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The topic: My Hairstyle

So I'm running into a dilemma and I need some ideas/help/suggestions! I'm getting married August 29 which means in Maryland it's going to be HOT and HUMID. Well I have very fine thin straight blond hair. I want to wear it down b/c I do not look that good with my hair up (my neck is too long) but I don't want to have a sweaty mess of flat hair...

So here are two ideas I have:

1. Wear it half up- pinned back behind my ears so it's off my face but still down on my back

2. Get extensions so that my hair will stay full through out the day and add some curl that won't fall out

I have found two styles that I like on the Knot (see below) but I don't know where else to look!! So if you have found any cute half up hairstyles or know of any magazines/websites, etc for me to check out that would be awesome!!

Thanks girls!


  1. LOVEEE the first one and half up!!

    Then again I'm biased cause I did that for my wedding. :) You'd look great with both!!

  2. i like the extensions idea :) - i know your hair (only because I spent all of college coveting your sister's) and i bet you anything the curls will fall right out.

    that being said - either is gorgeous!

  3. I like #2. I'm getting married next March, and I have really thick hair so mine will be in a low bun style. Martha Stewart weddings may have some ideas too!

  4. i totally downloaded #2 as well!

    have you tried going to B&N and getting some of those prom magazines? i bet they have some nice ones (and some ridiculous ones...) though, i've never tried it so who knows!

    i suppose that one of the few advantages of having my wedding in December is avoiding the humidity....

  5. #2 and totally do extensions! How fun would that be?!


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