Five on Friday: Around the House

TGIF!! Can you believe we only have this weekend and next and then it's Christmas?!

You know the drill... 


1. Oh Christmas tree and Baby toys


 This is what life looks like these days.  I used to swear I would never keep out "obnoxious" baby toys but have you ever tried to carry an exersaucer through a doorway and drag it back and forth every morning?!  Yeah not happening. So I'm just embracing the clutter and bright colors. (we also need a tree topper but we can't decide what we want!)

2. Christmas Cards 
When I was growing up my mom always taped the Christmas cards to the back of our front door. I always loved stopping by and looking at them on my way to bed each night so now this is how I display mine and I still love stopping by to look at them before bed every night.  

3. Overstock Tufted Ottoman 
I blogged out this ottoman here back in early October for our basement re-do and here it is in our house.  
First of all it only cost $252 and it looks way more expensive! My mom was so impressed by the look of it and totally blown away that it was only $252 that she's considering buying one for herself.  I also want to comment that Overstock was so easy to work with, shipping was free and the ottoman arrived in 3 days.  I was very impressed.  I promise I will share more pics of the basement once it's more put together.  

4. Miller and Our Christmas Tree 
If you follow me on instagram (@eastcoastnat) then you have seen this photo already but Miller managed to roll himself over to our Christmas tree on Wednesday night.  At first it was so cute and then he grabbed an ornament and a branch so I had to quickly move him away from the tree!   I can't believe how mobile and active he is getting already! 

5. Layla and the Snow
Layla is obsessed with the snow.  It snowed here on Sunday and Monday and she was in heaven.  Unfortunately for her I HATE snow and being cold so there was minimal ball playing but it's still hysterical to watch her run through it and roll all around in it. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I'm headed to Bluegrass Tavern tonight to celebrate my sister's birthday and then tomorrow we're watching the Annapolis Parade of Lights on the bay.  A fun fun weekend ahead!



  1. what a cute idea to tape cards to the door! i had hopes of a cute display this year but they are currently in a bowl :)

  2. I tape our cards to the back of our front door as well. Hunter loves looking at them and naming off the people in the photos on the cards.

  3. Haha you sound like me! I said I would never keep baby toys and that changed VERY quickly! :) Happy weekend to you!


  4. How cute is Layla in the snow!! I love the cards on the back of your front door idea!

  5. Miller is so precious. I love perusing Overstock to see what they have. Great prices and easy shipping!

  6. We have the same ottoman! Except mine is the long rectangular one. I love it but also suggest coating it in scotch guard!

  7. Bluegrass is so tasty! Jax wasn't so sure of the snow. He was a bit confused!

  8. I seriously love that ottoman! It's so cute that Miller was loving the tree!


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