Help Needed: Baby Shower Dresses

Ladies I need some help!
I am very blessed to be having two baby showers- one in April with my family and then another one with Kyle's family in May.  

I need some help picking out a dress for each and would love your thoughts or advice- I don't want to wear the same dress to both because some people will be at both of them and I want it to be different.

Here are some of my favorites:



{ASOS Maternity Double Layer Dress in Jade}
{ASOS Maternity Swing Dress in Graphic Print}
 {Gap Tie Front Dress in Blue}


So what do you think?   Would love any and all opinions!!


  1. I love the jade color dress! Love it. It's a gorgeous color and very "Kate Middleton!" I think you should choose whatever you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel good...it's about you & baby! :)

  2. 1, 2 and 3 are my favorites! Also like the long pink one...

  3. Love the wrap dress! They are all pretty though...good luck choosing!!

  4. They are all pretty! I like the wrap style for longevity.

  5. Hmmm I love the wrap dress the best! I also like the jade one and the pink maxi!

  6. I like the wrap dress and the gap dress the best. Plus I think they both could be worn post baby.

  7. I like the ASOS jade dress or the blue one :)

  8. The Rosie Pope one is so cute! Definitely my favorite!

  9. I love the Rosie wrap dress and the jade Asos dress. LOVE! Both of those will look so great with your coloring and will show off the bump! Plus, they'll both photograph nicely. I love the Asos graphic dress, but it'll look really busy in pictures.

  10. My two favs are the wrap dress and the maxi! Can't wait to see what you decide on!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  11. of course i love the first one because i own it! what i love most about it is all the colors...pretty much every color you can think of is somewhere on the dress. it's very simply made, although it is silk and lined, but it's just a smock dress. you're definitely paying for the rosie pope name, but i also like that it's not one you will see a lot of people wearing. that being said, it's not a whole lot longer in the front, but still covers the bump nicely, so i'm hoping i'll be able to wear it post-baby too! i like how it's not form fitting because - let's be honest - i don't need a dress to hug all my curves in my 3rd trimester! :)

    i like a lot of the others too...although i've never really worn a wrap dress because of some irrational fear that it will fly open! i think maxi dresses are great choices to wear to showers too so you don't have to worry about how you're sitting when opening presents.

    hope this helps! :)

  12. I definitely like the first dress the most but the last one is beautiful and might be more practical since April/early May has the potential to be a little chilly...

  13. I love the second wrap dress! My baby shower is in three weeks and I think I'm just doing a cute maxi dress and keeping it simple. I have a wedding to dress shop for at the end of April. THAT should be really interesting.

  14. The Rosie Pope Floral Mini dress is adorable! But I wonder if you could fine something similar for cheaper? However, if you like it and it makes you feel fabulous, definitely worth the money. I also really love the Gap Tie Dress in blue and ASOS Pleated Maxi in pink. I can't wait to see what you choose; you'll look beautiful no matter what you wear!

  15. Ok I would wear that Rosie Pope floral in a heartbeat - I know her prices are steep though. I also love the Asos short Jade and Asos pink long dress - all of these are so pretty!

  16. love the first one!! another option i love is what a friend wore to her shower - it was a plain black long maxi, and she had a thick pink satin ribbon used as a belt, since she was having a girl. i thought it was so adorable!!

    a peek of chic

  17. I adore that hot pink maxi and the turquoise Asos dress! I also love the first Rosie Pope dress!

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