Saturday Shopping: Short Shorts (that aren't too short)

In the summer I live in shorts and tanks or t-shirts.  It's the easiest mom friendly outfit that can wash and wear day after day.   I've rounded up some of my favorite short shorts that aren't too short.  I feel like so many shorts have 2in or 2.5in inseams which is just way too short for me these days!  At the same time I'm not looking to wear Bermuda shorts either so thankfully there are cute options in between. 

My hands down favorites for years and years are the J.Crew chino shorts.  I wear the 4in ones now but for years (pre-kids) wore the 3in ones.  

These fall at the perfect length on my thighs and don't feel like I'm exposing anything.  They are also made of thicker material so they hide any imperfections.  I just picked up this red pair for this summer, perfect for 4th of July! 

I have actually never worn Old Navy shorts until this year!  When I was in ON last month these were on sale for $15 so I decided to give them a try.  I was surprised but they were so flattering on me and the length at 3.5in was completely appropriate.  

I discovered these shorts a few years ago and I've never looked back!  They are a bit of a splurge for shorts but I can tell you they are great quality and will last forever.  I also love all the fun prints they come in.  The 5in inseam doesn't seem too long either and the cut of them is really flattering on most body types.   

I love love love these shorts and think they are great post-baby shorts too.  The thick pull on elastic waist is very flattering and hides that extra belly well.  Even though they are 3in I usually wear them lower on my hips making them longer and more appropriate.   

What are your favorite shorts for summer?  

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  1. I just ordered the red jcrew shorts yesterday! I got navy and grey too- hoping they fit!!

  2. The J.Crew chino shorts are my go-to's! I'm ordering some more this weekend and I love the 4 inch ones too! The pull ons are also so awesome! I never met an elastic waistband I didn't love ;)

  3. I am a shorts girl too. I still wear the 3" JCrew but last year did start feeling they were a little too short. At the same time, I am short, (5'2") so usually when they are longer I feel they hit in a weird spot on my thigh making me look shorter. I've been hestitant about the boardwalk short, but I think I'll try them next time I'm in store! (Oh and I still love my AE denim shorts (I just unroll the cuff to make them a bit longer ha)

  4. I love, love, love all my Callahans and find the slightly thinner chino to be more comfortable than J. Crew! I wish they came in as many color options as J. Crew!

  5. I love JCrew shorts!! I am so short at 5'0 that i can still wear the 3" the 4"are so long on me... I love these
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  6. My faves are def the old navy shorts! JCrew has good shorts too! My go to are def the Old Navy. Inexpensive and can get several different colors and patterns :)

  7. The Old Navy 3.5 inch shorts are my jam! I just got those striped ones. I also bought in black and mint and have other colors from last year.

  8. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have been overrun with Lilly Callahans lately for $29-$39!


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