Mighty Monday

I borrowed this from my BFF Babbling Abby feel free to play along if you want and tell us what you might have done since last Monday

I might have had one or more wedding related meltdowns last week

I might be obsessed with Tori and Dean, I might really like their Guncles

I might have signed up for Netflix and I might be waiting for season 1 of Gossip Girl so I can join the rest of the world in loving Chuck Bass

I might have piles of laundry waiting for me, I might be avoiding them

I might have another wedding to attend this weekend, I might be pretty excited because it might be be keeping me distracted from obsessing over my wedding

I might have read a whole book laying by the pool at Saturday

I might be exhausted and I might be heading to bed now



  1. OMG Nat this whole thing just made me LOL Our lives sound pretty similar these days!

  2. OOOH!!! Can't wait for you to jump on board the Gossip Girl train! It's SO good!!!

  3. Oh hang in there! I was where you are last year, and if I can survive, so can you!

  4. I was OBSESSED with GG waaaay before it become a hit on TV, and LOVED it. Haven't seen the show, but the books were addicting.

  5. I need to Netflix the next part of Season 1 of GG too! I rarely have celebrity crushes but Ed Westwick does it for me for sure!!!!

  6. nice..I never have a chance to read a book @ the pool...running after my son!

  7. was just catching up - the rings look great and i'm totally jealous of aruba!

  8. haha this is funny! I love gossip girl! pretty much a guilty pleasure!

  9. I found your blog some how and thought it was so cute! Laundry… total nightmare. I think I’m going to avoid it for now too! ;) BTW – Love your blog, you got me hooked as a follower!! ;)

  10. I just found your blog, and it's so fun! This is a fun game to play! And your house is beautiful!!! We're in the process of looking for houses now and yours is perfect!!


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