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I am no where near having babies (I need to get married first!) But we were having a going away party today and 2 of my co-workers are pregnant, one is 7 months and the other one is 4 months and of course we started to discuss baby names.
Here is a little background: The one who if further along is on her second child but this one is a boy and her first is a girl and the one who is four months along doesn't know the sex yet.
So of course one of my co-workers was like have you guys thought of names and BOTH of them haven't thought of any names at all!! I'm not even joking the one who is having a boy said they have narrowed it down to a list of 7 names and they are now having people vote (never leave a name to chance) b/c they can't decide and the one who is having her first said she has honestly NEVER EVER thought of baby names.

Now this is where I may come off as crazy but I have totally picked out all of my unborn children's names (because names are important and require a lot of thought). My co-worker and I got back to our desks after the party and started to discuss our top baby names and the pros and cons of naming your child.

The best part was discussing naming our dolls and Barbies when we were little! I remember for Christmas in 3rd grade (circa 1989) I got a doll with a birth certificate and I named her... are you ready? Amanda Tiffany. Sooooo 80's. I also remember declaring to my Mom (and so does she) that I would be naming my first girl (when I grew up) Amanda Tiffany. Thankfully I grew out of that phase (no offense to anyone named Amanda or Tiffany, just not my style anymore)!!

So here are my top baby names that I have had since about high school....

Top Girls Names :
Hollis- this will not work with my future last name though :(

Top Boy Names:
Matthew (K's middle name)
Theodore (trying to steal this name from my sister)
Davis (which is actually my last name)

Have any of you with or without kids named your unborn children? If so what names do you like, common names or rare names? Am I totally crazy?



  1. um, that is just plain weird to have no baby names in mind! i have a ridiculously long list of baby names that i have been working on since age five. my fiance is really into baby names and even though we are nowhere near kids, we've got our lists narrowed.

    boy-only one name on this list, it has been our definite boy name for a while

    henry alexander (we both LOVE henry and alexander is his name)


    1. zinnia elizabeth (we love flower names, but wanted something other than the usual rose or lily and we both love the letter z and elizabeth is my sister's name)

    2. virginia taylor (virginia is where we met, in college, and fell in love, and i am obsessed with the south and taylor is one of my names)

    if we have two little girls, how cute are the nicknames zinni and ginny?

    now that i have written a mile long comment, i won't bore you with the rest of my baby name ideas.

    i LOVE your names, nat!

  2. careful giving up your baby names on the interwebz!

    i love old names: Jack, Esther, Jean, Diane, Edward. =)

  3. You're not crazy... I've definitely thought of baby names. I agree with Jessica.. be careful! I had a friend of my husbands steal our name after we discussed with them names we loved. Literally stole it. I used to love Annaliese, but no dice now. So I'm loving Ally, Lily Paige, and Madelyn. For boys.. Jackson, Owen, and Cole.

  4. I have mine picked out! First and middle. I can't imagine having NO idea what I'd want to name a baby. Also, I love Emma, Matthew, and Grace too (although these aren't what I've got picked out...but I love them!)

  5. i'm TOTALLY with you. I've had baby names picked out since childhood. They're not always the same names but there was always a name picked out! my grandma, mom, and i have the same middle name so my first born daughter will have that middle name too.

    also, here were my Barbie's names:


    I heart the 80's!

    ps. you know that Sex and the City episode where they go to the baby shower and the mom stole Charlotte's baby name? that's exactly what this reminds me of.

    pps. this is a ridiculously long comment.

  6. I really like Davis, especially since it is a family name.

    A lot of the names I like have become really trendy (Jack, Olivia). I am hoping they won't be as trendy when I finally have my own kids

  7. Emma is one of my top girl names too!

  8. We have our kids named already.

    You can steal them... I don't care.

    Jude Thomas
    Lucille (Lucy) Morgan

    Thomas and Lucille are both family names.
    Morgan is my high school ROTC instructor.
    And we just like Jude.

    Jude and Lucy are also in Beatles songs... but I'd rather Lucy not be referred to as LSD in the future so we aren't telling people that. Haha.

  9. I LOVE Davis! What a cool idea. My top one right now (girl) is Blake which is my dad's middle name. I have liked it for a long time andam hoping Blake Lively ends her 15 minutes of fame soon so that no one makes a connection. I also love Chloe, Carys, and Sarah. For a boy I have always only loved Grant. My main thing is that I refuse to pick anything in the current 'top 100'- there are websites if you want to check this!

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