So I'm a week late but here are some pics from NYE and by pics I mean 2. I'm not sure who was manning my camera during our girls marathon photo session but they missed all the good photos!!

Me & K

Me and my sis Lovely Chaos

I don't feel like re-hashing all the details but lets just say our fancy schmacy (I love that fake word) party turned out to be awful and we left after 30 minutes and we went here.

So this jeans and t-shirt crowd ended up right where we should have been all along. In a dive bar dressed to the nines drinking cheap beer and even cheaper red wine ringing in 2010.

Next year I've saving my money and staying home!



  1. You looked gorgeous even if you did end up drinking cheap beer in a dive bar...which frankly, is my kind of party! LOVE IT!

  2. Love, love, love that dress! You and LC look great!

  3. Well at the very least, you and your sister are knockouts!!! That's always a good way to ring in the new year!!

  4. I love your dress! There is also nothing wrong with heading out. I always get these big ideas in my head about parties at our house and they never end up being what I expect ;)

  5. I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! Please share where you discovered this little beauty... thank you. I will keep in mind to check out that Harry's place. Also, I am so jealous your sister is a blogger too! My sister wouldn't know what to do if I set her up with a blogger account. She is an amazing writer and sooo hilarious that she would definitely be popular in the blogworld, but I think she is too lazy to do one, hehe.

  6. thanks for all the advice!!! I LOVE your dress!!! I thinks it awesome you guys went to a dive bar lol! I love the quaint little bars that are cozy and cheap!!

  7. you went the the NYE party at the National Building Museum, right? Everyone I know thatw ent there has a terrible time too and were so mad they wasted the money. bummer. What was so bad about the party?

  8. Love your dress!! I love dressing up for dive bars. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening!!


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