Secret Life of the American Teenager

Does anyone else watch this show? (or am I the only person over 20 who does? or can you not get past the bad acting?) If you do I would LOVE to know your opinion of it. I personally feel like they are glorifying teen pregnancy and not showing the truth about how hard raising a baby can be. I think Amy's parents are way to lax on her, if my 15 year old got pregnant I would definitely be laying down the law, but I might be a bit conservative. Maybe it's just me in my old age thinking 15 is waaaaaaaaaaaay to young to raise a baby. I am not judging at all and I know you don't know how someone feels until they are in that situation. I just want to know what other people think!


  1. I personally think it's way tooooo young too. It's sad seeing these people have to deal with this kind of responsibility so soon in life.

  2. And the boys that want to marry Amy? (My high-schoolers watch the show, and I've tuned in a time or two to see what the fuss is about.) No 15-year-old boy stands that solidly behind a pregnant teen. It paints such an unrealistic picture. Very concerning.

  3. Brittany Ann,
    I'm so glad you agree with me, yeah they want to marry her and her parents think it's ok, and her dad and sister are begging her to raise the baby, don't they realize a 15 yr can't truly handle that responsibility. It's just so concerning to me too!

    Glad I'm not the only one!


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