1st Birthday Outfits- The Coordinated Family

Miller's 1st birthday party is only 2.5 weeks away!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I still can't believe that my baby is going to be 1.   It feels like the fastest and slowest year of my entire life all at the same time.

The theme for his party is a red, white, and navy nautical theme.  Naturally I have decided that we have to wear coordinating outfits as a family.   My husband thinks I am insane but I think it would be fun and good for pictures :)

Here is the inspiration for my idea:

1st Birthday Outfits:The Coordinated Family

Dad: Vineyard Vines Tucker Classic Fit Sport ShirtVineyard Vines shorts/ Sunglasses/ Reef Flip flops (old- similar here)
Birthday Boy: Monogrammed seersucker jon jon (Etsy seller not open- similar here)/ Freshly picked moccasins
Mom: Pink Stitch Maxi/ Tory Burch Patent Millers (old- similar here)/Michael Kors Watch (old-similar here)/ Sunglasses

My outfit and Miller's outfit are pretty much the same as this inspiration board but my husband's is a little bit harder.   He never buys new clothes and usually I don't care at all what he's wearing but I would really love it if he picked up this outfit, or something similar to it for the party. 
I'm thinking of buying him this outfit for a Father's Day gift ;)  

What do you think of coordinated family outfits?  Is this something you encourage for holidays or big events?   Am I totally crazy?  (you can be honest :)

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  1. I love that you are coordinating outfits! They are adorable! I just went to a first bday party for my friend's son and it was so cute!

  2. It's not as if you all are in the same checked shirt and matching pants. This is just the perfect amount is coordination.

  3. I love these outfit choices! Y'all will look great! And I'm a big fan of buying the hubs a Father's Day present that you want too ;)

  4. I love the subtle coordination! I think all out matching is a little much (except for matching Christmas morning PJs!) Can't wait to see pictures! Thanks for linking up! xo

  5. Those outfits are all ADORABLE!! You are so cute! I think it's perfectly fine to "subtly coordinate" like Annie said above. That monogrammed jonjon and FP moccasins sure are adorable!!

  6. You guys are going to look adorable. There are sure to be tons of pictures and I'm sure you'll appreciate how cute they all look with the coordination. I thought about this for Blaire's first birthday too. Brian rolled his eyes at me but went along with it. :)

  7. Hot momma look out!! :) Cute styling job for the entire fam! I forget, do ya'll have a theme picked out yet?

  8. I love this. If I had an imaginary one year old with a bday coming up, I would probably pick these exact three outfits. You will look great! And, my husband would say the exact same thing. And then, hopefully he would go along with it :)

  9. I love love love each outfit! And they are perfect together. I am all about coordinating! We have newborn pictures this weekend as I am stressing over how to coordinate. Nothing fits me and everything is too big for my little one (and a trip somewhere with three kids seems so hard)!

  10. That maxi is awesome. If you're going to be taking a lot of pictures (which I'm sure you will!) then why not coordinate if it makes you happy? Cute looks all around for sure!

  11. I am loving that maxi dress!!! Just buy his outfit for him and make him wear it! haha

  12. I vote matching outfits all the way! Khakis, white button downs on the beach, the three of you in a stack ;) JK but I think coordinating outfits are fantastic! I love navy and white as the theme! I just ordered that dress in nude (I have it in pink too) and think you DEF need it!

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