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So I know you're disappointed because I totally said I was going to do a giveaway but the giveaway is having some technical difficulties and I'm having wedding related mini melt down soooo I totally had to blog to get some advice from my favorite gals.
But, I promise that I have a giveaway planned for the end of this week. :)

Now to the important reason I am here today.

I am on the verge of becoming a two dress bride. Yes, I swore up and down I LOVED my dress and would never change my mind. The thing is I do love my dress. I just don't think my dress and my wedding theme go. I think I got caught up in the newly engaged bliss and bought the first dress I loved at the first bridal salon I went to and never looked back. Not to mention my dress weighs about 100lbs and it's going to be 89 degrees with 90% humidity by the end of August in Maryland, oh and did I mention I sweat like a pig (so ladylike I know). Not a joke, don't even come near me after a 30 min workout my whole body is covered in sweat.

Here is where your help comes in. Yes you, all of you. I need as much advice as I can get. See I'm a horrible decision maker and need to know everyone's opinions before I can come to a sound conclusion and since you're all very smart ladies naturally I had to consult you all too.

I am leaning toward getting a simple J.Crew dress. My bridesmaids are wearing the J.Crew Cotton Cady in navy (click to see) and the guys are wearing either khaki or seersucker pants with navy blue jackets you can see my ideas here. We are having an afternoon wedding in a church but then our reception at a local yacht club right on the water, which has a very laid back nautical feel to it. My wedding colors are navy blue and light blue (possibly throwing in a some green or yellow for a "pop" color). I feel like my current dress fits better with a more romantic fall evening wedding, not a hot summer afternoon wedding on the water.

Here is my current dress:
It is a sweethart neckline trumpet fit dress with organza and satin at the top. The body of the dress is made of alencon lace. I do not have the matching jacket, just the dress.

Here are the dressing I'm considering from J. Crew:

Silk taffeta Sabine Gown

Silk ottoman Vionette Gown

Our country is in a horrible recession and I have a perfectly beautiful wedding gown sitting in my closet and I want a new one, I feel like a brat.

Am I alone? Are there any other 2 dress brides out there? If you bought two dresses were you able to sell one? Any advice regarding my dress?

I welcome ANY and ALL feedback!! I am having a hard time with this issue!

Thanks BFFs!


  1. I have totally been there! I started regretting the dress I loved a few months before the Big Day. Even after the fact, I love it and then hate it.

    I think that dress looks great with your theme. I know they can be heavy, so that is a concern. But as far as matching everything you've described, I think it will definitely work, and it's not enough different from the other's you like.

    But that being said...you don't, don't, don't want to regret your dress. If you feel like you'll look back and go, eh! (and you have the means to do it), switch. I honestly have days I regret mine, and it sounds like I bought it the same way. (Loved it right away at my first salon and bought it right away!)

    I realize I probably didn't help at all! I'm sorry!

    All I know is,you're going to look gorgeous either way!

  2. I think that's fine if you want to be a 2 dress bride but I honestly think the dress you have looks great and will go with your wedding theme.

    I think it looks really great!

  3. I personally LOVE your first dress and hope to find something similar when I go dress shopping. I think it will work with your colors/theme. If you really think you'll be uncomfortable due to the weight of the dress maybe you can get a second lighter dress to change into for the reception. That way you can have the best of both worlds...assuming you can afford another dress.

  4. It's your day so if you want 50 dresses and can afford it, I say GO FOR IT! Both are beautiful.

  5. I think that the dresses from the J Crew line compliment the brides' maid dresses nicely, but I'm sure they were designed for this effect.

    The original dress contrasts beautifully with the BM dresses though, because it's more detailed while the BM dresses are simple.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any dress taht you choose, and ultimately it's up to your personal taste (and budget!). You'll be beautiful no matter what!

  6. Quite a few of us get the sinking "Oh, is that really the dress I am going to wear?" feeling. If you can afford it, go for it. Besides looking beautiful, you have to be comfortable. I love your dress though! Alencon lace is always awesome. Heck, you can get a third short cocktail dress if you want.

    I am biased because I bought a second dress because it was in my dream fabric and the cost of both dresses was still less than $1000.

    It's your day, do what you want!

  7. i like your original dress. but, i do see what you mean about wanting something more simple. i am a two dress bride as well. i bought on on clearance at j crew and on off the rack at macy's in nyc. both dresses were less that $300 combined though. i got crazy lucky with my dresses. if you can afford it, go for it! can you sell the first dress on ebay or at a consignment shop?

  8. First of all, you are NOT a brat. It is totally normal to want the perfect dress for your wedding day. I currently have my wedding dress... but I am itching to buy a late night reception dress thats not going to weigh an extra 20lbs so I can boogie down with my friends and family and NOT get a backache. Second of all, there are many ways you can sell your dress - ebay, craigslist, the various wedding sites - so if you really want one of the JCrew dresses - head over to a JCrew store that has a wedding section, try them on, and see if you can find something that you really love!

  9. truthfully nat, i like the simple wedding dresses the best - it lets you and your natural beauty/smokin hot body shine through. plus. everything else in your wedding seems classic and preppy - shouldn't your wedding dress?

  10. I really love the look of that JCrew dress - especially with your BM dresses...Be a 2 dress bride : Go for it! :)


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