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Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday! Remember you can write about whatever you want, grab the button, and link up below.   I still cannot believe it's August!! Miller doesn't start school until the first week of September but I'm shocked at how many people's kids are already back in school.   As excited as I get for fall and Christmas I'm not ready to wish summer away just yet!

- Baby Matt is 21 months today! I cannot believe in three short months he will be two.  We've been calling him Baby Matt forever and I keep telling Miller we're going to have to drop the baby when he's two because he'll be a big boy.

- I mentioned a few months back that I was really trying to use more all natural beauty products.  My skin has been breaking out so I decided to pick up some Derma e products since I had heard really good things about them and was slowly transitioning to all natural.  I've only been using them a few days but I swear I see an improvement in my skin.  I bought the Very Clear Scrub, Very clear moisturizer (which I've been using at night), the Purifying gel cleanser, and the Purifying oil free moisturizer (which I've been using during the day).   The purifying gel is charcoal based which is a little weird but it seems to be working.  I also bought the Radiant dark circle eye cream, the jury is still out on this.  It will probably take awhile to see any improvement in my dark circles.   Have any of you used these products? I will have an update once I've used them for a few weeks and let you know what I think.

- Have you all seen the Instagram stories yet?  What do you think?  Will this be the death of snapchat?  I've started to use it and I'm not going to lie I kind of like it.  I think it might be easier to have it all in one place.

- We leave for the beach next weekend! I have been seriously spoiled with vacations this year and cannot wait to get back to OBX.  This time we are going with two other couples and their kids so it should be a good time.  Three toddlers and two infants shouldn't be too hard to handle.

- I've been thinking about trying the BBG workouts. Have any of you done them?  I am finally down to my pre-baby weight (yes 21 months later. I have a post coming on that) but I am so out of shape, loose, jiggly, all of the above.   I need something I can do at home or at my gym and I've been following a few girls who do it and they look good!

- We are finally in the final stages of picking out things for our kitchen!! This has been the longest pre-construction process ever but I'm happy that we've taken our time to really get it right and get the look we want.  Our next step is to meet with the kitchen designer to pick out cabinets.  We are leaning toward white main cabinets with a gray/blue island but I've been seeing these gray cabinets with gold and I'm loving them! Kyle is having a really hard time with the gold though.   Here are some looks I'm loving...


The real estate agent in me though worries about being too specific for re-sale purposes.  I mean we plan to live here a really long time so maybe light kitchens, white or gray, won't even be in style then, who knows.  What do you all think?

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  1. I love the gold, but I get how it may not be best long term. You could always do less expensive fixtures so you have the option to change them out easily. I tried BBG but it literally killed my back, but I know so many people who love it! Have so much fun on your vacay!

  2. I think white will always be in style...I am thinking the same thing about the gray and gold. But, you can change light fixtures and hardware really easily.

  3. Once you do the BBG for awhile I would love to hear a review of it and how easy it was to follow the workouts and meal plans!

  4. I love it! I say do it up and make a statement. Fixtures are not that hard to change out over the years.

  5. Ok, I'm not loving insta stories....my insta is filled with people for, every stage of life, and I feel like snapchat is just my friends in life and in the blog, so I'm a lot more comfortable showing the candid moments. Is that strange?

  6. I think white and grey will always be in for the kitchen, but what do I know?! haha I love the gold and copper hardware too but that's one thing I worry won't be in style in a few years. At least those are easy to replace though if you need to!

  7. hmm....never heard of BBG, off to check that out. We've been doing the 21 day fix and it's totally working, although somewhat miserable when I'm always hungry. But if you're already at the weight you want, just need to tone up, the 21 day fix workouts are bomb, they totally tone you up. I'm feeling stronger and actually have arm muscles! And you can always call him Baby...hehe :)

  8. I LOVE the light gray cabinets and I don't think it would be too hard to paint over them if you were going to resell someday. I'm back to pre-baby weight after Luke, but I was already 10-15 lbs overweight back then so I guess I'm still 10-15lbs out from where I want to be ... :(

  9. I didn't realize how close our second boys are in age! Reid's 20 months. Insta stories- I don't know I was just getting into snap chat!

  10. I can't believe our 'babies' will be 2 so soon! It's crazy how fast time flies with little ones! Congrats on reaching pre baby weight! That gives me hope! Ha! Right now I can't even fathom having any time to work out or diet, but hoping that all gets better as time goes on. I'm slowly warming up to the IG stories... I still love my snapchat filters!! :)


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