Mid Week Muse: Striped

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know that I love stripes.  Lots of stripes.  I love them on me, on the boys, in my home decor, etc.   While making my spring wish list for the boys, myself and some house projects I realized most of what I picked was stripes! 

Here are some of my favorites:

I love these J.Crew shirts and think they're the perfect transition into spring

How cute are these pleated shorts?  I love that they are more of a royal blue than navy which is perfect for summer.

I have this skirt in the winter wool version and the summer cotton version. It's one of my favorite staples and think the linen stripe is perfect for summer.  I can already envision some cute outfits with it.   

 Obsessed with this dress! Has anyone tried it on? It looks like the perfect spring transition dress that I could wear out or hanging out with the boys. 

 This maxi dress is calling my name at only $48!  I love the two different stripe patterns to give it little dimension.  I think it would be perfect for my FL trip in April.

This black and white tote has everything I love.  Black, white, stripes, and made of canvas. It also has three separate sections so I think it would make a great baby bag if needed. Plus it comes in under $60. 

I don't know how I haven't discovered this shirt before but I'm in love.  I love my Bobeau asymmetrical wrap sweater and wear it at least once a week so I am definitely getting one of these to add to my spring wardrobe. 

I always love BB Dakota stuff and this dress is no exception!  Another great spring transition dress. The only problem is I think it might be a little too short for me at my height so maybe some of my shorter friends can buy it and I can live vicariously through you!  

Can you see a theme yet with the cute and comfy stripes?  As much as I would love to wear cute blouses and dresses all day, cotton shirts are much more practical with dirty kids! 

I have these swim trunks from last year that Miller wore and will now be Matthew's so I think I'm going to get a pair in Miller's size.  I also got so many compliments on them and people always thought they were from J.Crew Crewcuts not Target!

 I love these striped tees from Carter's for the boys.   I've already bought two of them for Miller for this summer

Could this bow tie be any cute for the boys?!

If you're working on a preppy boy nursery these sheets are perfect! I'm going to pick these up for Miller's room because our sheets from PBK are starting to wear thin after almost two years.  

This umbrella is the best!  We got one on sale at the end of last summer and I highly recommend it.  It's really well made and we get a ton of compliments on it. 

I'm working on the boys bathroom right now and I've been on the hunt for blue striped rugs and towels forever when Pottery Barn came out with these!! I seriously have looked everywhere possible and when I saw these in the new arrivals I was so excited.   I can't wait until that room is finally finished and I can share it with you all!

 Are you a stripe person?  Do you wear it or do your kids wear it?  Do you use it in home decor at all?  



  1. Great picks! I have a weakness for stripes too!

  2. I LOVE stripes! I find myself always gravitating to striped clothes! Love your picks, those shorts are adorable!

  3. I like those shorts! There's nothing cuter than a bowtie on a little boy!

  4. As usual I LOVE all of your choices! I love my J.Crew skirt like that so I think I'll have to pick up the striped version too! And those PB towels and bathmats are just perfect! I don't shop at Boden but often browse their catalog and always see some cute stripes for both moms and kids if you want to check them out.

  5. Great picks! Stripes are so classic and never go out of style! I love that J Crew shirt!

  6. Stripes are my FAVORITE! So many good choices! I was a clicking monster on this post!!

  7. I love stripes so much! I just ordered the J.Crew boatneck, but I wish I had picked up the skirt and shorts. I also love your choice of the Gap shirt! xo

  8. I have the J. Crew boatneck in navy/pink and I love it! I love that they are thick enough to. Great choices

  9. Those shorts & maxi dress are awesome...you have to get them! Thanks for linking up!!! XOXO

  10. Love the shorts, the maxi and the dakota dress! I love stripes!


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