I spent the last 3 days unplugged from my computer and/or social media it was glorious.

I had such a busy weekend and I did so many fun things and you know what, I took zero pictures.  Yup, I actually enjoyed the moment instead of documenting it.  

It felt phenomenal.

I know this might sound a little dramatic but I feel so much pressure to document everything these days that sometimes I forget to just enjoy the moments with my family and friends.    I don't want to look back on pictures of Miller and not even remember how the day or night went because I was too busy posing the moment for a picture. 

I plan to try to unplug more often in general but especially over the next few weeks while I enjoy the holidays and most importantly Miller's first Christmas.   I highly suggest everyone give this a try once in a while!

Now it's not like I didn't take any photos at all this weekend 
This little boy is non-stop and he's already making me crazy with his rolling and scooting that I know I'm in for trouble once he learns to crawl.



  1. I completely get it! Glad you still stole some shots of that cutie...

  2. I love unplugging. I usually don't do it unless I travel, but it feels so amazing. Little boys start getting into trouble way too early ;)

  3. Look at him go! I can't believe he's this big already! Unplugged weekends are the best!

  4. Sometimes unplugging is just what is needed to recharge!

  5. I really need to go unplugged! I love that you managed to do it for three whole days!


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