I thought it was Spring....and it's Tuesday

You would never know by going outside. Today's weather forecast: Sunny and 34 degrees BUT feels like it's 29 degrees..... really??? Mother nature why are you so evil to me??
This is just another reason why I must relocate further south.

Also it's my least favorite day of the week. Tuesday. The only redeeming quality of today is that I have a dentist appointment at 3:00pm so I'm leaving at 2:20pm for the rest of the day.


  1. Ugh I know!! It's so gross outside right now. Why can't it be WARM???

  2. As I walked to class today I wanted to punch mother nature in the face. She's so rude and inconsiderate.

  3. ouch. it's never fun when the highlight is a dentist appt ;)


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