25 Weeks!

**sorry no pic this week
How Far Along:  
25 weeks- only 15 weeks to go!
Baby Size:  
Eggplant- Baby is approximately 9 inches long and weighs approx 2lbs 
Total weight gain/loss: 
Up about 1lb from last week 
Maternity Clothes: 
Pants yes, Dresses pretty much yes, and I can still pull off some pre-pregnancy shirts.  They're starting to get pretty short though
Stretch Marks:
No and hoping it stays that way! 
Not getting any better- my hips are still killing me. The pillow between my legs is not working and neither are the 1-2 mile walks I've been doing every day.   Not sure what to do- going to talk to my doctor if it lasts through this weekend. I'm considering getting a foam mattress pad to see if that helps.
Best Moment of the Week: 
 Went shopping with my mom and picked up more goodies for Baby Boy- this kid is going to be way better dressed than me
Miss Anything: 
It was so nice over the weekend I would have loved to have some wine on my new deck- thankfully I found some FRE wine that has be filling my void
Yes he is one active boy- I'm pretty sure his kicks and punches are getting stronger.  He loves music and food!
Food Cravings: 
Hot sauce! Last Friday night we had pizza for dinner and I seriously covered every piece with wing sauce- that is so not like me but the pizza just wasn't hot enough without it
Indigestion has started! Yuck! I have found if I'm careful with what I eat I don't get it
Anything making your queasy or sick: 
Have you started to show yet: 
Labor Signs: 
Belly Button- In or Out?:
In but getting shallow
Wedding Rings- On or Off?:
Happy or Moody?:
Happy most of the time
Looking forward to: 
My husband is away this weekend for a bachelor party so I'm having a girls weekend! I'm excited for mani/pedis and finally watching Breaking Dawn Part 2!! 


  1. My hips were brutal with Greyson! Maybe it is a boy thing? I did some prenatal yoga which helped some and I have heard prenatal massage can be great for it too. It really is the worst :(

  2. You are getting there sister. And I can sympathize with the hip/sleeping pain. Only solace is that there is an end in sight.

  3. my left hip has been bothering me at night too...but only if i sleep on my left side. i have to change it up a bit more than i normally do!

  4. I hope your hips feel better soon! I just went for a walk with the dog and am pooped! Weird how things that used to be so easy now take so much more effort. Enjoy your girls weekend :)


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