (sense the sarcasm) 2 lane highway when I hit traffic, but it's at my usual spot so I don't panic. Well after about 25 mins of not moving I realize, sh*t this must be bad as a see 2 cop cars and a fire engine go by. As I am sitting there my check engine light pops up on dashboard, great just what I need a car problem. I arrive at work at 8:50am only to be bombarded with calls from deliveries for a huge event I have tomorrow so I race over to the event space and spend the next 1 1/2 setting up tables, chairs, etc...ONLY to have a woman call me and 1pm and say they have a new floor plan.

After this I arrive back at my office to hear my co-worker tell me that our staff meeting has turned into a double birthday party and baby shower in one and that I will need to contribute $20 for each gift and then money for food. I almost flip as I try to nicely explain that I don't have any extra $100 to throw around right now. She says oopps I already told everyone you were down for it. Whatever. I'll deal with this later.

Then I have lunch catering at a drop off spot so I hop in my car to go and as I'm pulling out I realize it seems a bit bumpy... is that a flat tire? Noo it can't be. So I pull back into the spot and YES it is a flat tire. Luckily my father is WONDERFUL and comes to my rescue by coming to my office and changing my tire to a spare. He then takes my car with him and leaves me his since my check engine light came he wants to take it to the shop.

I also learned something new today. Maryland National Resources police are REAL police and they can pull you over. So after my flat tire debacle I am racing to my dentist appointment only to get pulled over by a a national resources police officer, really could my day get worse?? He was wearing army fatigues and driving a Ford F350.... I didn't know that they were actual cops!! The car was marked but I assumed the dealt with hunting and fishing.
He tells me he's only pulled me over because he noticed I've changed lanes a few times and have a look of concern on my face and he wanted to make sure I was OK. I explain to him that I have had the day from hell that I was late to work, got a flat tire and I am now 20 mins from my dentist and I only have 10 mins to get there and that they charge me $75 if I miss the appointment. When he asks for my license I hand him my Visa check card. I then say see, this is how bad my day is I don't even know what I'm doing. He tells me he'll let me go if I promise to stay in one lane and calm down. I tell him thank you, thank you, thank you and then (kind of) slowly drive to the dentist making it just in time.

After the dentist I drop $170 (that I don't have) on a new tire and oil change and then head to my grandma's house for some wine, dinner, and girl talk (fun).

But guess what I realized as I was standing in front of the mirror at my grandma's house. I NEVER EVEN PUT ON MASCERA TODAY!! I NEVER go anywhere without mascera! A clear sign of a bad start to a day.

I am off to bed now in hopes of waking up on the RIGHT side tomorrow! Goodnight!

I thought it was Spring....and it's Tuesday

You would never know by going outside. Today's weather forecast: Sunny and 34 degrees BUT feels like it's 29 degrees..... really??? Mother nature why are you so evil to me??
This is just another reason why I must relocate further south.

Also it's my least favorite day of the week. Tuesday. The only redeeming quality of today is that I have a dentist appointment at 3:00pm so I'm leaving at 2:20pm for the rest of the day.


New Kids on the Block

Guess who got free tickets for tonight's show?? One of the perks of my job is free tickets, we don't always get the super star sold out shows like Britney... but I will settle for NKOTB! I have lovingly forced my sister to join me and my crazy co-workers to this event promising to buy her wine and cocktails since she was only about 6 and not past Raffi tapes at this point (she was a late bloomer). I was IN LOVE with Donnie back then! Apparently I had a thing for bad boys when I was 9. I had all the tapes, the t-shirt, pillow cases, their pictures cut out of teen beat, sleeping bag, etc. We used to have NKOTB sleepovers where we shared our tapes, vhs videos, dolls and our love for the boys.

So who was your favorite New Kids on the Block Member? Did anyone else get into it like I did? What are your favorite songs?


