Friday Fun Facts: Nat's Commonly Overused Words & Phrases

Yes I'm not ashamed to admit that my vocabulary is probably on par with a 15 year old girls, it's similar to my music taste. I also have some words I have shortened and words I invented or heard that are not dictionary words, but then again bootylicious and bling are in the dictionary now so I don't know how much that says about Merriam-Webster

-Awesome- I use this to describe anything good, "How was the movie?"- "Awesome", "We're engaged!"- "That's awesome!", "We should go get margaritas!"- "That would be awesome!"

-OMG- oh my g-d

-WTF- whiskey tango foxtrot

-Poss- possibly

-Obvi- obvious

-Totes- totally

-Def- definitely

-Hot mess- used to describe myself or any other girl when: 1. disheveled and disorganized at work in the morning, "I'm a hot mess, I need a coffee" 2. just woke up and my hair is standing on end and my eye makeup (that I forgot to wash off) is smeared all over my face, 3. When you go into a bathroom at a bar and you realize you've had one to many cocktails and it's time to go home, because instead of looking hot, you look like a hot mess

-Literally- I like to use this word excessively when I am trying to explain how serious I really am, "Literally she's going to have to sew the dress to my body so it will stay up" "No, literally my client yelled at me!"

-Seriously- this usually comes out when I'm trying to make a point to K about something and he is: 1. making fun of me 2. not paying attention. "Seriously if you don't take the trash out an animal is going to crawl out of it in the morning" , "Seriously I'm getting really mad at you"

-Fantabulous- like fabulous only better

-Like- I am trying really hard to get this out of my vocabulary and I'm doing well. I used to use like as every other word but I learning to use like only when it's needed. There was a time when I sounded like a valley girl

This is my 99th post and I have a little surprise planned for my 100th so be on the lookout!!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. OMG...
    My dad used to get on us like crazy whenever my sisters and I said like. I never knew how bad and annoying it was, until two teenage girls were behind me in a line and they used the word excessively.
    I use Fantabulous often as well

  2. I use hot mess & out of hand WAY too much. But sometimes there are just phrases/words you have to use. After all, if "The Countess" DeLesseps isn't going to give up "DAH-ling" for Kelly why should we give up fantabulous? Hahah.

  3. I love "Totes!" I also love "literally" and "seriously" ANd I shorten tons of words, or "abbrev" them, as I say:)

  4. This post has me laughing out loud and I totes know what you mean...lol! I say hot mess and literally A LOT. Awesome is another one of my commonly overused words.

    I hate to admit it, but I say that things are redonkulous when something is crazier than being ridiculous. Yes, I am 30 going on 15 :)

  5. haha - i say a lot of those things too. i LOVE "hot mess". What a great description.

  6. LITERALLY...this is too funny! hahaha! ;) I use "Awesome" all the time too!


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