Friday Five

 TGIF!  I'm so happy it's Friday!  Kyle has been out of town all week and it's been a loooong one. 

1. 70 and Sunny
 We were lucky enough to be graced with one nice day this week and I took full advantage of it.  It's back in the 40s again today but it was great reminder that spring is right around the corner.

2. Toddler Bed 
We've decided to take the plunge with the toddler bed!  I ordered the one below off Amazon and it should arrive on Saturday.  Naptime and bedtime have been miserable the past three weeks and I'm just at my wits end.  He fights us until 10 or 11pm (no joke) and then wakes up multiple times a night.  The kid is persistant and will not stop screaming.   I'm not sure if the toddler bed is the answer but we're giving it a try. A couple people suggested going right to the twin bed but Miller is still really tiny so I just think the twin bed would be too much.  Plus the toddler bed fits his crib mattress so we don't have to spend too much money if it doesn't work out.  I'm getting him new sheets and pillow from Pottery Barn kids today and we're going to make a really big deal out of the change and his special new bed.   Wish us luck!

This is just a flat sheet but I'm thinking about picking this up since it has trains, planes, and cars on it which are his favorite.   But I also love these gingham ones below. 

We already have the Harper quilt in white and navy which we were gifted when he was an infant so either of these sheets sets will work.   What do you all think?

3. Coconut Oil 
So after like two years I finally jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon and purchased some but I still haven't used it!! Everyone says it's so good to cook with but I'm afraid my food will taste like coconut and I hate coconut.  I know I'm being crazy.   I also want to add it to my skin care routine but again I'm afraid it will make my skin breakout so please tell me what you all use your coconut oil for! 

4. The Beach House by Georgia Bockoven
I can't remember who, but someone suggested this book to me last fall and finally got around to reading it.  I'm only about halfway through but I love it so far! It's my first book by Georgia Bockoven and I really like her writing style so I think I will be reading more.   Has anyone else read her before?

5. 2nd Birthday Party Planning 
Miller will be two in three short months!! I seriously can't believe how fast these past (almost) two years have gone by.   Since I only have three months left it's about time to get started on my party planning.   I'm not going to lie I LOVE going a little crazy with their parties.  I figure I won't do this forever so I might as enjoy it while I can.  Miller is obsessed with trains and Thomas so I we will definitely be having a train themed party.     I've been spending so much time on Pinterest because there is so much good stuff.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. I've never used coconut oil but everyone seems to love it! Cute party theme by the way :)

  2. I hope the transition to a toddler bed is a smooth one!! I adore the fitted sheet with all the automobiles! Anything that makes the bed "cooler" will probably help you.

  3. Ugh. I hope the toddle bed helps!
    I don't think cooking with coconut oil makes your food taste like coconut, but it does give it a bit of a sweater flavor. I wouldn't cook eggs with it, but I love roasting veggies in it.

  4. I am so ready for spring consistent 70 degree weather! I love coconut oil. I absolutely hate regular coconut but coconut oil doesn't taste like it at all to me. Hard to explain, it's one of those things that you just have to try. I also use it as a moisturizer and I love it. Good luck with the toddler bed transition. Cute birthday party ideas!

  5. You'll have to look at my IG post from this morning. I bought the exact sheet combo for Jack's big boy bed. I ended up with gingham sheets and purchasing single pillow cases from the Brody collection to add some more pattern and color to the mix. We did a train party for Jack's second and it was such a fun theme!

  6. The train party inspiration is adorable! im sure whatever you plan will be amazing! I really like coconut oil but I just realized that buying it unrefined = coconut taste. I must have always bought the refined up until this last jar. It's not a huge coconut taste but I can tell. I hope the toddler bed works. We haven't been getting slee around here and it's miserable - you look too amazing for not sleeping!

  7. I can't wait to see how the party turns out! What did we do without Pinterest?!? I say let Miller choose his sheets to make it more exciting. That made Abby's transition more exciting for her and we definitely hyped up the big girl bed! I've been wanting to try coconut oil in cooking as well but coconut makes me gag badly so please tell me if you can taste it or not! Enjoy your weekend home with Kyle - hope he doesn't travel next week!

  8. warm weather makes me sooo happy :) i love all the train party pics! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I read that book while I was on vacation last month and LOVED it!!!!

  10. Love the train party theme! So cute!! & I've had coconut oil sitting in my cabinet for at least a year & have yet to use it! I want to but, I'm scared! Lol!

  11. I hope the big boy bed is so exciting that Miller decides to fall asleep like a big boy and stay in bed all night (fingers crossed for you guys!). We love coconut oil- it doesn't taste like coconut nor does it give off a coconut flavor to the food. I've only used it for a few really dry spots I've had (on my scalp and hands). It's worked great! The train party theme is adorable! Hope you guys get some more warm days in MD soon (my friends in MD are so jealous of my weather in CO!).

  12. Yay for a day with warmer temps. It has been SO hot down here and today I woke up to it being in the 60's, I'll take it! I'm not ready for South Florida Summer weather!
    Love what you've picked out for the big boy room - hopefully it helps with him sleeping.
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. I am hoping your sleepless nights will start to become few and far between! Love Miller's birthday theme too! Xo, Stephanie

  14. I hope Miller loves the toddler bed and you get some sleep!! We did a Choo Choo Greyson is two party and it was so fun! Etsy is filled with things for that theme! I was the same way with coconut oil, I love the smell and hate the taste. You can taste it when you cook unless you're baking with it. It definitely does NOT make you break out on your skin though!


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