Our wedding bands

So after much discussion I decided to go with a plain white gold band. I LOVE the eternity band but I decided that for right now the plain band works and then down the road I can get an eternity band, plus it gives me something to look forward to :)

I choose a 3mm white gold comfort fit milgrain band. The milgrain around the edges gives it a little something extra which I love.

Here is a picture:

K liked mine so much that he decided to get the same one, for men obviously. His is a 4mm white gold comfort fit milgrain band.

Here is a picture:

So yes we totally have matching wedding bands and totally not on purpose plus I kind of think it's cute because we're totally not the matching type.
We also got them cheap, cheap, cheap which just means more money to spend in Aruba or maybe on a new bed or bedroom set !!



  1. I love those, I think you made the right choice...and I quite like couple's having matching wedding bands.x
    ps I can't find an email address on here...want to include you in an email I'm sending out around a blog idea...could you let me know what your address is so I can add you? Thanks!

  2. super cute choices. love that they match :)

  3. I think simple is beautiful- very nice choices!! Love them!

  4. LOVE!
    I end up wearing my plain band so much more than my eternity band because I feel like the e-band sort of takes away from the look of my engagement ring setting...


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