Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Welcome to the first Thoughts for Thursday!  Thank you to everyone who links up with us every week. For those of you just stopping by you are welcome to blog about whatever is on your mind this Thursday and link up with us.   I apologize for being MIA this week!  I'm pretty sure I'm already failing all my new year resolutions but I'm hoping to get my act together this weekend.

- Life with a 2.5 year old is so fun and so challenging.  I love this age and I love how much his personality has come through the last few months but man do 2 year olds love to test the boundaries!  He requested shredded cheese for a snack and then proceeded to dump it all over himself.  He then called me over and said "Oh no mom it fell"  Does this kid think I was born yesterday?  I watched him giggle and dump it all over himself.   It's a good thing he's cute...

We got some new bedroom furniture yesterday!  I have a whole home tour post for next week so I can finally show you our new house and then I will do a master bedroom update because it's currently getting a makeover!  Our master has always been the most neglected room in the house so I can't wait for it to finally be put together.

Just a little sneak peek..,

Matthew is turning from a baby into a full blown toddler.  I'm pretty sure he learned the trick below from his brother...

But then I sneak into his room before I go to bed and it takes all my self control not to scoop my baby up and snuggle him...

I just got the Loft Swing Sweater this week.  It reminds me a lot of the J.Crew one but thinner more swingy material.   I got it in the ash brown but I'm loving the cobalt too.  It runs pretty big so I went with a XS 

What have you all been up to lately? 

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. I love that sweater! It looks so comfy and easy to wear

  2. Kids are lucky they are cute :) And all that Master Bedroom storage is going to be amazing!

  3. Loft and their sweaters...swoon!
    The cheese incident had me laughing...but probably because I didnt have to clean it up lol. But, what goes through their minds that makes that sound like a good idea lol

  4. Awwwww look at that sweet boy! This is a fun and challenging age right?

  5. I had a similar incident happen this morning with Cheerios instead of cheese. Always keep the broom out!

  6. oh my gosh my kids to the same thing! They say it was an accident, and I have to remind that that it was on purpose, lol. Good thing they're cute! Sleeping baby pictures melt me and add some footie pj's and I'm a gone. You're kids are too cute!

  7. I need to get that Loft sweater immediately! Those boys are THE cutest! I promise it will all get easier... I think ;)

  8. I'm obviously soooo tired because I first read this as life with a 25 year old!! Haha...which can also be fun and challenging

  9. Ha! Miller with the cheese!!! Jack is starting to get such a temper these days & test me SO much!! It's so hard!! I have fallen off the blogging wagon too - have for a while but, not sure I'm really committed to coming back though... I'm lucky to get 50 views anymore. But, I'm not ready to give it up 100% either... AH! Decisions!

  10. I love those whale Pjs!!! Too cute! When did you transition Matthew out of the swaddle? I'm going through it now with Leo (at 3.5mths) and he is not loving being in the sleepsack and NOT his swaddle.....

  11. Where are those adorable whale PJs from?! So cute!


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