Gifts for a Toddler Boy that are Not Trucks

Since I am the mom to two boys we have SO.MANY.TRUCKS.   I seriously think we have over 100 trucks, cars, trains, construction vehicles, etc. in this house.  I love that my boys love trucks but this Christmas I decided that I really wanted to try to buy them gifts that were not trucks.  Kyle on the other hand thinks they need at least one truck but I think we can make it a great Christmas without any trucks ;)

I broke it down into Miller's Christmas List (2 year old approved gifts) and Matthew's Christmas List (1 year old approved gifts.)

Miller's Christmas List

1. Click n Play Cutting Fruit- Miller is really into pretend play right now and spent a good 20 minutes cutting fruit for me when we were visiting his cousins last week.  So this immediately went onto his Amazon wishli

2. Mr. Potato Head-  I loved Mr. Potato Head when I was little and I think Miller might finally be at the age to really get it so I'm excited to get him one.

3. Pretend and Play Cash Register-  He's been wanting a cash register for awhile and always plays with our good friends when we're at their house but I've been hesitating since Matthew still puts everything in his mouth. This one is great though and comes with play money and credit cards.

4. Lego Duplo My First Box of Fun-  We love Duplo's and I don't think you can ever have enough of them.  Miller loves to build houses and ships and beaches with them.  I love watching his imagination run wild.

5. Learning Resources Jumbo Jungle Animals- We have a few play animals but Miller's been requesting more so I thought it would be fun to add some jungle animals to our set.  I've never tried this brand but the reviews are so good I thought I would give them a try.

6. Potty Book-  We have just started to navigate the world of potty training so I figured a book might help and this one came highly recommended as easy for a 2.5 yr old to understand.

7. Baby Boy Doll Blue-  I've wanted to get Miller a doll for awhile now since he's into the pretend play and really interested in babies.  This one is plush and soft so it can't double as a weapon ;) and I thought it would be perfect for him to play with.  I'm still researching so if anyone has any suggestions for dolls for little boys I would love to hear about them.

8. My First Umbrella Stroller-  The baby will obviously need somewhere to hang out and get pushed around so I thought this stroller would be perfect.

9.  Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe-  Play-doh is one of Miller's favorite activities and this set looks like the perfect addition to our growing collection.

10. Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? Book- I've been eyeing this book for a few months now and knew it would be perfect for Christmas.  As I've mentioned we love trucks around here so I know Miller will be so excited for this book.

11. Tot Tutors Kids Play Table and Chairs-  We need a kids table in our basement playroom and I thought this one would be perfect.  I love the bright colors and the size is perfect for both of the boys.  Plus I would love a designated space for Miller to do his arts and crafts.

12. Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket-  Miller needs this year's version of the jacket and we decided to add this one to the list.   These are my absolute favorite jackets for baby's and toddlers and according to the car seat blog they are car seat approved!

Next we have Matthew's list:

Matthew's christmas list

1. Fisher Price Baby's First Blocks-  We never had one of these for Miller but Matthew loves putting things into boxes and taking them out.  I thought these blocks would be perfect for him and would help improve his fine motor skills. 

2. Melissa and Doug Road Map Rug-  This is really a gift for both of them but since Matthew is already obsessed with trucks like this brother and loves drive them along the floor I knew I wanted to get them a floor rug with a road on it.  I think this M&D one is the front runner right now but I have heard Ikea has a good one too. The idea of going into an Ikea makes my skin crawl though... any one have any advice on this one? 

3. Fisher Price See and Say Farmer Says-  Did anyone else have this as a kid?  I know I did and I loved it.  I think both the boys will love this one and will help Matthew with his animal sounds.  

4. Learning Resources Jumbo Zoo Animals-  I decided Matthew needed some animals like Miller's above and thought the zoo ones would go well with the jungle ones.  I know both the boys will love playing with these. 

5. Step 2 Canyon Road Train and Track Table-  Matthew loves pushing trucks and trains around but he is always looking for a hard surface to do it.  We have a train table in our basement but I've been looking for a smaller table for our family room since we keep toys in there too and I think this will be perfect.  

6. Knight's Castle Pop Up Play Tent- Matthew loves playing inside of things. I know that sounds weird but he loves playing under our kiddie table in the family room and he loves climbing in the bookshelves to play so we thought this castle would be fun for him.  I wanted something portable and lightweight so that we could move it from room to room if we needed to.  

7. Wooden Bead Maze Game- These are such great toys for one year olds.  They can keep them busy forever and help them work on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  Miller always loved these so I know Matthew will too. 

8. Who's There, Spot?- We are big fans of the Spot books over here so I'm always looking to add one to the collection.  

9. My Big Word Book- Miller has a few of these books that we keep in his room and since he doesn't like sharing with "the baby" I figured we would get another one to keep in the playroom so I can start working on words with Matthew and it's good for Miller too since we're still working on words with him too. 

10. Maxi Coxi Pria 70-  So we bought Matthew a Graco Size4Me on sale on Labor Day weekend and he hates it! I mean every single car ride is miserable and we are in and out of the car a lot.   Miller loves his Maxi Cosi so I've decided that we just need to spring for it and get another one for Matthew.  

11. Little Tikes Gas and Go Mower-   We have one of these for Miller and the fights have already started over who gets to play with it when so I've decided we just need to add another one to our collection.  The boys love them and love helping Dad mow the grass all the time. 

What's on your kids Christmas gifts this year?  Do you have truck loving boys like me?   

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  1. NO MORE TRUCKS! That's like my SIL, no more legos or cars, we have tooooooo many! Great pieces, lady!

  2. Great list!! We are out of the truck stage :( but G's FAVE has been his Mickey Club House (totally watching Mickey right now, too.)

  3. I love this list - and your title made me laugh. These are all great for girls too!

  4. Thank you for this!! I am always soooo so clueless as to what to get my nephews so this is perfect!

  5. The Farmer See and Say - I HATE THAT DAMN THING. It's SO loud. That said, the kids like it and it does help with animal sounds. But I almost disowned my sister after she bought it for Nash. :)

    Thanks for the good ideas! Nash's present pile is looking pretty sad next to Blaire's so I'm thankful for ideas for him!

  6. Those jungle animals are so cute!! I like the Digger book too!! So cute!!

  7. we totally need a new carseat! thanks for the recommendations. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. The see & say & shape sorter are both on my list and the last couple things I need to grab! I might have to put that lawn mower on my list too though! Will be great when he's walking & especially come Spring!! Also glad to hear about the car seats... I need to start researching bc Jack is almost out of his infant carrier if not already! Thanks for the lists lady!!

  9. I love all of these picks! We have a girl, but I bet she'd find some of these just as fun!

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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