Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  How was everyone's weekend?

This past weekend consisted of a lot of eating.  I'm pretty sure I gained a good 10lbs with all the food I consumed!

 Kyle was at a bachelor party this weekend so Friday night my sister and I met my parents at the Annapolis Yacht Club.  It's one of my most favorite places to eat in Annapolis.  Their food is always amazing!

I have completely failed on giving up sweets for lent.  I'm sorry but since I can't drink I totally need something else to reward myself with.   I got the skillet chocolate chip cookie- which I shared with my Dad.  It was probably the best dessert I've ever had.  

Saturday morning started off just as bad as I left Friday night with a short stack of pancakes from The Breakfast Shoppe- which never disappoints.

To continue on our weekend surrounded by eating we decided we needed sushi on Saturday night.   We stumbled upon a sushi restaurant called Otani that was literally a mile from my old house that I never ever tried in the 4.5 years I lived there!  Let's just say I'm an idiot and it may have been the best sushi I've ever had in my entire life! 
 Since I have to eat fully cooked fish I got a shrimp tempura roll and then the most amazing roll ever called the Ocean roll.  It was SO GOOD!  It's a special roll not on their regular menu and I'm so glad I asked for cooked roll suggestions.  I will continue to eat this roll even when I can have raw fish again.

My sister got the Playboy roll which came out on a flaming plate. 

She said it was amazing and some of the best sushi she's ever had!!   We are officially hooked on this place and going back this Friday night. 

After dinner we watched Breaking Dawn Part 2- have you all seen it?  I was sort of disappointed and thought it felted really rushed.   Anyone agree? 

On Sunday I drove up to PA for my nephew's baptism.  

It was so good to catch up and see Kyle's side of the family. 

 With my sister in laws and my niece. 

My sweet nephew Blake 

It was nice to have a weekend to eat good food and visit family without having to worry about working!  

Did you all do anything fun this weekend? 



  1. Where is this sushi place? I haven't had it since I moved back from NYC!!!!

  2. Oh that food looks soooo good! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. I have never had sushi but it grosses me out so bad lol I may be convinced to try a cooked roll though. That dessert looks SO GOOD!


  4. Oh my gosh, everything looks SO GOOD! I've officially decided to order sushi for lunch today!

  5. SUSHIIIIIIIIIIII. Looks good!!
    You look so pretty!!

  6. k i'm hungry now :) that yacht club sounds amazing!

  7. thank goodness cooked rolls are still okay during pregnancy! i crave it all the time!

  8. I am SO HUNGRY now. Everything looks amazing. Glad you had such a great weekend! Your nephew is adorable!

  9. All the food looks sooo good!



  10. Oh my, the skillet cookie and the sushi look amazing! I'm sure your little guy enjoyed those treats!! :)

  11. It looks like you had a delicious weekend! I miss having family live in Annapolis because I love, love, love it there and I love AYC! I would like to eat that skillet cookie all day every day please!


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