Wedding Wednesday

This week's topic: Flowers

My first question is how can something that grows in nature be soooo freakin expensive when I want to group them into a bouquet or arrange them nicely in a vase for a centerpiece?? I mean does it really cost $6000 to have you purchase and then arrange the flowers for me? Really?

So my search for a florist has been less than satisfying. The one that everyone and I mean everyone around my town recommended literally told me that there was no way she could give me any pretty flowers for under $6000 (not including church, my church doesn't let us bring in flowers so we're talking bouquets and reception only.) When I told her I imagined half of that she told me that my guests would be disappointed with the lack of decor. I almost smacked her. Luckily I have more class than that.

All I want is hydrangeas, and a few roses and orchids thrown in here and there. Nothing very fancy, trust me. I'm not even asking for out of season flowers. The picture above is exactly what I'm doing for our bouquets.

So I sent her outrageous proposal to two other florists to see if they could work their magic for me and sure enough I have found one who can!! He can do just what I want and for half the cost of the original proposal. I have pictures that I took with my blackberry of the mock arrangements he made and I love them. Once I figure out how to upload the pics I will post them for everyone to see.

Has anyone else had the same experience with florists? How did your flowers turn out, was it worth the money you spent? Do you wish you spend more on flowers?

Guess what I just picked up for $35

The J.Crew Cotton Cady Lydia dress in Plum!! I tried to find the picture on J.Crew after I bought it but it is sold out so this is a pic I found on ebay! I have never owned a purple dress so I'm excited!!
The dress was $59.99 then I had the extra 20% off and a $25 gift card so the total came to $34.88! I think this dress will be perfect to add to my wedding dresses collection (ie. dresses I wear to other people's weddings) Especially since I have 5 weddings this year...
source: ebay



Baby Names

I am no where near having babies (I need to get married first!) But we were having a going away party today and 2 of my co-workers are pregnant, one is 7 months and the other one is 4 months and of course we started to discuss baby names.
Here is a little background: The one who if further along is on her second child but this one is a boy and her first is a girl and the one who is four months along doesn't know the sex yet.
So of course one of my co-workers was like have you guys thought of names and BOTH of them haven't thought of any names at all!! I'm not even joking the one who is having a boy said they have narrowed it down to a list of 7 names and they are now having people vote (never leave a name to chance) b/c they can't decide and the one who is having her first said she has honestly NEVER EVER thought of baby names.

Now this is where I may come off as crazy but I have totally picked out all of my unborn children's names (because names are important and require a lot of thought). My co-worker and I got back to our desks after the party and started to discuss our top baby names and the pros and cons of naming your child.

The best part was discussing naming our dolls and Barbies when we were little! I remember for Christmas in 3rd grade (circa 1989) I got a doll with a birth certificate and I named her... are you ready? Amanda Tiffany. Sooooo 80's. I also remember declaring to my Mom (and so does she) that I would be naming my first girl (when I grew up) Amanda Tiffany. Thankfully I grew out of that phase (no offense to anyone named Amanda or Tiffany, just not my style anymore)!!

So here are my top baby names that I have had since about high school....

Top Girls Names :
Hollis- this will not work with my future last name though :(

Top Boy Names:
Matthew (K's middle name)
Theodore (trying to steal this name from my sister)
Davis (which is actually my last name)

Have any of you with or without kids named your unborn children? If so what names do you like, common names or rare names? Am I totally crazy?


I finally finished the Sex and the City movie...

and I'm sorry I know this is going to cause people to hate me, but despite everything I still HATE Big. I have from the first minute Carrie met him I knew he was trouble and I just knew going into this movie exactly what he was going to do to her.
It could be me drawing from past experiences with guys just likeBig but I will despite it all, still HATE him, even if he makes Carrie happy.

Apparently I'm Kreativ

Well I received this wonderful award from Caitlin over at Think Happy Thoughts!! Her blog is so cute you should definitely check it out!

Here are the award rules:
List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love!Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ!

