October Wishlist

Today is the last day of the 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge and unless I buy something between now and midnight I did it!!  I'm not going to lie there were so many times that I just wanted to cave and buy something but I held strong.  I'm pretty impressed with myself that I was able to pull it off with my left over maternity wardrobe and squeezing into some non-maternity clothes.  In many ways being pregnant really helped because I didn't  have quite the same  urge to spend on clothes like I normally would.

Since the challenge is  over tomorrow I thought it would only be right to share with you what's on my October Wishlist.  I don't want to go crazy now that I can spend again but here are some items I'm hoping to pick up.

I've been eyeing these earrings forever and I really need a new pair.  I'm also on a huge tortoise shell kick these days.  You can snag these via Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale for 20% with the code Friends

I've heard  great things about these leggings so I want to pick up a pair for post baby. I lived in Spanx under dresses (to help with my csection scar) after I had Miller so this will be my winter solution.

Since my J.Crew swing sweater still fits with the baby bump I really want to pick up another one for now and post baby. 

These are a big splurge for pj's considering I usually just wear a t-shirt and shorts but I thought these would be nice to lounge in around the house with a newborn.  I've been told they're the best pj's around

I'm pretty sure these are sold out everywhere but I'm dying for a pair. They would just be so cute and comfy with leggings this winter.

I tried this sweater on last week at Old Navy while I was just stopping in to look at kid's clothes and it's super cute! It doesn't look too maternity because of the side panels and will be great post baby with leggings since it's nice and long.

Congrats to everyone who did the challenge with my this month!!  I hope you all have some fun stuff on your October wishlist and I hope to do another one of these challenges in a few months. 



My favorite Etsy Shops-Part 1

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was good, very low key and I took zero pictures because my iphone ran out of memory... because I have 5600 photos on my phone. I'm almost embarrassed to share that.  Looks like it's time to move some of those over to Dropbox or stop snapping 100 pictures of Miller a day #notgonnahappen.

Moving on...

I love Etsy. I think most of us do these days. My only problem is sometimes I just don't have the patience for Etsy. As fun as the search can be when I'm looking at ten of the same thing I tend to panic and not make a decision. Does anyone else do this?   I love when friends and fellow bloggers make my life easier by sharing their favorite shops so I decided I would share some of mine with you.  I'm going to have to split  this into two posts so I don't bombard you with too many shops at once. 
All of these shops below I have  purchased from so I can speak to the quality and customer service.  

So here are my favorite shops! I included the shop description from the website and some pictures of the items they sell.  Just click on the banner picture to be directed to the shop.

**this post is not sponsored I just genuinely love all of these Etsy shops so I had to share them with you!
We help you make any celebration extra special! We specialize in uniquely creative stationery and keepsakes for weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, baptisms and christenings. Our shop is the perfect place to purchase bridesmaids gifts, new baby gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, thank you cards and much more.
All items are hand crafted in our studio personally for you. 


 Newborn hospital hat: newborn girl/baby girl or newborn boy/baby boy. You will have the ONLY newborn hat GUARANTEED to fit & stay snug to all newborns. These make the perfect baby coming home outfit accessory. 

Laura Trevey Watercolor Paintings and Prints

Celebrating the joy of life with pretty paperies created straight from the heart of owner Liz Joy.

 Welcome to Social Manor! Here on Etsy you'll find many of our personalized items that make great gifts or treats for yourself

 Welcome to The Spotted Zebras! We specialize in custom wooden monograms, names and letters. All of our items are available both painted and unpainted and can be made in 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch wood. All items are custom made to order.


Welcome to Bibity Bobity Boo! All baby booties are hand sewn to order and made with love in Louisville, KY and Auburn, AL!

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer inspired phone cases

Do you love Etsy?  Do you have favorite shops? Let me know if you have any questions about any of the shops.

**this post is not sponsored I just genuinely love all of these Etsy shops so I had to share them with you!



Friday Things

TGIF!! Are you all ready for the weekend?  I know we sure are.  I' off to a slow start around here this morning but I've finally got my act together.

Here are some things that have been going on this week:

I broke out my swing sweater from last year and it still fits over the bump!! I am so excited I think I might have to pick up another one come October 1 since they'll work great post baby too.  I was hesitant to buy one of these sweaters last year but they totally live up to their hype. If you don't have one yet I highly suggest it.  Pregnant or not!

