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Since Amazon Prime is everyone's favorite go-to I thought I would round up a few things we've purchased lately that we absolutely love.  I'm one of those people that needs a friend's recommendation or I need to research and read 100 reviews before I buy something, so I always want to share what I find in in case you're like me and need to hear how good something is first hand before you buy it.  


I have to thank my sister for introducing me to this one. This little egg cooker is amazing! If you eat hard boiled eggs as much as we do I highly recommend this. It can cook up to 6 hard boiled eggs at once in just about 15 minutes and with a price tag of $19.99 you can't pass it up. 

In June I hosted an end of the year playdate for Miller's pre-k class and planned to serve mimosas.  Since I didn't want to have glass out with 20 plus preschoolers  I started searching Amazon and found these stemless Tossware flutes!  These were so perfect for the playdate and since I ordered extra I've been using them all summer long for all my bubbly drinks! 

We have had quite a few veggie and fish cookers for the grill but after a few uses they just get caked with residue and we can never get them clean enough. Soooo I was on the hunt for a new veggie griller when I came across these.  The 600 plus reviews are true and you don't lose the taste of the grill at all and these can be washed and re-used as often as you want. 

Once I got into oils everyone told me I needed to get diffusers for the bedroom so enter these $15.99 ones! I have one for each of the boys rooms and I think they're the perfect size.  I usually only use 2-3 drops in these diffusers and Sleepeze is our current favorite to diffuse at night.  I've had them about 8 months now and with nightly use we haven't had any problems at all.  

I ordered these in the beginner of the summer so I would have some mini brushes to throw into our pool and swim lesson bag.  I love, love, love these and I think they wider bristles don't pull on the boys hair as much so I hear a lot less whining and complaining when I use these, which is a win in my book! 

Just about every blogger has this but after seeing so many good reviews with a price tag of only $19 I couldn't pass this up.  I really does hold all the make I want to travel with and it holds it so well. The case is sturdy so you don't have to worry about your makeup getting crushed or tossed around and the size of it means it will fit well into pretty much any suitcase.  

I was in desperate need of a new toiletry case and I saw the blue and white stripe and couldn't say no to this one ;) I've only used it once so far but it worked well to hold all the products I needed for a weekend away.  I will give it a real test when we go to the beach in two weeks so I'll keep you posted.  

I feel like there is no such thing as having too many tablecloths.  If you're looking for a great basic tablecloth I cannot recommend this one more! It comes in over 20 colors, never wrinkles (so no ironing!), and washes and dries easily after use!  Plus it's only $13, so you can't really beat that price.  

Looking for a fun new yard game to play with friends?! Then you need to try Molkky! This is another one I can think my sister for after a friend introduced her to it.  It's hard to try to explain over the computer but it's so much!! We travel everywhere with Molkky and have even been known pack in luggage to take to Rosemary Beach ;) 

Instead of getting the kids Kindle I actually purchased two of these for the boys for only $50 each and then got the Freetime app from Amazon.  We save these for travel only for the boys but I've been using one of them at night to read on and it's perfect! I have one of the first generations of Kindle's that's just gotten so slow and I had planned to upgrade soon, but now with this I don't really need to.  Let's be honest I haven't sat on a beach and read a book in about 5 years so I really don't need the ones that can be taken outside.  

Are you an Amazon Prime Shopper?  What have you purchased there lately that you love? 

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