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Hi Friends!!  Life has been so crazy lately and I miss catching up with you all!  I'm really hoping once I get through the next two weeks it will slow down and I can really get back to this space!  Thank you as always for stopping by and linking up with me and Annie!  Remember you can write about whatever you want and link up below.

- We sat down with our builder a few weeks ago and found out that our renovations are going to take approximately 4 months! We were thinking 10ish weeks and had planned to live with my parents during that time.  Four months is way to long for us to live with them, we would all go crazy!  Plus knowing how these things work it will probably be more like five months.  In a crazy stroke of luck our rental townhouse that we own (formerly our old house that we bought in 2008 if you've been reading this blog awhile) is up for rent so we decided to move back in there during the renovation. I'm a little nervous to go from 3000sq ft to 1100sq ft but I know we can do it.  We are planning to bring the bare minimum with us to the townhouse in hopes of simplifying things if we can. We move next Friday!! So I'm in a bit of crunch mode trying to get organized, purge, and finish packing!

- I took the kids to the DC National Zoo this week with my Dad and sister.  I had planned for a crisp fall day but instead we got 85 degrees in October. Regardless we had a great time and Miller and Matthew loved seeing all the animals.   Miller is dinosaur obsessed and he was so mesmerized when he saw this triceratops at the zoo.  He said Hi and talked to it.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I love the innocence of this age. Now we have to take him to the museum of Natural History so he can see more dinosaurs.

- My favorite tunic from last year is back in stock at Old Navy and today with 35% off it's only $11!

This is such a easy piece to throw on with leggings and boots in the winter.  

- We are in full Halloween mode over here and below are our current favorites. We read them all at least three times every night.

Would love to hear about more Halloween books you love for kids! 

- I might be a little absent from the blog over the next two weeks, but follow along on instagram, instastories, or snapchat for life updates and highlights! @eastcoastnat for all of them! 

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  1. Wow girl---good luck with the move.
    It's like my husband always says....one step at a time (even though during all those steps I'm freaking out!!)

  2. I hope the renovation goes smooth and quickly.. I know how that works and its delayed and this and that.. I love your outfit
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  3. How lucky are you that you have a place to move to!! I'm sure it really will make things so much easier in the long run. I would go crazy trying to live there while it was going on. Tunic looks adorbs on you!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  4. That's perfect timing with the townhouse!!


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