Avocado Mozzarella Toast 
 I have been on a huge fresh mozzarella kick for the last month or so. I just cannot get enough. I decided on a whim last week to add it to my beloved avocado toast. It was so good!
Wheat bread or bread of choice
2 slices Fresh mozzarella
1/2-1 Avocado
Lemon juice, Salt, and Pepper to taste
Olive Oil

Toast bread- with or without mozzarella. (I use a toaster oven and usually add my mozzarella to the toast half way through toasting so it melts a little.) Cut Avocado in half, remove pit, and scoop into bowl. (I usually use half an avocado).  Mash avocado with lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste. Keep slightly chunky.

Place a slice of mozzarella on each piece of toast (if you didn't melt it), Spread avocado mash over mozzarella, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy!

I am loving this red from Essie's new fall color collection. I always paint my own nails so I usually treat myself to one new color a month since it's cheaper than a manicure.  I'm already dreaming up which color I want next from the fall collection.  I'm thinking either Style Cartel or Take it Outside.

Toddler Problems

Miller's beloved Giraffe that we call Raff needed a trip through the washing machine badly. He was on the verge of getting a stench.  I had tried to sneak him away from Miller and it just didn't work so I convinced him to put him in the washer as a game. Then the tears ensued when I wouldn't let him have it back.  He spent about 10 minutes crying and banging on the basement door before I finally convinced him to have a snack and watch some Mickey.  Who knew having to part with your favorite stuffed animal for an hour was so traumatizing?!

Playroom Progress
Since my nesting and urge to clean and organize ALL THE THINGS is out of control I have decided to tackle our playroom next. I will be back next week to share more pictures and my plans for the room.  

And one more because I couldn't resist...

Black Widow
This song. I'm obsessed. I wanted to hate it but I can't. It's too damn catchy.  I can't stop listening to it.
(feel free to judge how dusty my car is- it needs to be cleaned-badly)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thoughts for Thursday: 30 Day Closet Remix Recap

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Thoughts for Thursday

I can't believe it's been 25 days since I started the 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge!! That means only 5 days left! I don't know about anyone who's joined me in on this but I'm not going to lie this week has been really tough.  First of all fall is here in Maryland. While I'm happy about the cooler temps I wasn't quite wardrobe ready so I was digging through our crawl space on Tuesday night for my box fall/winter/maternity clothes. Secondly there are so many cute clothes/accessories floating around blogs and instagram right now on top of the 100 emails I get a day from stores that it's killing me but since I've made it this far I think I can go five more days.

Here are some of my outfits from last week:

Day 16: Trip to the zoo with Miller and my Dad (both #photobombing)
 Top: Gap Maternity Essential Tee  (old, similar here) // Shorts: Gap Maternity (old, similar here) // Necklace: J.Crew (old) // Shoes: Eliza B

Day 18:  Typical Thursday

 Top: Gap Scoop Neck Tee  // Jeans: Old Navy Maternity Skinny //: Shoes: Tory Burch (old, similar here) // Monogrammed Bracelet: Social Manor (sold out)  // Bracelets: Jcrew (old), Forever21

Day 19:  Friday Fun (I barely squeezed myself into that top)

 Top: Francesca's (old) // Shorts: Gap Maternity (old, similar here) // Shoes: Tory Burch (old, similar here)

Day 20:  Outlet shopping with my Mom and Sister

Dress: Puella Striped Duet Dress  // Shoes: Tory Burch (old, similar here) // Bracelets: Jcrew (old), Forever21

Day 21: Snapped this one late on Sunday- I'd already lost the jewelry and my hair was done for too :)

 Top: Gap Maternity Pure Body Tshirt // Scarf: Old Navy (old, similar here) // Jeans: Old Navy Maternity Skinny

So that's where I stand in my challenge!  I feel like my list of things to buy on October 1 is going to be outrageous but I'm not going to go crazy.  One more month of pregnancy is definitely helping keep my shopping at bay but I do have a few things I plan to pick up.

So anyone who's joined me- how has your 25 days been? Still going strong? Anyone else think this week was really hard?

Now it's your turn!
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34 Weeks!

