Saturday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

Have you all seen the new arrivals at J.Crew?  They are good. I have to admit even though J.Crew is one of my favorites I haven't loved a lot of their stuff this year.   It's just been to over the top for me.  I prefer classic J.Crew.   

Here are some of my favorites for summer:

Are you a J.Crew fan? Do you like the new arrivals?


  1. I usually love JCrew but after last summer their stuff just didn't work for me so I haven't checked their site or store. I may have to now! Love the awning striped tunic and the popover!

  2. I just posted about my favorite Summer shorts and those J Crew ikat shorts are on my wishlist!! Love the new J Crew items!

  3. I walked into J.Crew today and that was a huge mistake! Xo, Stephanie


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