Wedding Wednesday...a day late

Today's Topic: Dressing the Men

Since we are having an afternoon wedding on the water and we're pretty laid back we decided tuxedos were out of the question. They would just look very out of place! So we have two options we're working with right now:

1. The navy blue suit
2. Navy blue blazer and Khakis

I am going back and forth between the two (K could really care less, he wants me to pick what I think will look best). I like the navy blazer and khaki look but at times it may come across as too preppy and laid back. My Mom suggested that K wear and navy blue suit and the groomsmen do the navy blazer and jacket so that is an option we're considering. Here are some pics I pulled from the knot and Vineyard Vines website:

We have made one decision though... the ties! We are doing Vineyard Vines (one of our favs). That is the exact tie below:

Vineyard Vines Crab tie in light blue

The crabs are perfect because they are a Maryland staple and the tie is the perfect color blue. The best part is that K is going to give all of the groomsmen the ties as their gift.

What do you think on the navy suit vs. navy blazer and khakis? What did the men in your wedding wear?


  1. In my mind I'm going with the Combo. I want "E" to wear a navy suit and his best man to wear the blazer/khaki combo.

    I think it's nice if the groom stand out a little.

  2. i like the combo too.... though, i think it might depend on how fancy your dress is. i dunno.

  3. i like the combo look best! now i am somewhat wishing that we were going with that look. the boy wore khakis and a navy blazer/tie for prep school every day from 8th-12th grade and HATES that look so he vetoed it. we ended up going with khaki suits that we got on sale from jos. a banks. since the bridesmaids' dresses are navy print, i was worried about too much navy.

  4. I think he should be in all navy, and then have the groomsmen in navy blazers and khaki pants.

    Our guys wore black because there was a black sash on my girls dresses, but in retrospect, it made it a more formal look than we intended.

  5. could you ask the groosmen their preferences? i don't know how proper that is, but if they all already own one or the other, it might be easier for them? that being said, i'm a fan of either. very Annapolis - and the tie is perfect. :)

  6. i love both looks! i think it depends on how you want your wedding to feel. all navy (to me) seems more formal while the navy and khaki is relaxed. good luck! either way will look gorgeous!

  7. B and co. wore black suits - but had a black and white wedding, so it was perfect. I really like the khaki/blazer combo Very classy. And I totally heart the tie. Good choice!

  8. We are doing navy jackets with khaki pants.

    I love the ties! We have been looing ofr ties and those are so cute!

  9. I love the idea of K in a suit and the rest in khakis- it will work so well with the b'maids dresses and it will set k apart a little which I really like!

  10. I love the blue crab tie. So cute!


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