How far along? 34 weeks 

Baby Size: According to the what to expect app the baby is 19-22 in, 4.9lbs and the size of a pinapple
Total weight gain/loss: 27lbs- I'm hoping to only gain 3-5lbs in the next 6 weeks. If I gain zero that would be even better but I'm trying to be realistic! So I'll probably gain 10 :)

Maternity clothes? A big mix but I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my maternity tops. My belly is pretty much sticking straight out these days!

Sleep: Ohh sleep, how much do I miss you?! In reality I haven't really slept since I was pregnant with Miller but I do miss the being able to roll over and move.  I'm fully into the it takes 5 minutes to roll over stage of pregnancy
I get up to use the bathroom at least 1-2 times a night if not more.

Miss Anything?  Alcohol! I am just dying for a gigantic bottle glass of red wine
Movement: Yes-this little guy moves non-stop!! 

Food cravings:  My ice craving is still going strong despite now taking iron pills!! I've been told by a few people that this might happen so I still chew ice all day long.  

Food aversions: Nope- a nice change from last time. 

Heartburn!!! I never had it with Miller but I have it horrible this time around. I have become really good friends with my bottle of Tums.  I'm interested to see if the hair theory is true.  
Other symptoms:  Huge belly, insomnia, sore hips, hard time rolling over, starting to waddle

Gender: Boy!

Happy or Moody:  Happy most of the time but a little snappy and overly emotional. Pretty much anything makes me cry these days.  Happy or sad. 

Looking forward to: Finally getting all the furniture set up in the nursery this weekend! Then I need to get it organized. I still need to order a few more items but I'm waiting until it's set up to see where I want to put stuff. 



Monday Updates: Blog Housekeeping, Social Media Break, and Shopping

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. I sure did. I got lots of "me" time and it was so nice. I spent all day Saturday shopping with my mom and sister and then Sunday I treated myself to my first pedicure since July.  I can officially no longer reach my toes to paint them so it was time. Before I had Miller I used to get them every two weeks and I miss them so much!  If I could pay him to sit still at the nail salon I would :)

- I did some blog housekeeping and finally updated my House Tour and Pregnancy & Baby Tabs! It's only taken me forever but it's just about done. It's also made me realize that I have quite a few posts I need  to get published that are missing or still sitting in my drafts.

- The theme of my life right now is declutter and organize. I'm trying to get everything- closets, rooms, basement, garage etc organized so that I feel settled when the second baby comes.

- I took an accidental break from Instagram and Facebook over the past few days and it feels so good.  Sometimes it's just nice not to look at social media. I'm working on being more present when I'm doing things instead of constantly trying to document them. 

- We went outlet shopping on Saturday and it was a huge success. It's definitely easier to avoid shopping for yourself when you're 33 weeks pregnant and none of the cute clothes fit but I got a ton of good stuff for Kyle, Miller, and Baby Boy.

- I saw everyone's favorite J.Crew vest in person and it's super disappointing.  It's not an actual tweed herringbone. It's just a herringbone print on the vest and honestly looks really cheap up close. (I'm probably going to be struck by lightening by the blog fashion gods but I had to tell you all the #truth) So don't be upset if it sold out and you missed it.  My sister and I were both surprised and disappointed. I have two J.Crew (not factory) quilted vests from last year and the overall quality is better than the factory vests this year in my opinion.  

- I did get a jacket from J.Crew Factory as a present from my mom.  I'm saving it until Christmas, because it's not going to fit me until then anyway ;)

- The nursery is just about finished being painted!!  It only needs one more coat and then we can finally get it organized.  I think I will feel less stressed once I can get the room clean and organized.  I'm really excited to see how it's going to look. I really think my vision is coming together perfectly.

- I'm still doing great with my 30 Day Closet Remix and will be back later with an update!

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Saturday Shopping: Vested

If there is one article of clothing I've come to love over the past year or so it's a vest.  It's one of those pieces that you can just add to an outfit to give it a little something extra.  I have two J.Crew vest from last year that I love but I've been eyeing some new ones to add to my wardrobe this year.

(I can thank Emily for showing me this one!)

(also known as every blogger's favorite vest)

Are you a vest person?  Do you like the faux fur trend or the moto vest trend?

Happy Saturday!
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