Five on Friday: The Dress and other random things

TGIF!  Are you all as happy to see Friday as I am?!  We have friends coming into town this weekend so I'm excited to play tourist and hopefully eat some delicious food :)

1. The Dress
What do you all see? Kyle sees blue and white. I see NO white or gold.  It's so interesting to hear what other people see. 

2. Spaghetti Squash 

A few weeks ago we decided to try out spaghetti squash in place of angel hair pasta.  I'm not a big pasta fan but Kyle LOVES it and could eat it every night.  Since we're both trying to eat better he decided to give spaghetti squash a try since we'd seen so many people say it was a good pasta substitute.  
Let me tell you- it's awesome!!  It's easy to cook, it gives you the feeling of eating pasta but it's not filling and you don't have that bloated I just stuffed myself with pasta feeling.  We were skeptical at first but now we're hooked.  We know eat it at least once a week.  We even got my parents hooked on it for a pasta substitute. 

3. Mamaroo- Did we love or hate it?

When Matthew was about 6 weeks old we had a phase where he hated being put down and hated the swing, bouncer, etc.  A good friend of mine let me her Mamaroo to see how that worked for us.  By the time she finally got it to us he was over his week of not being able to be put down but I figured we would give it a try anyway since people love it.   
My thoughts- it's fine. Matthew doesn't hate it but he doesn't love it.  He will tolerate it when he has to but he won't fall asleep in it and he doesn't like the scratchy wipeable type fabric on it so I have to put a blanket down on it before he lays down. I also have to buckle him in or he will arch and wiggle himself right out.   I will say though that it is really light and much less of an eyesore or space steal than the traditional swing but we still love our big bulky swing. 

4. Smocked Re-Sale Sites- A few of you asked me for the re-sale sites and I couldn't email you because you're a no reply blogger so I figured I would share here. I can't remember who told me about these but I decided to search Facebook to see if I could find any for boys.  All of the groups are closed and you have to request to join but I've had no problem getting into any of them.  Just put these names into your search bar on Facebook: 
- Smocked BOYS boutique resale (I've had the best luck with this one) 
- Snips and Snails
- Boys Smocked and Applique resale
- Smocked Obsession
- A Southern Smocking 
- Smocked Auction loves resale group
I have also heard that Smocking Hot Mamas is a good one for girls clothes and some boys. 

5. And These... 


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  1. 1. I see white and gold, no question in my mind (but my husband sees blue and brown - no question in his)! After looking at this thing for so long, I think I'm slowly being driven insane! Ha! 2. LOL @ Shower Schizophrenia -- so, so true.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. Those ecards... YES, to ALL of them haha!! Ok... so the dress, I see gold and white, I'm confused is it supposed to be something else? We love spaghetti squash too, it's so good. Have a great weekend with your friends xoxo

  3. So weird, I see goldand white?? I saw on the Today show that the real dress is actually black and blue! I can't get my eyes to see that? I've always wondered about the Mamaroo and sometimes wish I would have got one just to save space in our family room, but he seems to like the graco swing so we are sticking to it! Happy Friday!

  4. I saw blue and black when I first saw the dress, and now I'm seeing white and gold. It is bothering me why this is happening lol.

  5. This dress is driving me crazy, I see white and gold!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. The dress is driving me absolutely insane! Have they explained why it's doing this yet? Hands down white and gold!

  7. haha that dress... i see white and gold! so weird. btw thanks for letting us know about the mamaroo! i was on the fence on if i should buy one but i think im going to just hold off... our place is so small we really dont need another thing in our living room! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. OMG I've seen that dress thing floating around.. and I totally see white and gold! How is there even any question?? I'm so confused :/ haha, have a great Friday!

  9. Wired has a good article on the science behind the "changing" colors of the dress. I've seen it both ways.

  10. I see white and gold and have not seen blue or black at all LOL. So interesting :)

  11. That dress is going around everywhere!! Crazy
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  12. I see white and gold :) Spaghetti squash is the best! I just can never cut it myself and have to have Josh do it. Such a good substitute for pasta!

  13. Haha, I love those last pictures...they're all so true! PS White and Gold all the way. I totally don't get this whole thing, but it's kinda weird, huh?

  14. I see blue and gold haha. We love Spaghetti Squash in place of noodles too! Check out FoodBabe's recipe for turkey meatballs and spaghetti squash, so easy and delicious!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  15. I definitely see white and gold in the picture, but I saw the actual dress on the today show this morning and it's definitely black and blue! So crazy!!!

  16. i see white and gold no matter which posted picture I look at. I don't understand how someone can see black and blue. So weird. I've tried to like spaghetti squash but I just don't :( My husband loves it.

  17. I swear the dress changes! I literally went to the website where it was first posted - first glance: white and gold...scrolled down to read the comments, then scrolled back up and it turned black and blue. I'm convinced it just changes to fool people!

  18. LOL at the dress, I first heard about it on the radio this morning and I was like what are they talking about?? Then I saw people posting on FB and I was cracking up, everyone is losing their minds! It's totally blue and black! ;)

  19. Hah Lordy, the WTF ecard couldn't be more true. I swear I hear barking in the shower so I guess crying will be life's next phase. Totally white and gold :)

  20. Sometimes I see what and gold and other times blue and black! I go back and forth!
    If you love spaghetti squash you need the spiralizer!!!! Its SO much easier and more delicious.

  21. It's white and gold!! Stephen thought I was playing a joke on him this morning when I swore it was white and gold and he saw black and blue. He seriously thought I masterminded the whole thing. I was in tears.

  22. I definitely need to try spaghetti squash...I also want to get a spiralizer to try other pasta alternatives like zoodles!

  23. Ugh- just wasted half an hour looking at all those sites on FB. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  24. Not sure how I'm just now finding your blog since I link up with Annie most Thursdays...so glad I did! loving what I'm reading and need to get back to work but can't pull myself away..haha. I'm the only one in my entire family that sees gold/white...but I do...even still in your post! Freaks me out. I too love spaghetti squash but can't convince my hubby to try it.


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