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Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions on yesterday's post about about our master bedroom furniture. You all got my wheels turning and now I might have a completely new idea! 

Here are some things I'm currently obsessing over this week:

This skirt!! Love it. I also love the clutch and shoes. I just wish I had somewhere to wear it. I'm trying to come up with something for my birthday that I could wear this to.

 I have been obsessed with this coat since I saw it last winter in the Mini Boden catalog and was finally able to snag it for $34 at my Nordstrom last weekend!  It is so freaking adorable and I could justify buying a second coat for Miller since Matthew can use it next year :)

I couldn't leave my little guy out so I picked this up on sale for Matthew.  It's still more than I would normally spend on a baby outfit but it was so soft and so cute I couldn't resist.

This dress is fabulous and way out of my price range. 

One of my girlfriends was wearing this sweater recently and it's cute and comfy. It's one of those pulled together yet still comfortable looks which is what I'm all about these days.

How fun is this clutch?  I think I might need it for my Vegas trip

 I'm on the hunt for new black flats since my Revas have been driving me crazy lately and I love these!  Bonus they're only $49!

Blue and White Chinoiserie Jars and Vases

I absolutely love the look of the blue and white chinoiserie jars and vases and have been adding pieces to our house over the last few months.  My Homegoods has been great but One Kings Lane has so many options right now it's hard not to buy them all.

 How fun would these be for Valentine's day?!

So what are you obsessing over these days?! 



  1. Great coat! I love Boden and MIni Boden. That midi skirt is really cool.

  2. Love that midi skirt. Now where can I wear it? :)

  3. That jacket is SO CUTE. If it ever got cold here, I'd be all over it. And that midi is adorable! I just picked up a black pleated one for work and I love it.

  4. That coat is so freaking cute! Have you checked out the Home Goods in Glen Bernie? Seriously the best one.

  5. That skirt is so fun, you should definitely get it! You never know when you might need it! I am so loving the jars too!! They're SO fun!!

  6. I love that skirt--- could you wear it to the JLA gala??

  7. I love Mini Boden jackets!! Two of my kids are in Mini Boden today - it is just so adorable. You definitely need to plan something fun for your birthday to wear that skirt!!

  8. WOW that skirt is stunning. You need it ;) Love those cute glasses - they'd be fun to fill with candy and give as V'Day gifts even!

  9. Love those little outfits! That skirt would be perfect for fancier date nights or even Easter Sunday - I say snag it up!

  10. Those stemless wine glasses are adorable! They would be perfect for Valentine's Day, or even for a bestie birthday gift!

  11. That skirt is to pretty! I love ones that are a little see through like that!


  12. THat skirt is AMAZING!!!!! And those wine glasses are too cute!


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