Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday!  I again feel like this week flew by.  I think because I have Miller's impending party followed by a beach vacation and I have about 1000 things to accomplish I feel like I have no time.

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Thoughts for Thursday

-Yesterday while walking Layla and Miller through our neighborhood I witnessed a young girl hit a mailbox and drive away!!! I had just passed that mailbox about 20 seconds earlier and when I heard the loud crunch and boom, I turned to see her swerve away and drive off as the mailbox lay in the middle of the road.  I stood there a few minutes in shock thinking she might turn around but she never did.  I rang the doorbell of the house where it happened but they weren't home so I flagged down the neighbor next door as she came out of her house and told her.  Turns out the people are on vacation but she let them know.   
I'm still really shaken up by it, as she could have easily hit us or someone else.  I am also in shock that she drove past me (I saw her face), hit a mailbox and then drove away.  She knew that I saw her, her car, and the whole thing!! I honestly would not have been mad or yelled at her, if that was her fear, I know we all make mistakes but driving off when you know you've done something wrong and avoiding the responsiblity just pisses me off. 
The owner of the house took to our neighborhood Facebook page to "report" the incident and asked the person to come forward- of course this started major drama (my neighborhood FB page is always drama) but I'm hoping that this person will come forward and take responsiblity for their mistake.  As hard and as embarrassing as it may be she at the least owes an apology to the homeowner for ruining their mailbox.
I am not immune to distracted driving and I have done my fair share of texting while driving when I know it is wrong.  If anything this incident has been a big eye opener for me about just how quickly we can lose control and hit something even when we think we're in control.   

-Pretty Little Liars is Back!!
If you've been reading this blog long enough you know that ABC Family shows are my guilty pleasure.  I can't wait to see the twists and turns now that Allison is back.

- When do babies typically drop their second nap?  I of course googled this questions and most reputable journals said 18 months.   Miller takes an awesome morning nap but his afternoon nap, if we get one, is all over the place.  He can sleep anywhere from 30 mintues to 3 hours.  I would say that 5 out of the 7 days he doesn't even take an afternoon nap which just leads to a cranky, cranky baby by 4pm.  Any advice on this?   He's usually up around 6-6:30 and down for his morning nap around 9am.   Should I try pushing it back or should I just accept one good morning nap and keep attempting the afternoon one even if it's only 30 minutes.

- I some how just discovered this Ben and Jerry's flavor...
It's chocolate amazingness and if I keep buying desserts like this I'm going to gain another 40lbs.

- I got an eye exam yesterday and need new glasses.  It's been about 2-3 years since I've gotten new ones and I'm suprised and how much the styles have changed.  Does that make me sound old?
Also can we talk about how awkward trying to pick out a pair of glasses is all by yourself? So I obviously started taking selfies.   I then text this picture below to my husband in which he responds "Yeah they look fine."   Yes honey, fine is exactly the look I was going for.  Ugh, men.  I'm leaning toward the style below but going to go back next week to look again and make a final decision. 

- I am currently obsessed with country music.  I go through phases where I love it and then I suddenly hate it.  I feel like so much of it is sooooo cheesy but it's so catchy and fun for summer.  My current favorite: Luke Bryan- Play it Again

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Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Natalie your selfie is cracking me up!! You look so scared trying on those glasses! That stinks about that girl hitting your neighbor's mailbox. I'm sure she was texting and not paying attention. Out neighborhood backs up to an older run down neighborhood so we're forever getting ppl just passing through speeding and doing wheelies in the cul de sac. One neighbor even caught some random ppl having sex in their car! Just no respect!

