The Bachelor Recap


First off you totally need to come play with us during After the Final Tweet. You can find more info if you visit Babbling Abby but it was too much fun!

1. Oh Jake. He is just way to sappy and sweet to be a man and feelingsish. I like my men just a bit more manly.

2. On the Wings of Love- seriously ABC.

3. I'm afraid of flying and Ali looked awfully calm for someone who was "terrifed" she did say she was going to "throw up in her stomach" though.

4. Roz- you can't turn a ho into a housewife

5. Oh a bikini. That is subtle

6. Michelle, as K would put it "is totally batsh*t crazy." He's only keeping her because ABC doesn't want to deal with a suicide attempt

7. Elizabeth- first a note, then no kissing, then being a tease. Girl figure yourself out.

8. Vienna it's always a really good idea to tell a guy you've known for a week about some weird engagement- break up- marriage thing. Also WHY ARE YOU STILL AROUND??

9. Christina stop drinking you're talking too much.

10. Ali try not to name the last 5 boyfriends you've had with "J" names it doesn't sound as funny as you think

11. Chris Harrison you rocked (minus the choking up- that was weird). That was my favorite scene ever with you, you really know how to tell a girl like it is, even a "confused" one.

12. Define "inappropriate relationship" and can I see a picture of this producer, come on TMZ you've got to have something?!

13. Roz- again you cannot turn a ho into a housewife

14. Tenley- what are you doing tell him about the divorce!!!

Some of the good tweets through out the night:

DuetDiva "something turned him off" -it was the blue flight attendant outfit

namastebyday It would have been cooler if Jake said, "A male staffer or a female staffer?"

Just once, when someone says, "can I steal Jake?" I want the other girl to say, "HELL no! Back off!"

daveandbrit Who wears the crazy panties????? I'll give it to Michelle.

babblingabby This show is out-awkwarding The Hills.

babblingabby Now B says: Roz is skanktastic and whorific. I am dying.



  1. That was so fun! I can't wait until next week!

  2. I'm only about 5 pages into Nanny Returns, but I LOVE it so far :)

  3. I agree with all of the above!!! Michelle seriously is a nut job. I can see her in the next remake of "Carrie"

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  5. hahaha! this is FABULOUS. did you read stuff on the internet about "the truth" behind this??


    i don't know what to believe!


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