7 Things That I Currently Love...
1. Obviously K for putting up with me
2. The beach
3. Summertime and warm weather
4. My house
5. My wedding dress
6. My parent's pool
7. Pizza... duh

I would like to present this award to.....

Pris at Lovely Chaos
Jess at No, Thank You
Abby at Babbling Abby
Newport Nuptials
Very Married


Friday Fun Facts

-I have lived in Maryland my entire life. I want to move to another state for at least 2 years just to be able to say that I lived somewhere else.

-I want my kids to have southern accents. I think they're cute.

-I recently became a nervous flyer. Xanex and wine do the trick.

-After having cats for majority of my childhood I found out when I was 14 that I was allergic. I've hated cats ever since.

-I love wine, I cannot stand beer anymore, it's gross (I don't know how I drank it in college). I am that girl at a BBQ or in a dive bar with a glass of wine. No joke. I will tailgate and play beer pong with wine if I have to.

-I want to learn another language

-My Mom is my hero, I used to never want to turn out like her now I hope I am half the woman she is.

-I will only work out to rap music and country music. They are my two favorite genres.

-There is no place I would rather be than the beach- any beach, anywhere.

-There is nothing better than sitting at a picnic table eating Crabs and drinking on a hot summer day

Here is a funny little website to cheer up your Friday!

Have a great weekend!


Wedding Wednesday...a day late

Today's Topic: Dressing the Men

Since we are having an afternoon wedding on the water and we're pretty laid back we decided tuxedos were out of the question. They would just look very out of place! So we have two options we're working with right now:

1. The navy blue suit
2. Navy blue blazer and Khakis

I am going back and forth between the two (K could really care less, he wants me to pick what I think will look best). I like the navy blazer and khaki look but at times it may come across as too preppy and laid back. My Mom suggested that K wear and navy blue suit and the groomsmen do the navy blazer and jacket so that is an option we're considering. Here are some pics I pulled from the knot and Vineyard Vines website:

We have made one decision though... the ties! We are doing Vineyard Vines (one of our favs). That is the exact tie below:

Vineyard Vines Crab tie in light blue

The crabs are perfect because they are a Maryland staple and the tie is the perfect color blue. The best part is that K is going to give all of the groomsmen the ties as their gift.

What do you think on the navy suit vs. navy blazer and khakis? What did the men in your wedding wear?


I Love Ballsy Women...

My good friend M just sent the Someecard below to the guy she has been dating for the past 2 months who just stopped calling her last week...

I love it!


A Little Present to Myself...

So I finally joined the ranks of America and got a blackberry! With my new every 2 from Verizon wireless and some extra discounts this baby was only $49.99!! Plus it's PINK!! I've had it for almost 24 hours and I'm already completely addicted!

Now I'm off to enjoy this AMAZING weather, apparently it's going to be 71 today!


Friday Fun Facts

-The reason I refer to my fiance as "K" is because he wants to stay anonymous... he doesn't really understand internet social networking, I can barely get him to check his yahoo mail account let alone try something like facebook or blogger.

- I ran a marathon on October 13 2007, it was one of the hardest, longest, most painful days of my life. I would totally do it again in the blink of an eye, it was so worth it. I'm considering Oct 2009...

-I went to private Catholic school for 12 years and (public) University of Maryland- College Park for college, talk about CULTURE SHOCK. I plan to send my kids to public school.

-I hate winter clothes and never spend my money on them. I have more sun dresses, shorts, flip flops, bathing suits, and tank tops than any one person should. I would like to move south one day.

-I can't believe I'm finally getting married- I only had to wait 5 years and 6 months to get engaged. That's why I'm getting married exactly 8 months after my engagement, I would have done is sooner if the church had availability.

-I gave up red meat in August 2007, I can't imagine ever eating a burger again. I would like to give up meat completely but I don't really like vegetables.

-Without spell check I would be screwed

-My home laptop is 8 years old, it weighs at least 5lbs, doesn't have wireless internet so I have to sit at a desk, and makes really loud noises when I open too many websites at once but it does exactly what I need it to do so I can't really justify buying a new one.

