My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, 

I wouldn't mind finding a few of these items underneath my Christmas tree this year.

I am a huge slipper fan and could really use a new pair. These just look so warm and cozy how could you pass them up.  

I've heard great things about these leggings and since I still need to tone up post baby I'm thinking these might help suck it all in for the time being. 

I'm not sure Santa is going to bring me this but I think this is the table we are going to get for our eating area once our kitchen is complete.  I still haven't sold my husband on it yet but I'm working on him.  

 We just got a Pure Barre in Annapolis and I'm dying to try it out.  To be honest I've never done any barre exercises but everyone raves about how great the workout is especially post baby so I'm hoping to give this new place a try!

I know this one is a long stretch Santa but just in case you're feeling extra generous... 

How gorgeous is this bag?! Ahhh maybe one day when I win the lottery



  1. That table, LOVE!! My husband is actually making us a reclaimed table to have by Christmas! So excited!


  2. I will SO join you for a Pure Barre class. Let me know when you go!!!

  3. Love that givenchy bag! I bought my husband ugg slippers last year and he never wears them, so now I wear them! So cozy, even if they're a bit large.

  4. Yes, please! I'll take one of each too, Santa.

  5. Ohhh you will love Pure Barre! It's my favorite, most effective workout! They usually have like a 3 for $20 class so that you can try it out, and the studio's that I've been to have a "Mommy Bounce Back" deal!

  6. I want everything on here too! I need those Spanx and how gorgeous is that Givenchy bag?! Here's to hoping you get it all! ;)

  7. Um, I think that you NEED that bag! Such a classic!!!

  8. Yes to everything on this list! I have heard a lot about those spanx I need to check em out!

  9. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  10. I'm so obsessed with that table. I dream of the day our dining room stops being a play room and we can put that baby in there. It is table perfection! I wouldn't mind that Givenchy bag under the tree either ;)

  11. That bag is beautiful!! I hope you get it! Those leggings are great! I have two pairs and want two more! lol


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