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TGIF!!  I am so excited for Father's Day weekend.   Since I pretty much got a whole weekend I thought it would only be fair to do the same for the hubs.   We don't have any set plans so I'm just letting him pick what he wants to do everyday but I know it will be fun and low key.  

-We are in the thick of 1st Birthday prep over here! My hand is sore from all the cutting I've been doing but I'm excited to see the results once it's all set up.  If you know me in real life you know I can be a huge procrastinator but I am surprisingly on the ball for this party.  #soproudofmyself
The party is a red, white, and navy nautical theme.  I knew I wanted to do a nautical theme pretty much since before Miller was born and thanks to Pinterest and Etsy my plans are coming together. 

-I'm happy to say that we are doing really well with our budgeting.  Our first month we completely failed but we did really well in May and June is looking good too.   I'm going to do a more detailed post on this next week but the biggest cut we've made is to our grocery bill. I'm still in shock that we were able to do it and eat well!

-I finally bought something for Baby #2. 
Jellycat stuffed animals are my favorite.  Miller has two that he absolutely adores (a dog and a giraffe) and he carries them everywhere with him.  So I knew Baby #2 needed to have his own.  I went to our closet toy store that sells them and when I saw the donkey I just knew he had to be mine!  He is just so cute and cuddly. 
If you're ever looking for a good baby gift I highly suggest Jellycat stuffed animals-you can't beat the quality and they are the softest I've ever felt.

- I would also love to hear your advice on rockers/gliders for the nursery.   For Miller I bought a $100 rocker from a neighbor that matched his nursery and I LOVED it when I was pregnant.  Fast forward to after he was born and I hated it and I still do.  While it matches his decor perfectly it's horribly uncomfortable and I never ever rock him in it.   I spend so much time in that damn chair so this time I'm getting something I enjoy sitting in!!

Here are a few I'm considering:

This one is the most budget friendly and comes in a wide variety of colors but I know their nursery line is new so I'm not sure how this one stacks up. 

If you have any other suggestions for rockers/gliders I would love to hear them!


  1. We ordered that PB Wingback rocker and LOVE it! You can switch it out to stationary feet and it's a great piece that can be used in multiple rooms. Totally worth the extra money in my book, but that Home Decorators one is a great deal. Always loved their stuff, would be interested to see the quality on this too!

  2. Ahhh the birthday party is going to be so cute! Love your color choices! I didn't even have a rocker with Avery and then realized I needed something super comfy and sturdy with Greyson (#secondchild) I vote the Home Decorators one because the price is great and it looks so much like a regular chair you can incorporate into the house later. Jellycat stuffies are the BEST. Sometimes I try to make the kids cuddle them because they are so soft and I'm all like don't you get how soft this is?!

  3. We have the PB Comfort Glider for Blaire's room and it is super comfortable. We still use it constantly 2.5 years later. I sat in the wingback glider in the store a couple weeks ago and it's just as comfy - maybe even more so because the back is taller. I think we're ordering that one for the new nursery.

    I thought about ordering a new slipcover for Blaire's chair but she loves to read in her rocker so I couldn't bear to take it out of her room. Plus, PB wants an insane amount for a slipcover. I'd rather just buy a new chair.

    Can't wait to see pictures after Miller's party - it's going to be adorable!

  4. I know for next baby too, we need a different rocker! A comfy reclining one is waht I woudl look for! The amount of times I fell asleep in our current rocker - waking up with a sore neck! Not Cool!!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  5. We got the Roxboro glider for our nursery and it was actually delivered yesterday. Sadly, I can't really tell you how I am going to like it but it looks fantastic. The shipping logistics took a while to get here but it looks amazing for the price.

    You can even order fabric swatches online if you don't have a store close-by.

  6. love the donkey!! hooray for doing so well on a budget-- look forward to seeing the deets at a later date. have a great weekend!!

  7. Ugh I can't help on the glider front. I ordered ours online because I couldn't test any out locally without having to budge on not loving the patterns/colors offered. (At the time, I shied away from whites, though now I wish I hadn't!) And while I love the pattern of my glider, I don't think it's as comfortable as it could be (cushion-wise or fabric) so boo. But it looks like you're kicking ass in the party department!

  8. I can't wait to see more details on the birthday party!! I know it's going to be perfect!!! I love the jellycat stuffed animals too and so fun that you can start doing a little baby shopping now that you know the gender :)

  9. I am so impressed with your birthday crafting! AND, I can't wait to hear more about the budgeting. Happy Weekend! xo

  10. We wound up with this chair from Buy Buy Baby (http://www.besthf.com/best/Storytime/Chairs/items/TRINITY) it's actually really comfortable and I was able to use a coupon and customize it. They had tons of fabric options (piping vs. no pipiping) It's worth a look, with a coupon I think it was a smidge over $475.
    Big fan of Jellycat over here, little lady already has three of them!

  11. I'm so excited to see more of this party! Emily A Clark just blogged about some cute navy anchor fabric - it would go so well!
    Good luck with the rocker decision. I'm not totally in love with ours for nursing but it works otherwise. I love the look of the pbk one.

  12. Love the birthday theme! Nautical is my fave! :) that PB chair is gorge! We went with one from Walmart (I know!) and I actually enjoy it! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dorel-Rocking-Chair-Slipcover-Sold-Separately/15561471

  13. We have a glider made by Best Chairs that we bought from a local children's furniture store. You could customize the fabric and got it in gray. I absolutely love it and believe we paid around $500. Here's a link: http://www.besthf.com/best/Storytime/Chairs/items/RENA

  14. Im obsessed with jellycat too! I love that it was baby boy # 2's first gift :) Love all those rockers...isnt there one that converts into a regular wingback chair? That is brilliant.

  15. That donkey is adorable! I haven't bought any toys for the little lady but will keep that brand in mind.
    I love your party theme and know I'll be stressed out about but have so much fun when the little lady turns one!
    I vote for the Pottery Barn chair. We don't have and didn't intend to buy any rocker but use our IKEA recliner as a rocker and it works perfectly. Good luck in the search!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. We got our rocker/glider and ottoman from Havertys! It's not nursery furniture, but I found a nice neutral fabric I liked and we can reupholster it once we're done using it in the nursery. It was a very affordable compared to the PB Kids, etc. ones and much more comfortable.

  17. That stuffed animal is so cute! I'm also admiring the pillow too!


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