  2. Those glasses look great on you! My doctor told me I shouldn't get my eyes examined when I was pregnant because they change during pregnancy apparently? I don't know, just thought I would pass along. Have you tried Warby Parker yet? They're super cute and less expensive than most of the ones in the glasses store! My kids both dropped to one nap right around one (before.) Sometimes it's easier because you end up with one giant one in the middle of the day and bedtime gets easier then. Try it around 12-1 and see! They're definitely grumpy at first, but then it gets better! I can't believe that girl did that... that just makes me worry about people :(

  3. Oh my gosh I had to pick out glasses by myself last time and it was so awkward! The guy who worked there was telling me I looked "fabulous" in all of them and I almost told him to stop talking. haha! And that is terrible about the mailbox... I would be scared too. I always think about that when I'm walking our dog, you have to be really aware of your surroundings because people can't drive!

  4. That scares me that someone could do a hit and run to a mailbox! What is wrong with people? And I love your straight faced selfie! I have secretly always wanted glasses growing up. I look really funny when I put them on though...

  5. Don't even get me started on the nap stuff!! I would say we get one nap 90% of the time as well. These days the only time we are getting afternoon naps are when we are out and about around 3pm and he falls asleep in the car, but that means he usually will only get 15 to 30 min though. With only one morning nap, he's back to going to sleep at night at 6 or 630pm which is fine with me. Matt just has to get his time with him in the mornings instead of at night! The books I've read said around 15 months they switch to one nap but that every baby is different!

  6. Oh man, naps are so hard. Kiernan dropped her second nap at NINE FREAKING MONTHS. Thankfully, she picked it back up again a couple months later, but still. Now we're in a wishy-washy phase in which she'll take one decent nap in the early afternoon and then she'll either doze for 30 minutes or play in her crib for 30 minutes later on... I can't believe that girl drove away! That's bananas. Did you get the color/make of her car or anything?? (I NEVER remember to check for those things when I see something like that.)

  7. Picking out glasses is the worst! The ones you're wearing look really cute! Have you tried Warby Parker? They have fabulous glasses, they're extremely affordable ($95) and have a completely free at home try-on program {they're on Ebates, too}. It took me 2 rounds of try-ons but I finally found a pair that I love! And for every pair of glasses they sell they donate a pair. As for Luke Bryan, he's one of my favorites. I'm a country music junkie.

  8. I just recenlty picked out glasses by myself too! So hard!!! Everyone seems to like them though (or so they tell me! LOL) The ones you are wearing look great though!

    My little one dropped her morning nap about 11 months. Every so often she will still have a short morning nap and usually always a 2 hour or more afternoon nap and she is almost 17 months now!

    This is my first time joining the link-up! Thank you!!!
    Alycia//Crazily Normal I'd love for you to come check mine out! I love making new blogging friends!

  9. I LOVE PLL! For some reason I thought it did not come back till the fall but low and behold my DVR was recording it. I actually get spooked when I watch it haha. We have a neighborhood FB that is FULL OF DRAMA, except for incidences like yours where it actually proves helpful. PS, WHO DOESNT LOVE LUKE BRYAN?

  10. Oh goodness I am so glad you reminded me about PLL! I totally forgot it was back already! Can't wait to watch again :)

    I wondered about the 2 nap thing too. Hayden is 25 months and he STILL takes 2 naps a day. I figure if he sleeps let him sleep, but maybe beings Miller isn't consistent try pushing the morning one back and hope for one long one?

  11. I was trying really, really hard to focus, but the one thing that was screaming at me was S'MORES ICE CREAM BY BEN AND JERRY. Shut the front door.

  12. Love me some country music!! I think it's funny you have a neighborhood Facebook page, am I alone in secretly hoping that Facebook will just go away one day? I used to think it was awesome...now I think we are all just a little bit too connected!

  13. I'm new to your blog and love it, thank you! I'm sort of a nap/schedule nazi when it comes to my kiddos, but I'd say try shortening his morning nap to one hour, like let him sleep 9-10am (wake him up), and then put him down at 1:30/2 and hopefully he will be good and tired and take a loooong afternoon nap, without it backfiring and him being overtired, bc it sounds like he needs a little something in the morning still!


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