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We're working on crib sleeping this week...
So far we've gotten a 45 min nap this morning which is much better than I expected sooo let's hope this good streak continues.  It's either going to be an awesome week or a long week around here.  #willprobneedalotofwine  #ilovehashtags

We had a great time at the wedding this weekend.  We took one picture of ourselves but we both look puffy and like we need to lose 20lbs so it got deleted and now we both know we really have to step up the good eating and exercising.  
Of course I couldn't resist the dessert table...
 The cake balls and s'mores cups were amazing!  Clearly I'm never losing the weight or getting back in shape since I have no self control :)

We stayed at my parents house after the wedding since they were babysitting Miller and my grandmother was there visiting for the weekend so it was great that Miller got to spend time with her. 
He looks less than thrilled but he was smiling right before I snapped the picture!

We are finally working on our basement.  It flooded right before we had Miller so it's been a disorganized mess.   We finally got new carpet installed which has made a huge difference and I'm working on cleaning it out and just throwing away/donating the stuff we don't need anymore. 
Here is a before pic...
I will keep you updated as we get it organzied and finished.  It's going to be a tv room/play room.

Hope you all have a great Monday!



  1. Savanna is ALWAYS like that in pictures..all smiles but as soon as I pull out the camera the serious look comes out. LOVE that you guys have started the basement. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished. I've been trying to get hubby started on ours because toys are already starting to overflow in my living room.

  2. Those desserts do sound amazing! This is the worst time of year to even try to cut back with sweets and junk food. With the holidays coming up and just the fact we're wearing sweaters and coats you're just not as aware of your body. Ugh! Miller is too cute and how cool your grandma was there!

  3. I would stop my diet for those desserts! I think two years is the right amount of time to lose baby weight... or it is in my life :)

  4. Gosh hes such a cutie! Weeks had those jammies but grew out of them, they were my faves! I feel like after pregnancy you can pack lbs back on a lot easier than before-its a constant juggle to keep it in check!

  5. That picture of Miller with your grandmother is just precious!

  6. I saw that dessert picture on Instagram and I've been salivating ever since! So yum!

  7. I have NO self control either. I have to keep quinoa in my house and nothing else. ha.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Just love the pic of your grandmother and Miller!!!

  9. You're so lucky that Miller lasted 45 minutes! I swear my girls are going to be in bed with me till they're in their teens.

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend! I can't wait to see how the basement turns out! My self-control around sweets has gone out the window since being pregnant the 2nd time! 2 years later and I still have a MASSIVE sweet tooth! Good luck this week...

  11. He is seriously so so cute. Look at that sweet little grumpy face! Haha. Adorable. Good luck with the crib sleeping!

  12. If I was at a wedding with those desserts, I wouldn't ever leave that table. Fatty party of 1 right here!! ;)

  13. I can't wait to see your basement project!


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