Weekend Recap + 10 mile training + Reading Challenge

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend.  Our was busy and flew by but it was so much fun.  

On Friday I took the kids into DC to meet up with Kyle and some friends who have boys the same age as ours.  There ended up being no traffic so we got their earlier than I expected and drove through Bethesda, our old post college stomping grounds.  Our friends live in Friendship Heights area of DC right by Mazza Galleria (one of my favorite malls) and some of the best stores.  I loved living that close to a Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, and the biggest J.Crew and Pottery Barn.  It was a shopaholics dream :)   I didn't get any pictures of the kids running around Friday night but we had the best pizza from Pete's New Haven Style Apizza.  It was a veggie with the best arugula on it and had the thin Italy style crust.  I will say one major downside to living in the suburbs is the lack of good restaurants! 

On Saturday we dropped the kids off at my parents house and headed up to Pennsylvania to celebrate my brother in law's 40th birthday.  My sister in law had a party at their house and it was so much fun.  We just ate and played drinking games like beer pong and flip cup just like old times.  It was a blast.

These aren't the best quality photos but it's the first time Kyle and his four brothers have all been together since last Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It always fun when the whole crew is together.

I wore my new Lilly Pulitzer Blythe Dress and I'm obsessed.  I got so many compliments on it and it's so comfortable.

Dress// Sunnies// Bag is old but similar here

On Sunday we got back to my parents house just in time for my uncle to show up with a bushel of crabs! I brought about 15 home with me that I plan to pick for crab cakes.  

If you like crab chips like me these Herr's Kettle cooked ones are so good! Not that good for you but so good.

Today officially starts the beginning of my training for the Army 10 miler in October! I haven't run a 10 mile race since 2009 and I haven't run any races since 2011 so I'm starting slow to get back at it.  I love love love Hal Higdon training programs and have been using them since my first half marathon in 2006.  If you've never used them you can find them here.  Prior to my half marathon I had never run more than four miles and his training program made it so easy to train and not feel worn down by the process.  

Here is the 15K training- which is the same one he uses for 10 miles since it's just 0.7 mile difference.  I promise to keep you up to date on my progress.  
1Stretch & strengthen2 m run30 min cross2 m run + strengthRest2 m run30 min cross
2Stretch & strengthen3 m run30 min cross2 m run + strengthRest3 m run30 min cross
3Stretch & strengthen3 m run35 min cross2 m run + strengthRest4 m run30 min cross
4Stretch & strengthen2 m run35 min cross2 m run + strengthRest2 m run40 min cross
5Stretch & strengthen4 m run40 min cross3 m run + strengthRest5 m run40 min cross
6Stretch & strengthen4 m run40 min cross3 m run + strengthRest6 m run50 min cross
7Stretch & strengthen3 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest4 m run50 min cross
8Stretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest7 m run60 min cross
9Stretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest8 m run60 min cross
10Stretch & strengthen3 m run30 min cross2 m run + strength2 m run or restRest15-K Race

Now remember my summer reading challenge??  Yeah I've totally fallen behind.  I could not get into Truly Madly Guilty so I just downloaded The Singles Game and I'm hoping I'll like that one.  I plan to try Truly Madly Guilty again in a few weeks. We're at the beach next week so I'm hoping I'll be able to get through 2-3 books while I'm there but we'll see.  

Have a great week friends! 


  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea old bay flavored chips existed!!

  2. Second person I see mention truly madly guilty! I'll have to check it out. Hope you're able to get back into it since you already have it! Love that blue dress! So cute! Beer pong and the other adult games sound like you had a blast! Happy Monday!! Xo

  3. That's awesome you are starting to train! I've only had crabs once this summer and I'm not happy about it.

  4. Love the dress you wore! So fun that the fan was able to get together--I love when that happens!

  5. Glad to hear you love Petes (me too!) - and my husband's uncle owns it!!

  6. you look so cute in that lilly dress!!! I'm liking Truly Madly Guilty a lot, but perhaps its because Modern Lovers was just OK and I was so ready for something different. I bet the singles game is amazing love her books!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend!! That cake looks so delish

  8. We were both in PA at the same time, ah! Good luck on your training, you are going to kill it!


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