Wedding Dress Dilemma: Solved

First off I want to say a big THANK YOU for all of the advice on my wedding dress. I really appreciate everyone's honest opinion and support! This is why you all are great!!

I have decided to keep the dress! I have been stressing out about it, like everything else in the wedding and probably more than I should, for the past 48 hours. I decided this morning that I while I did really like the J.Crew dresses they were much more simple like my everyday taste in clothing, why did I have to do that for my wedding? I mean it's my one day I should really do it up and my original dress is gorgeous without being to over the top.

My next problem with my dress was the weight. The dress is heavy, I mean heavy and I'm getting married on August 29th. Unless it rains (please pray it doesn't) it's going to be HOT and HUMID. If anyone is familiar with Maryland summers you know what I'm talking about the miserable, sticky, down right gross heat. Don't get me wrong I love summer but I could do without all the humidity at times. So I bought this....

My wedding is in the afternoon and my reception will be over at 8pm so I figured we will probably hit the bars with all of our friends after the wedding and I definitely had to have somethinig to change into. My lace dress would be torn to shreds in a bar. I had been planning on buying something and I came across this today on J.Crew. I figure if I end up getting to hot in my dress and I can't handle it, I can always change into this at the reception if need be. I know a lot of girls have the "reception" dress and depending on the weather, I may too! I feel so much better about the whole situation now!

Thanks again for all your help and be on the look out for my giveaway tomorrow!!


  1. I think that's a great idea!! Great decision!

  2. Perfect solution, Nat! And I ADORE the after-dress. You will be stunning in both :)

  3. Great solution!! And very cute dress. :)

  4. Oh Nat I love the after reception dress!! I think that will be perfect!!

  5. I was a two dress bride as well because I realized I didn't like my first choice.... so it ended up going to charity and though both of my dresses were reasonably priced they ended up being more expensive in total than if I'd just picked an expensive dress.... so typical of me! I wish I had thought of a post-reception dress, love this idea!


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