Friday Fun Facts

Because today feels like a bullet point kind of day

-It snowed here last night but not enough to warrant even a 2 hour delay let alone a snow day. Next time mother nature I would like a blizzard, I could use another 3 day weekend or at least a day off work.

-I am lurker. There are quite a few blogs I visit daily or weekly that I never comment on. I've decided 2010 would be a good time to come out of hiding and finally comment. Clearly I find what they're writing interesting so I should totally tell them, right? You know you all do it too and I'm sure there are probably some lurkers on my blog, so come forward and just say hi!

- I knocked a filling out on the upper left side of my month about 3 weeks ago, I really don't want to spend the $$ to get it fixed so I've been drinking all my drinks luke warm and chewing on the right side. I know eventually I must cave and get it fixed. Can anyone tell me why fillings are sooo expensive??

- I LOVE home decor. I'm completely obsessed with home design/decor/DIY blogs, tv shows, and magazines. Actually I'm just obsessed with houses in general. I'm still working on our house and figuring out my "design style" but I'm having a blast doing it. (I have a laundry lists of blogs I stalk consult, if you're interested- let me know.)
Want to try a fun design style quiz, go here. It's says I'm Nantucket Style.

- I find blogging so fascinating. I read blogs from all over the country and I have a lot in common with people but then on other levels we are all so different. I mean I consider all of you my friends, yet I've never met any of you in real life! It's crazy what the internet has done for us, I guess this is what online dating is like?!

- I am so ready for summer. I don't like sweaters or cold weather in general.

- I like being my own boss. I will own my own company or store one day.

- I don't like things with glaring designer labels. Wow we can see it's Juicy did you have to have it plastered across your butt like that! There are even some handbags I don't like because I think you're just asking for people to look at you. Don't get me wrong I love designer labels, trust me and I'm not saying anything is wrong with that and I don't want to insult any of my readers, it's just not my style. I'm into subtle fashion statements.

- Ikea is one of my favorite stores. I don't care how crowded it is I still love going there and I could spend hours browsing, I mean the stuff is so cheap it's crazy. Plus they have some darn good cinnamon buns.

- I am so excited to come home from work today pour myself a glass of wine, put on my pink snuggie, and watch tv knowing that I don't have to work tomorrow. It truly live for my weekends.


  1. I love that style site! I got "Zen." Shocker...only not so much. :)

  2. a) I am a lurker too

    b) I am "cottage chic" according to the quiz, I am still determining if I agree

    c) Amen to no more sweaters...hurry up summer!

    have a great weekend!

  3. Ok, I confess. I'm a lurker! I'm Melanie from NC. Nice to "comment section meet you". I'm with you on the having things in common but also being so different at the same time. In a way, we are all connected I think! I'm also with you on the IKEA obsession. I once spent 4 hours in there browsing. I kid you not! And those cinnimon rolls...heavenly :)

  4. Totally agree about the wine and snuggie

  5. I'm a total lurker too. My biggest problem with commenting is that I read blogs on my phone from google reader a lot and there is no option to comment there. I am setting a blog-olution to comment a lot more on blogs this year. We all know it makes us happy to get comments so why not spread the joy :)

  6. Hi :) I am a lurker sometimes, but I think you've seen me comment before! I try to, I really do!

    I lived in MD for a year and it was not for me.. I can't stand the humidity. I'm used to the West Coast where I only sweat maybe two months out of the year. Maybe.

    Oh, and I love houses, too. Who doesn't?! I'd like to meet them..

  7. Oh gosh! My love for IKEA is truly intense! I'm so excited to go (I've actually planned a trip for four months in advance.) I'm anticipating April, when I've told myself I'm allowed to shop for our new house in SC!

  8. First of all I love Ikea!!! Second, Amen!! I can't stand it when people have the juicy sweatpants on with the word, "Juicy" etched on their bottom!! That's not fashion...that's just tacky

  9. Ew ew ew I hate glaring labels. It's why I refuse to every by a LV purse for myself. I think they can pay for their own advertising, thank you very much.

    And I feel the same way about blogging, it is crazy how many awesome ladies (like you!) I have found that I have so much in common with!

  10. Totally agree with you on a lot of points!

    Hate to be a walking advertisement, love design (though our flat is too tiny for much now), would love to be an entrepreneur some day, and so ready for summer. I just came back from the Philippines for pete's sake and the weather here is about 50 degrees colder. So sad.

  11. I totally agree with this entire post! I took your quiz and I'm a Classic. Who knows what that really means :) and I'll take the decor blogs you stalk, I'm starting to build up mine as well, I'm hooked! Thanks!

  12. I'm a commentor. I always comment..even if there isn't much to say. Maybe cuz I love building personal relationships!

  13. I admit I'm a lurker... although kinda new to ur blog
    I lurk on a lot of blogs I LOVE reading but occassionaly I'll comment if I have something to add
    Feel free to lurk on mine, I just started blogging


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