Working Out and a Shoe Addiction

I wanted to start documenting my workout progress.  Not because I have anything mind blowing to teach you all but because I want to start holding myself accountable for my diet and exercise and actually get my body somewhere close to it's pre-baby state. 

I decided to create a workout schedule but I knew that I needed to keep it realistic so that I wouldn't panic after 2 exhausting days and just quit completely. 

Workout #1
Days: Monday, Wednesday
2-3 mile walk with the stroller and dog
Living Room workout (posted here)

Workout #2
Days: Tuesday and Thursday (if Kyle is out of town this will be modified)
1-2 mile run
50 crunches

I decided to only have 4 days of a set workouts and then I'm going to try to do two of the following below on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday depending on how I feel.

- 3 mile walk
- 2 mile run
- Yoga
- Pilates
- 30 minute swim  

I am giving myself one day off to choose between Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I am going to check back every Wednesday to give you all an update on how I'm doing.  I will also share my new eating plan with you then too. 


I've recently become a shoe addict and my drug of choice is Tory Burch.  It's an bad, bad expensive habit. 
I actually never owned any TB shoes until earlier this year.  I have never been a shoe person really and just wore pretty cheap shoes.  
It all started when some of my girlfriends gave me a pair of thin enamel flip flops to wear this past summer post baby. 

The shoes that started it all... 

They are so comfy for basic flip flips that I plan to get them in a few more colors next summer.

Then I decided that I couldn't live without the Miller sandal because of the name and how cute they were and then it was a slippery slope from there.   I added some Revas and Carolines and I'm constantly thinking about what to add to my collection next.

Here are some shoes I'm currently eyeing for my next purchase:

(currently onsale for $157.50)

 Are you a Tory Burch fan?  



  1. if you're into workout videos - i highly suggest insanity. i used it to get in shape for my wedding and it totally worked!!!! it's 20-40 minute videos 6x a week. it was easier for me to walk down to my basement to workout then to get motivated to get to a gym or go outside for a run due to weather. either way - good luck :)

  2. I LOVE tb flats. They are amazing and SO comfy!! As you know I've been doing the T25 workout. It's kicking my BUTT. I really need to do an update soon! Good luck with your progress momma. I know you can do it;)

  3. I like the workout schedule! It makes it so much easier to stick to when it is laid out like that! I love TB sandals! I like the shoes, but they are hit or miss. I actually don't love the Reva's but her other flats are super addicting (to me!)

  4. I love the Carolines much more than the Revas! Just FYI. :)

  5. Way to go on the working out! It's hard to get into a routine. Especially with a dog and a baby!
    I am not a Tory Burch fan. I think they are cute shoes, but I very rarely wear flats and her boots are so pricey.

  6. Good job for working out that much! I feel like that's a great schedule - and to add in the fact that you have a new baby, it's actually an AMAZING schedule!

    I'm obsessed with Tory Burch shoes. I love that flip flop you posted, and I wear her Thora sandles like they're sewed on my feet...but I do agree with Megan....the Revas are not the most comfortable long term shoe. They're hard to travel in and wear for long periods of time, so just take that into account before you bite the bullet.

  7. We are sisters from other musters and mommas! Ha! I got my 1st pair if TB shoes last Fall and I now own six different pair (I have never paid full price)! They make me feel better about wearing my Target clothes - baha! My latest pair of Caroline's came in the mail today. I LOVE them!!

    Working out...does lifting my kids count?

  8. Just two years ago, I asked someone why they would pay $200 for SHOES!! I get it now

  9. Girl, you're awesome! I haven't exercised once since giving birth TWO YEARS AGO. Way to go!

    I do like TB shoes but unlike most of the other commenters, I think the Revas are much more comfy than the Carolines. In fact, I had to send back the pair of Carolines I bought at the F&F sale a few weeks ago because my usual size was too small and the size up was too big. :(

  10. totally bookmarked this post to try and give myself motivation post baby next spring! And I'm with you girl, I started with some TB Revas a few years ago (which I still wear and love by the way) and just recently got some Caroline's, some new flat sandals and I bit the bullet and bought some riding boots this year... it's a slippery slope for sure! But all of her shoes are such great quality that you really can look at it as an investment :)

  11. I never jumped on the TB train. I've thought about getting a pair many times but then I remember everyone has them. I do like the Caroline's better than the Reva's and may one day get a pair. There's just something about wearing something everyone and their mother has that turns me off. I know people love them though! Good luck with your workout routine!

  12. TB's are a seriously expensive addiction but I too love them!! I don't own any Carolines yet but want a pair because of their rave reviews. Good luck with the workouts! I find myself more motivated when someone else is holding me accountable too!

  13. I love reading about people's workout routines so I'm excited to see your progress.

  14. Looks like we share the same addiction for these iconic Tory burch flats. I have 18 pairs right now but with the Black Friday Tory Burch sale tomorrow that number will likely increase. Most of my flats are the TB Reva flats and the TB Eddie flats with single pairs of Pacey, Caroline and Kendrick. This is my Reva collection. (You might have to cut and paste the link). http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/9576209957/

    My TB Eddies collection. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/9341230747/

    And how they look on me. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/8915825880/

    Thanks for sharing your blog.


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