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Happy February Friends!! February is such a love hate month for me, I love it since it's my birthday month and we have a busy social calendar but I usually hate it because it's always the coldest month here in Maryland. I'm hoping since we've had such a mild winter so far that won't be the case.

- Yesterday marked 3 months living in our townhouse and officially 94 days of the house renovation.  I am so ready for everything to be finished!  The cabinets arrived on Tuesday, our appliances come next Monday and right now they're working on all of our trim, doors, moulding, paint, etc!! It's all so surreal that it's finally coming together.

It's very chaotic in their right now and nothing is in the right place but I'm just so excited to see the new cabinets.

- We need to pick a paint color for the kitchen, family room, sunroom, living room, and office.  Kyle was convinced he wanted something darker but once it was on the walls we he decided against it.

We are thinking BM Gray Owl in the kitchen and family room which is the bottom left and then BM Paper White which is is bottom right for the sunroom, living room, and Kyle's office.
 Since our kitchen cabinets are so white we're hoping the BM Gray Owl will warm up the space.

- Here is a little sneak peek of the shiplap that is going up over our fireplace!
I can't wait to see the finished product- these were our inspiration photos below ( I can't find sources for either of these so I apologize, and if you know where they're from let me know, I found them on Pinterest)

- I'm going to a BeautyCounter party tonight and I've never tried any of their products before.  I know for sure I want to get a lipstick since we basically eat it all day long but I'm not sure what else to try- send me your favorites! I know some of you swear by them.

Happy Thursday Friends! 

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  1. Your renovations look like they are coming along nicely! I used Paper White in my toddler's bedroom, and it's a very soft color! We chose Horizon for the house and I couldn't be happier. It's a barely there gray, but so fresh and bright looking. I'm also a huge BeautyCounter lipstick fan - have fun tonight!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together! Love the color palette that you guys are choosing from--totally up my alley :)

  3. You've got to do Terra, and maybe a rose or petal. I have twig, but it is super neutral. And do yourself a favor, and just go ahead and get a Tint skin, you will NOT regret it! www.beautycounter.com/nancydavis

  4. We have so many similarities going on with our home reno's/additions. I'm at the paint selection stage right now too and it almost killed because there are just too many options and each option looks so different at different times of the day. I'm going with a BM gray color, too. Also, I love the paneling above the inspiration fire places. I am going with paneling just like that in our master bath. My contractor thinks I'm crazy. He says it's looks "beach housey" but I don't care. I am so daunted by all the different names and selections when it comes to that, too. I initially told my contractor that I just want wide "bead board" lain horizontally, but apparently that paneling has a special name. "V groove board" or something like that.

  5. Nat the house looks INCREDIBLE!! The shiplap above the fireplace is going to look incredible! I love me some Shiplap :) and some Fixer Upper of course!
    I cannot wait to see the progress! Happy birthday month - and I laughed at the eating the lipstick comment :). Very smart to get a clean and healthy one since you are right, we eat it all day long!
    Have a great weekend
    xx, Taylor
    The Sarcastic Blonde

  6. Our kitchen, playroom, and Reid's room at our old house were grey owl. It's a nice, subtle grey. When we moved I used Coventry grey and Storm in this house.

  7. Gray owl is such a great color, it will totally warm up the space. So exciting that you're getting so close to the end!!

  8. That shiplap is so awesome, that is on my "must haves" for my future dream home!!

  9. I'm in LOVE with everything you have going on in your house - it already looks gorgeous!
    I hope you had fun at the BC party, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the products. I love them!

  10. I am soooo with you on February. Valentine's Day is fantastic and all buuuut it's so cold! Aaaaaand I'm moving in with my boyfriend in March so February is dragging haha. Day 94!! Ahhh I would be going crazy but it's going to look AMAZING when it's all done!

  11. So exciting! I love that shiplap on the fireplace!


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