-I wear waterproof mascara EVERYWHERE. I cannot go without it. I wear it at the beach, I wear it when I work out, I wore it for my marathon, I even used to wear it to swimming practice in high school. I look like a completely different person with mascara on vs off.

-I am not a very anal person but I am EXTREMELY anal about the pens I write with. I only use Pentel RSVP fine point pens in blue or black ink. Preferably black.

Have a great weekend everyone!


OMG I'm in LOVE!!

I must have this dress!!!


Wedding Wednesday

So I know quite a few other bloggers do this but I have decided to devote one day of my blog to weddings. The reason being is all I do all day long, all night long, in every email, phone convo, happy hour etc is talk about weddings. Honestly I get sick of it at times so when I blog I usually don't feel up to talk about it! So sorry to everyone else who does this but I will now be doing Wedding Wednesdays!

Today's topic is: Gift Registry

Everyone said that registering for gifts would be so much fun, and it is, don't get me wrong but it's also extremely overwhelming. The first problem being, I suck at making decisions. I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet. So that being said, registering has been difficult. After much thought I have decided on Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Macy's.

I LOVE Pottery Barn. Love is actually an understatement for how I feel about PB. I decided to go with them because I received the Serafina shower curtain and pillow shams as a Christmas gift so I wanted to get bath linens to match. I also am in love with PB's Emma Dinnerware.

The only problem? K does not like it. He has no interest in any other piece of this wedding but apparently he doesn't like my "boring" taste in dishes. We currently have white ones very similar to the Emma pattern that used to belong to my parents. I personally am not a patterned dish kind of girl, nor or I am bright colors kind of girl color hence the ivory, navy, and pale blue wedding colors. So I am working on this one.

Then I went with Macy's because my mother and grandmother both said that I MUST register at a department store! Plus I feel in love with the Etoile Platinum china by Monique Lhuillier for Royal Doulton.

Then I chose Bed, Bath, & Beyond because I found that some stuff was cheaper there than at Macy's like the Jimmy Buffet Margarita Machine.... Plus people can use their handy 20% off coupons that come in the mail every 2 weeks, making people more likely (especially in this economy) to buy stuff from here, if they want

I need to make sure to balance the registry so I don't get carried away and go crazy over expensive or frivolous items I do not need.

So I had a few questions and I would like suggestions from anyone!

Did you girls register for crystal? if so what did you register for?
What is one thing you are happy you registered for?
Is there anything you didn't register for that you wish you did?
Did you ever feel that you over registered, or didn't register for enough, or registered for too many expensive items?



Secret Life of the American Teenager

Does anyone else watch this show? (or am I the only person over 20 who does? or can you not get past the bad acting?) If you do I would LOVE to know your opinion of it. I personally feel like they are glorifying teen pregnancy and not showing the truth about how hard raising a baby can be. I think Amy's parents are way to lax on her, if my 15 year old got pregnant I would definitely be laying down the law, but I might be a bit conservative. Maybe it's just me in my old age thinking 15 is waaaaaaaaaaaay to young to raise a baby. I am not judging at all and I know you don't know how someone feels until they are in that situation. I just want to know what other people think!



I made my bed! See what being at home all day will force me to do! (ignore ugly ikea unfinished wood furniture, our bedroom is still a work in progress)

Snow Day

As you can see we got almost 6 inches of snow today!(Yes I'm a huge nerd who measured.) Which meant I got a snow day from work, well not a real snow day because I had to work from home (which I could totally get used to) but I still managed to finish all my laundry and get some piles of junk organized! I must say I don't think I've been this excited in a long time, to wake up to a huge snowstorm was such a fun feeling, I felt like a 10 year old! Oh yeah and my class is cancelled tonight, making my day even better!

Alright I'm off to get some more cleaning done. I hope everyone who got a snow day enjoyed it as much as me :)
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