Let's talk about how Tuesday got worse....

I should have known when K didn't get out of the shower until 7:20am that it was going to be a bad day. I am usually almost ready to leave by 7:20am so to just get in the shower then totally threw me off. I managed to get myself together grabbed my makeup to go and get out the door by 7:50am. So far not to bad. So I am on my way to work down my favorite (sense the sarcasm) 2 lane highway when I hit traffic, but it's at my usual spot so I don't panic. Well after about 25 mins of not moving I realize, sh*t this must be bad as a see 2 cop cars and a fire engine go by. As I am sitting there my check engine light pops up on dashboard, great just what I need a car problem. I arrive at work at 8:50am only to be bombarded with calls from deliveries for a huge event I have tomorrow so I race over to the event space and spend the next 1 1/2 setting up tables, chairs, etc...ONLY to have a woman call me and 1pm and say they have a new floor plan.

After this I arrive back at my office to hear my co-worker tell me that our staff meeting has turned into a double birthday party and baby shower in one and that I will need to contribute $20 for each gift and then money for food. I almost flip as I try to nicely explain that I don't have any extra $100 to throw around right now. She says oopps I already told everyone you were down for it. Whatever. I'll deal with this later.

Then I have lunch catering at a drop off spot so I hop in my car to go and as I'm pulling out I realize it seems a bit bumpy... is that a flat tire? Noo it can't be. So I pull back into the spot and YES it is a flat tire. Luckily my father is WONDERFUL and comes to my rescue by coming to my office and changing my tire to a spare. He then takes my car with him and leaves me his since my check engine light came he wants to take it to the shop.

I also learned something new today. Maryland National Resources police are REAL police and they can pull you over. So after my flat tire debacle I am racing to my dentist appointment only to get pulled over by a a national resources police officer, really could my day get worse?? He was wearing army fatigues and driving a Ford F350.... I didn't know that they were actual cops!! The car was marked but I assumed the dealt with hunting and fishing.
He tells me he's only pulled me over because he noticed I've changed lanes a few times and have a look of concern on my face and he wanted to make sure I was OK. I explain to him that I have had the day from hell that I was late to work, got a flat tire and I am now 20 mins from my dentist and I only have 10 mins to get there and that they charge me $75 if I miss the appointment. When he asks for my license I hand him my Visa check card. I then say see, this is how bad my day is I don't even know what I'm doing. He tells me he'll let me go if I promise to stay in one lane and calm down. I tell him thank you, thank you, thank you and then (kind of) slowly drive to the dentist making it just in time.

After the dentist I drop $170 (that I don't have) on a new tire and oil change and then head to my grandma's house for some wine, dinner, and girl talk (fun).

But guess what I realized as I was standing in front of the mirror at my grandma's house. I NEVER EVEN PUT ON MASCERA TODAY!! I NEVER go anywhere without mascera! A clear sign of a bad start to a day.

I am off to bed now in hopes of waking up on the RIGHT side tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. Oh, Nat! I hate days like that! Tomorrow will be better. I'll say a prayer :)

  2. Oh no!! What a rotten day. Tomorrow has to be better!

  3. Holy CRAP!!! You need a whole bottle of wine my dear. There are some good one's at H.E.B.!

  4. Oh no! Sorry darling! And the mascara is the final kicker (I totally hate when that happens...especially when you realize it after you walked around like it all day!) I hope Wednesday treats you better!

  5. oh no! Nat, that DOES sound like a bad day... at least the "cop" let you off, right?

    and P.S. you're pretty enough that you don't need mascara.


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