Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

So sorry we dropped the ball on you all this morning!!  Can I blame my kids and the fact that we've had a virus, followed by a chest cold, and then a stomach bug and now another cold?!! I mean Hello germs!?  Where is summer??

 We've been stuck inside the past few weeks dealing with all our sickness but to be honest it's kind of been fun just laying around watching movies and playing all day.   I feel like this time of year can get so stressful and I have remind myself to soak it all up and enjoy my days when my babies are small.

Miller is very interested in me taking his photo right now but it has to be a selfie so he can see himself and then he likes to pick out which one looks best :)

Matthew is non-stop crawling, walking, and climbing stairs.  I forgot how hard this age can be, I never sit still anymore.

 We went and picked up our Christmas tree, nothing fancy like cutting it down ourselves but we still tried to make it fun for the kids.  I loved picking out the tree when we were little and I hope my kids will enjoy the tradition too.

 Everything was going great until it was time to put the tree on the car.  Then the random 2 year old melt down ensued because he didn't want the tree on the car.  "no tree on car, no mom, no tree on car"

He cried the entire way home and didn't stop until it was inside and he could decorate it.  #toddlers 

And this is how toddlers decorate...  

I picked up this sleep sweatshirt from Target last week and I'm obsessed! I linked to it on my instagram on Monday and you could only buy it in stores then but now you can buy it online!!  I've provided the link below, it's only $10.50 so you don't want to miss this one!  

This outfit has been on repeat the last few weeks.  Since we've been mostly stuck inside battling colds it's been easy to throw on and still feel remotely human and looking cute :)

My first Black Friday purchase showed up this week and I'm obsessed!  I wrote about wanting a brown leather bag for the fall back in July and this one was on my list.  When I saw it marked down to $402 with 30% off I knew I had to snag it and I'm so glad I did.  It's even better in person and I now know why every blogger I know has one.   It's sold out now in the Tiger's eye color but I love the black and red.  

 Kyle and I did a sunday funday afternoon date and it was so much fun.  I'm thinking we might make afternoon dates our new tradition.

 Hope everyone's December is going well and you're all enjoying the holiday festivities!

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. Oh man we've been dealing with the germs and colds here too. So not fun! I love Miller's selfies.. haha! So cute. We are in full blown baby proofing mode because Rowan just figured out how to climb steps, its terrifying! I can't imagine how it will be in a few more months! And by the way, you look amazing!!

  2. Our Emily has he big right now too! Bummer! My personal purchase came in yesterday too!!! My riding boots! Huge sale! Great boots! Love the bag you got! It's the perfect color!!! Xo

  3. Cracking up over the meltdown over the tree on the car.

  4. Our tree was basically decorated the exact same way, go figure ;) I hope everyone is feeling better and I am so glad you got the bag, it's the best!!

  5. So funny about the tree on the car ! Love that target sweatshirt!

  6. That tree story is hysterical! And Miller's selfies are so cute. I love all your comfy outfits!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  7. Love the bag you got! It's so simple and classy looking :)

  8. Um, I think we are twins with our outfits! My husbands thinks ALL I wear is my stripped shirt and plaid scarf with my Hunters. Duh...it's the winter outfit! I hope you all get better soon....all that sickness sounds NO FUN! And love toddler selfies!


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